After the man ligated his wife, his wife was still pregnant. What’s going on?

Different people have different choices.

Some people choose contraceptives, some people choose contraceptives;

Some people also choose to ligation.

According to media reports on November 18, Ms. Jiang, Chengdu, Sichuan, said that her husband spent 7,000 yuan for a male ligation operation at the Shudu Hospital of Chongzhou City on July 6. On October 26, Ms. Jiang was diagnosed with pregnancy.

The hospital involved responded that the patient had been informed that the patient had not achieved the contraceptive effect before the operation, and the other party signed the consent.

Ms. Jiang’s husband complained to the Provincial Health Hotline 12320 on the grounds of poor medical quality.

The Chongzhou Health Bureau intervened in the investigation and found that there was no maternal and infant health technical service permit for Chongzhou Shudu Hospital. Moving surgery was illegal operation.

The president of the hospital said that the hospital did not have relevant permits and had never carried out related businesses for ligation surgery. Ms. Jiang’s husband was a friend of a doctor.

"The doctor is a surgeon. The patient found him for help, and he did it in private. It was the doctor’s personal behavior."

There is no special medical device for ligation surgery. Generally, the general surgeon can be completed. The doctor opened a "treatment fee and western medicine fee" according to the surgery of surgery. The hospital was charged.Essence

Under the mediation of the Health and Health Bureau, the hospital compensated the patients with 50,000 yuan, and the two sides reached a settlement. The hospital involved will also face corresponding administrative penalties.

I have to say that this incident, fortunately, both sides are calm enough to resolve medical disputes through legal channels. It has not developed into a fierce conflict, and it is worth being gratified.

Any contraceptive means are not 100 % power, and the tubular ligation is no exception.

However, the effect of vasters ligation surgery is still relatively stable, and the failure rate is less than 1%. The couple encountered it, which is also a chance.

Voltization tube ligation is recognized as a navigation surgery with simple minimally invasive, safe and effective, and less complications.

Compared with the deep woolen surgery of female fallopian tube ligation, it is difficult to operate and cause complications such as intestinal adhesion and ectopic pregnancy in the surgeon. The dissecting the anatomy position is shallow and can achieve the purpose of permanent health only through local micro -surgery.

The vascus tube is relatively superficial at the scrotum. Generally, the conventional vasters ligation can be fixed and infiltrated the anesthesia through the scrotum skin, cut the small mouth of the skin, proposes to free the vasters, and cuts off and ligates the vasters to achieve the purpose of contraception.

Failed contraceptive

The failure of contraception, sometimes caused by an overwhelming pipe in the vasters, is under the wrong yang, and it runs through for a short period of time.Sometimes it is caused by the natural reinstatement.

If the ligation is not thorough, the residual end of the vascular tubes sometimes leaks out, causing chronic inflammatory inflammation of the surrounding tissue to form sperm granuloma.

The vas The vas The pipe is naturally resumed on the basis of sperm granuloma.

However, the chance of this situation is still very low, less than 1%.

Influencing sexual function?

The vollar ligation is just ligated with the voltic tube, and it is not to cast people.

The ligments are just blocking sperm output channels without damaging the testicles. Therogen in the body can still be continuously secreted from the testicular sources into the blood circulation and maintains male sexual signs.

Blocking the sperm channel does not mean that you cannot ejaculate.Semen is a mixture of sperm and semi -slurry. Among them, semen, seminal vesicles, urethral glandular gland, etc., accounts for 98%of the total semen volume.After the ligments of the tube, the passage of the sperm output only blocked the sperm output, and the output of the sperm was still unobstructed.

Therefore, after ligatory surgery, men can still ejaculate during sexual intercourse, but there is no sperm in the semen.


Moving a knife on the eggs will inevitably cause fear of sequelae.

One of the rare complications after transparent tubular ligation is epididymal stasis, manifested in repeated swelling and pain in epididymia, and even affects the quality of life of some patients.

This is one of the reasons why the hospital rarely actively recommends such surgery.

However, there are also rumors in the workshop. Many people’s epididymal stasis is actually not available. It is just to blackmail the hospital and let the hospital compensate for losses. The so -called discomfort is subjective feelings, and it is difficult for outsiders to prove whether it exists or not.

What should I do if I want a child again after ligation?

Data show that nearly 6%of patients with vasters ligation in the United States request to resume.

With the development of micro -surgical technology, underclav sirling tubular conformity can achieve accurate compatibility of the disconnection of the volfine pipe, thereby significantly improved the postoperative recovery rate.

The research of many large samples has confirmed that the recovery rate after microscopy tubular inferiority is generally 75%-85%.

So after ligation does not mean that the reproductive ability is permanent.When there is a need, surgical treatment can be treated.

Generally speaking, vasters ligation is not a dangerous surgery, and contraception fails, but the probability is low.Even if you want a child after ligation, you can choose to resume.

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