After the wife is pregnant, how should the husband have "physiological needs" to solve?Newly -married couples should know more

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Many newly -married couples often encounter a problem, that is, how "physiological needs" should be resolved after pregnancy.In this regard, many people now think that it is best not to do the same room for pregnancy, but this statement is not absolute, and proper rooms in the same room during pregnancy are still feasible.

Wenwen (pseudonym) and her husband were pregnant for half a year after they got married. The family members were very concerned about it, for fear that Wenwen would be hurt a little.Therefore, Wenwen also repeatedly refused to ask her husband’s same room. Over time, her husband was a little unhappy, and he went to bed early every night.

Wenwen felt very distressed about this, so she asked the girlfriend who had giving birth to the child. I did not expect that her girlfriend secretly said to her: "Pregnancy is not completely unable to do the same room.It is conducive to the relationship between husband and wife. "After listening to his girlfriend, Wenwen felt relieved and prepared to learn the attention of the same room during pregnancy with her husband.

In fact, Wenwen’s situation is very common in newlywed couples.However, according to the doctor’s advice, it is possible to properly do the same room during pregnancy, but there are still many things that need to be noticed by parents, and novice couples should know more.

1. Three months before pregnancy

Generally speaking, try to avoid the same room as much as possible in the first three months of pregnancy.Because at this time, the child has not developed stable, and some of the pregnancy reactions of the pregnant mother will be heavier in the first three months, and it takes a period of time to adapt, so it is better to restrain the husband and wife at this time.Too rude.

2. Pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, if the fetus develops better, and pregnant women do not have some complications during pregnancy, such as signs of abortion, premature birth, etc., moderate rooms are possible.EssenceHowever, there must be attention not to the frequency of the same room too frequently, and do not adopt some posture that can compress the fetus to avoid affecting the growth of the fetus.

3. Late pregnancy

8 months after the late pregnancy, because the stomach of the pregnant woman was already very large at this time, the activity was very inconvenient, and there may be some back pain and fatigue when the production was near production.An accidental possibility of premature birth will easily cause pregnant women.It is recommended that couples still wait until the child is born.

In short, pregnancy is not equal to the same room, but there will be more matters.Especially for the newlywed couples, because the affection is strong, it is also relatively impulsive, so you need to know more about the precautions in the same room. You must ensure that the child and pregnant women are in the same room.In fact, if the time, frequency and posture of both husbands and wives are more appropriate, it will not endanger the growth of the fetus.

Here you also remind you that couples pay attention to that if there are no special circumstances in the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy, it is best not to do the same room. Especially for mothers who are not good in constitution, parents still have to use the safety of the fetus at this stage.And healthy growth first.

What else do you want to say about the topic of the same room during pregnancy?What suggestions do you have to protect the healthy growth of the fetus during the pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message below to tell your views and opinions.

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