After the woman was pregnant, she kept stealing back to her mother’s house. Her husband was suspicious. After stealing her tail, her husband was ashamed.

In addition to the relationship between husband and wife, it is difficult to get along, but as long as there are more trust in each other, the relationship between husband and wife can be well handled.

Wang Qiang and Zhang Li are a couple who just married.The two of them are college classmates.Zhang Li was pregnant just after half a year of marriage.This is good news for the whole family.Now Wang Qiang needs to make money more hard to raise a good child.It is precisely because Wang Qiang wants to work hard that the couple lack a lot of communication time.Wang Qiang needs to go out to work early the next night when he goes home.

Both husbands and wives are actually in a state of wedding, because they have too little communication between each other, and the two seem to be like a husband and wife who have been married for a long time.Zhang Li thought that going like this would definitely affect the relationship between husband and wife.Slowly Zhang Li also found that her husband’s suspicion was increasingly heavier because her husband was often not at home.Even she went out to buy something and she needed to report to her husband.Because the family is Wang Qiang’s house, for the relationship between the couple, she has to endure, and she reports to her husband in advance.

Recently, Wang Qiang has finally promoted, and he doesn’t have to go out to work early as he had been greedy as before. He finally had a rest time to accompany his wife at home and has an unborn child.This makes him very happy.He took care of his wife very carefully at home, but Zhang Li felt that her husband was at home to monitor her, so her woman always stole her home, which made Wang Qiang doubtful, secretly followed Zhang Li, ashamed.

He looked at his wife to go to his mother’s house, and his father -in -law and mother -in -law walked patiently with Zhang Li. Zhang Li and them both said and laughed.But Zhang Li was not very happy when she was at home.Wang Qiang also felt guilty when he thought of the reason.

Not only did he not take good care of his wife, he always monitored her like a police officer. His wife must be under pressure, so he felt unhappy, but Wang Qiang was very distressed. So what should he do with his wife’s relationship with his wife?What should he do?

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