After the winter, women remember to eat 5 kinds of fish, avoid 1 kind of fish, and eat right if they eat right.

Since the national opening policy, many female friends are eager to try and are ready to fight again.Especially now that I am in winter, everyone is more enthusiastic about pregnancy. I look forward to a baby tiger in the fall of next year.An October is a hard and long process.Women who do n’t eat well or sleep will affect the baby in the belly. Sometimes because she has no appetite, sometimes because the meals are burnt, they do n’t have the thoughts that they want to eat.Bao Ma is also here. The sadness of pregnancy seems to be vivid. I can better understand everyone’s sadness.Why is it just a mother, because in the face of the discomfort during pregnancy, I can only grit my teeth and find a way to relieve it.

As we all know, you need to consume sufficient nutrition during pregnancy to ensure that you and your baby will not cramp and anemia because of lack of nutrition.Except for the doctors’ instructions that they cannot eat during pregnancy, others must be eaten in a small amount. They cannot be picky. Only after eating and eating right can they deal with various problems.Bao Ma suggested that you eat 5 kinds of fish, avoid 1 kind of fish, and eat right for yourself and your children.

1 type: carp

The carp belongs to freshwater fish. Its fishy smell is not heavy and the fish scales are large. They are one of the deliciousness on the table.Its protein content is high, and the human digestive absorption rate can reach 96%.It can also provide the human body with essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc.Women during pregnancy are prone to edema. Eating carp is effective in swelling during pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant women can eat some carp appropriately, which is good for the body.

Chinese people love to marinate carp to eat. It is recommended that pregnant women do not eat to prevent too much salt.We can steamed, braised or stewed soup.

Recommended recipe: casserole carp

Preparation of ingredients: 1 carp, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, flour, starch, eggs, baking powder, ginger, cooking wine, pepper, salt, edible oil, onion, onion, onion, onion, onion

Production process: We remove the internal organs, fish scales, fish gills, etc. of the carp, and then add a handful of flour to rub it, rinse it, drain the water.Chop the carp into large pieces and put it in a bowl.Add starch, eggs, aluminum -free powder, shallots, ginger, cooking wine, and pepper, and marinate for 30 minutes.Brush the oil in the pot and put the fish pieces in the pot and fry.After both sides are set, they are prosperous.Wash and chop the onion and put it in the bottom of the casserole, and put a little ginger.Then spread the fish on it, and add some onions on it.Pour in raw soy sauce and old soy sauce. Cover the lid and cook for 10 minutes.Sprinkle some salt, continue to cook for a few minutes, and sprinkle some coriander to eat.

2nd type: catfish

Catfish is one of our most common freshwater fish. The meat is tender and delicious.It is very nutritious and is rich in minerals such as protein, calcium, phosphorus.Since ancient times, women have been pregnant or after giving birth, and their families will use catfish to eat food, hoping to relieve pregnancy and milk.Smaller catfish can be fried, steamed or stewed soup.Bao Ma suggested that you drink soup with a catfish, because after the winter, women are easy to be cold in hands and feet, and a bowl of hot catfish soup is lower, not to mention how comfortable it is.

Recommended recipe: catfish tofu soup

Preparation of ingredients: 1 catfish, flour, ginger, shallots, salt, edible oil, tofu, cooking wine

Production process: We remove the fish scales and fish gills of catfish, then add flour and rub it for a while, then rinse it, and drain the water.Heat the pan, pour the oil, slide the pan and pour it, and add 1 spoon of cold oil.Sprinkle some salt around the pot and add catfish fried.After all sides of the catfish are fried, pour the fish, add boiling water, boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat.Tofu is foamed for 15 minutes in salt water, rinsed and poured into the pot to simmer water.After about 2 minutes, remove and cut into small pieces.After the carp soup turns white, pour in tofu, season with salt, continue to cook for about 15 minutes, and sprinkle some green onions to drink.

Third type: cuttlefish

Ink fish is actually a squid, but it belongs to all the marine animals.It is full of treasure, its taste is crispy and refreshing, and has high nutritional value. It is an ideal food for women to shape and maintain skin.It is rich in sticky polysaccharide, magnesium salt, calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, etc., which has high medicinal value. Pregnant women can eat it appropriately.

Recommended recipe: braised cuttlefish

Food preparation: 500 grams of cuttlefish, bean paste, ginger, cooking wine, Xiaomi spicy, green onion, garlic, raw soy sauce, salt, pepper, old soy sauce, cooked white sesame

Production process: We handle the cuttlefish clean and cut into small pieces.Boil water in the pot, pour on green onions, ginger, cooking wine, and salt.When there are many foam on the surface of the pot, remove the cuttlefish and rinse over warm water.Cold oil in the hot pot, pour the Douban sauce for a while.Add ginger, garlic, and Xiaomi to stir -fry evenly.Pour in cuttlefish and stir fry quickly.Add cooking wine, raw soy sauce, and old pump for 2 minutes.Add 1 spoon of boiling water, season with salt, continue to cook for about 10 minutes, and sprinkle some green onion sesame seeds to eat.

4th type: Black Fish

Black fish is the most scary of these fish, with pattern on the surface and a bit like snake.Don’t look at its appearance is not handsome enough, its nutritional value cannot be underestimated.It is a fish with tender meat, delicious and delicious, and high medicinal value.It is rich in trace elements such as protein, 18 amino acids, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.The content of iron and zinc is much higher than many fish.Pregnant women and mothers can eat some black fish to reserve energy and prepare for the production of breastfeeding.

Recommended recipe: sauerkraut fish

Food preparation: 1 black fish, 300 grams of sauerkraut, dried pepper, wild pepper, starch, eggs, soy sauce, green onion, ginger, salt, edible oil, flour, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic, garlic

Production process: Let’s remove the black fish, the gills of the fish, etc., add 1 spoon of flour and rub it for a while, and then rinse it.Open fish head, fish bones and fish.Add cooking wine, green onion, ginger to the fish head and fish bones for a while, and marinate for 10 minutes.Add cooking wine, starch, eggs, green onions, ginger, and raw soy sauce to the fish for a while.Wash the sauerkraut and cut it into broken.Cold oil in the hot pot, pour in fish head and fish bone head and fry.Pour in sauerkraut and stir fry for a while.Add boiling water and boil on high heat.Remove the fish headfish bone and sauerkraut and put it in the bottom of the bowl.Put the fish into the soup, cook for about 1 minute, remove it and put it in the bowl.Add minced garlic, dried peppers, green onions, and then pour 1 spoon of hot oil to eat.

Note: Put less peppers, wild mountain peppers, and pregnant women only eat fish. Do not eat others.

5th type: catfish

Catfish may be the cheapest price of many fish, and it is one of the main freshwater farming fish in my country.It is not delicate, but it is also delicious.Curma can provide humans with high -quality collagen, and is an ideal food for women to nourish the skin.It is recommended that you eat taro stewed tofu and eat the fish bodies.

Recommended recipe: braised catfish

Preparation of ingredients: 1 catfish, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, pepper, cooking wine, green onion, ginger, flour, salt, edible oil, pepper

Production process: We remove fish scales, fish internal organs, etc., then add flour and rub it for a while, then rinse, drain the water.Chop the fish into pieces and set aside.Cold oil in a hot pot, pour it after slipping, add 1 spoon of cold oil.Sprinkle around the pot and the bottom.Put the fish pieces in the pot and fry. After all the fixation, pour the cooking wine, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, ginger, and pepper stir -fry evenly.Add a large bowl of boiling water, and turn over low heat after boiling the heat.When the soup is left half of the soup, add salt to season, continue to cook for 10 minutes, and sprinkle some green onions.

Puffer fish

Everyone has heard puffer fish. Its meat taste is delicious and nutritious. It is a valuable high -end aquatic product. It is known as the "crown of dishes", but its ovaries, liver, kidneys, eyes, and blood contain toxicity.Improper or accidental, the light is poisoned, and the severe case is killed.Pregnant women are best not to eat, because no one can guarantee it clean.

Conclusion: After winter, women remember to eat 5 kinds of fish and avoid 1 kind of fish.Women should eat for themselves and their children.I am the private house of Baoma, a private house, and an office worker who likes to make meals.Every day around the stove, pots, pans and work, and work, tired and happy.I will do my best to share my three meals and four seasons to provide a reference for everyone. It is also a youth that records my death. At the same time, I also look forward to communicating with you.

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