After this time after giving birth, "Aunt Aunt" has not yet recovered, it may be "pregnant again"

After giving birth to a child, women will still put all their time on their bodies. After all, confinement is very important. It is necessary to quickly restore their bodies to allow themselves to reach the healthiest level.But at this time, the mother will pay attention to their aunt’s time, after all, they also look forward to the aunt can recover quickly.However, some mothers did not wait for the aunt, and then they changed again, which was very embarrassing.

Xiao Wang had just given birth to the child during this time, and then fell into the ranks of confinement.Xiao Wang felt that as long as he confineed, he could recover his body faster, and then there was something you like to do.Whenever I think of this, Xiao Wang will be very happy, but Xiao Wang has a lot of things not pay attention to when confinement, so it is also full of loopholes.

For example, Xiao Wang will do something that makes him tired, and every time he will make his back pain.However, she felt that she should still exercise her body well, rather than always lying on the bed. In that case, it is easy to waste herself.Recently, she has been paying attention to the changes of her aunt, because she thinks her aunt should also come, but it has been six weeks, and the aunt hasn’t come.

This made Xiao Wang feel a little surprised. In order to solve this problem, she quickly went to the hospital to check it. However, she did not expect that a sudden thing made her suddenly a little overwhelmed.That is, I was pregnant, and all this was because I did something wrong after giving birth.No wonder the aunt did not come at all during this time. It turned out that this consequences had caused such a consequences because of their carelessness.

In fact, this is a very common phenomenon. If it exceeds this time after giving birth and has not yet come to the aunt, it is easy to prove that one thing is that women are likely to be pregnant again.Of course, there are still many women who are curious. When did the aunt after giving birth come?The doctor has already given the answer.

When will I come to auntie after delivery?This is different from person to person

For most women, generally speaking, it will almost come to menstruation after six weeks after giving birth.Among them, a small number of mothers will restore menstruation within six weeks, and a large number of women will restore menstruation within 12 weeks.Then some women will restore menstruation within 24 weeks, so everyone is different.So what exactly occurred?

In fact, the reason why this phenomenon appears is that it has a relatively large relationship with a person’s physique, production method, and breastfeeding time.For a maternal maternal, after giving birth, the aunt may be restored in about a month.If a mother’s physical condition is relatively poor, or if there are some diseases in the body, the speed of recovery will definitely be slower.

On this issue that affects the advent of menstruation, the length of breastfeeding time on it can be said to be the greatest.During the breastfeeding period, the prolactin in the blood can inhibit the ovarian axis function, so it can be seen from this perspective that once such a thing will cause estrogen, the amenorrhea will occur.For those mothers who breastfeed, the time of menstruation will be delayed.

If you want a postpartum aunt, you should do a good job of these things

If it comes to this matter, then nutrition should be increased first, which is very important for mothers.In this way, you can recover your body quickly, and you can make your milk more.At this time, the most supplementary is trace elements. For example, calcium and iron substances should be eaten more. Whether it is a cesarean section or a smooth delivery woman, it is good.

Then it is appropriate exercise, which is also inevitable for the mother.Many women think that they should take a rest after giving birth, and then lie on the bed. In fact, this idea is very wrong.It can exercise appropriately after giving birth, so as to ensure blood circulation, such as yoga, outdoor walking, and of course, the strenuous exercise is definitely not desirable before the body recovers.

Then you should ensure that your mood is happy, which is also important.Don’t always be unhappy, it is not good for physical recovery, and it will not restore the aunt as soon as possible.Therefore, it is important to prevent your mood low, and creating a good atmosphere is greatly helpful for restoring menstruation.

So if you want to restore your aunt quickly, you should do something correct.Of course, even if there is no rapid recovery, don’t be anxious. The constitution of different people is different. It should still look at this problem from an objective perspective.

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