After the flow of people, remember to sit in "Little Confinement".

The improvement of medical level has indeed brought a lot of convenience, but there are some bad phenomena.

The China Family Planning Commission released a set of data not long ago:

The number of artificial abortion in China reaches 13 million people each year, with an average of 34,246.5 people per day, and 23.5 people per minute.The proportion of the second flow was more than 50%.

Beibei and her husband have been married for more than 2 years, and have never planned to have children.Because the elderly at home have been urging, the two planned to ask for children at the beginning of this year.However, after preparing for more than half a year, she had not moved, and Beibei went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

The test results show that the fallopian tube is blocked on one side of Beibei. Although the other side is not completely blocked, it is difficult to get pregnant naturally.Through the doctor’s question, Beibei said a period of experience in his youth.

At that time, she just graduated from college and lived with her boyfriend quickly. The love of young people didn’t think too far.

Shortly after living together, Beibei accidentally became pregnant. Because he was still married at the time, he could not leave the child. Considering economic reasons, Babe found a small clinic for abortion surgery.

After surgery, Beibei had a fever, abdominal pain, and continuous menstruation. At that time, the symptoms of anti -inflammatory drugs and hemostatic drugs disappeared. They thought that they would not go to the hospital for further examination.Now I think of Beibei really regret it.

If you go to a regular hospital for surgery at the beginning, you will not have a good treatment situation today.I have done this operation on myself, how can I spread this result.

The doctor replied: "The number of times has little to do with the abortion surgery. The current situation of Beibei should be that the curettage was not cleaned at that time, causing in -palace infection."

In addition, the number of small clinics is the number of people. Let’s not talk about the skills of the doctor, and the hardware equipment will not be too ideal.The surgical environment or the disinfection of the equipment used does not meet the standards, which is very easy to cause infection.

Light may cause a series of gynecological diseases, which will seriously affect future fertility problems.Therefore, women have undergone abortion surgery. No matter how many times, they must do a good job of "small confinement" and conditioning their bodies without leaving sequelae.

1) Black Heart Hospital

Many young people and even the Student Party did not dare to tell their parents after unexpectedly that economic conditions are not allowed, and they will choose some unknown small clinics.Some black -hearted clinics are not formal, and hygiene conditions are not qualified.

The surgical environment and the disinfection of surgical equipment are not in place, and these hardware facilities will affect the success rate of surgery.Coupled with doctors’ skills, the surgery is not thorough, and it is more likely to cause infection or even infertility.

2) multiple surgery

Artificial abortion will not only make the uterus thinner, but also cause the body’s endocrine chaos.If the body has not been adjusted, the second operation will affect the normal function of the endocrine, which will not only affect the fertility ability, but also affect the health of the whole person.

For more than three surgery, it is very easy to cause uterine bleeding or infection, or even infertility.Although everyone’s constitution is different, it will have a great impact on more than 3 surgery.

3) Difficulties may be infertile at once

If women themselves are difficult to get pregnant, the damage and impact of surgery can easily lead to re -pregnancy difficulties.

The combination of labor and rest does not need to be bed all 14 days. Appropriate activities are conducive to uterine recovery. Be careful not to overwork.

2) Light diet

After surgery, he is weak and pay attention to the supplement of protein.Eat more vegetables and fruits to avoid greasy and spicy foods.

3) Pay attention to rest

Don’t believe "today’s surgery to go to work tomorrow". This sentence is just a gimmick of hype. For your own good health, you must take a good rest.It is best to stay on the ground after 2-3 days after surgery.

4) Keep hygiene

There will be bleeding after surgery, and sanitary napkins and personal clothes will be replaced in time to prevent bacterial infections.

If the blood flow is still flowing half a month after surgery, it is accompanied by abdominal pain and other conditions to review as soon as possible to avoid more serious situations.

5) Pay attention to keep warm

The postoperative resistance will be relatively low. Although you can take a bath, pay attention to keep warm to prevent cold life.

6) Postoperative examination

After 14 days after surgery, do not believe in "self -feelings", thinking that there is no symptom performance is health, and postoperative review is very important.

【Mother Shirley Mother】

Patients with abortion surgery are getting younger and mostly, and most of them are unmarried pregnancy.

If you have not thought of getting married and having children, you must take contraceptive measures. The body is your own, and the pain and suffering you experience cannot be replaced by others.So girls should learn to protect themselves and protect themselves.

If the family is a female baby, Baoma should also conduct related education on the children as soon as possible. This knowledge is not "shame". The sooner you know, you can learn to protect herself.

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