alert!Mediterranean anemia gene is moving towards northern my country!

Among the many help posts on the Internet, you may have paid attention to such a disease -thalassemia (hereinafter referred to as "poverty").

Poverty -stricken patients are often children. If they do not get standardized treatment, nearly half of the poverty -stricken children will die if they are less than 5 years old …

In the past, Mediterranean anemia was mostly concentrated in provinces (cities and autonomous regions) south of the Yangtze River, especially the worst and worse.

However, on February 29th, my country ’s first“ Chinese Mediterranean Anemia Blue Book (2015) ”was released at the press conference. Healthy Jun learned that with the migration of the population, poverty -founder is being transferred north!At present, children in Shanghai, Beijing, and even Northeast China have appeared for help.

Is this a rhythm to prevent marriage from north and south?of course not!

Earth poverty experts pointed out that land poverty can be sniped through pre -marital testing, pre -pregnancy examination and prenatal screening to prevent its further spread!

There are 30 million "poverty" genes in China. To see if you or your partner is a poverty -founder carriers, just check it in advance. The following knowledge must be get!

What is thalassemia?

Mediterranean anemia, also known as marine anemia, is more common in the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia and other areas. It is a set of genetic hematological diseases that seriously threaten human health and disabled.Almost all the cases reported from early reports were from immigrants from the Mediterranean region, and the disease was named Mediterranean anemia.

As of now, about 300,000 patients with heavy and middle -type poverty -stricken patients in my country, more than 30 million carriers of the "Poverty" genes involved nearly 30 million families. , Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions), especially the worst and worst of Guangdong and Guangxi: more than 10%of the "land poverty" genes in Guangdong, and more than more than more than 10%of the "Poverty" genes of Guangxi 20%, one of the crowds is a carrier of the Poverty Movement gene every 4-5 people!

The "Chinese Mediterranean anemia Blue Book" (2015), jointly released by the China Poverty Alleviation Alliance and the Beijing Angel Mom Charity Foundation, shows that 90.1%of the "Poverty" patients in my country have annual income of less than 60,000 yuan, 62.7%of the families. The income is less than 30,000 yuan, but the annual treatment cost of a "poverty poverty" patient requires 40,000 to 60,000 yuan, which means that most of the family of "poverty" patients fall into disaster medical expenditures and can only rely on borrowing to maintain patients everywhere to maintain patients. Basic life of treatment and family.

Due to the high genetic carrying rate and the large population base, these genetic diseases are public health problems in the birth defects of the southern population in my country. Preventing poverty in the southern China is a strategic demand for reducing birth defects in southern China.

However, with the development of my country’s economy and society, the number of population migration and the increasing number of marriages in the north and south, and poverty -stricken genes have gradually spread to the north.

Depending on the difference in the severe disease, Mediterranean anemia can be divided into the following 3 types:

1. heavy type

In the days of birth, anemia, hepatocoltic galaxy aggravates, jaundice, and dysplasia. Its special performance is: large head, wide eye distance, saddle nose, protruding forehead, protruding cheeks, and its typical performance is.The hip -shaped head, long bones can fracture.Bone changes are caused by hyperactivity of bone marrow hematopoietic function, widening of the bone marrow cavity, and thin cortex.A small number of patients occur between the ribs and the spine, and gallstone and lower limb ulcers can also be seen.

2. Intermediate

Mild to moderate anemia, most of the patients can survive to adulthood.

3. Light

Mild anemia or asymptomatic is generally discovered when investigating family history.

Discover the influx of the ground, prevent and control from the source

So, the southern husband can’t marry?Can’t the southern daughter -in -law marry?Especially in Guangdong and Guangxi?Intersection

Of course you can marry or marry.Experts say that there is a good way to prevent land poverty now. Checking blood, investigation of embryo velvet, and foundation can be prevented in advance. Even if there are poor genetic carriers in the family, they can prevent the birth of poverty -stricken children through these methods.At present, several counties in Guangxi have achieved a zero birth rate of poverty -stricken children through various prevention and control methods.

To this end, the representatives of the two associations also proposed the solution of my country’s "land poverty" prevention and control: the establishment of a third -level prevention system, that is, the screening of the crowd’s gene carrying, prenatal diagnosis of high -risk pregnancy, and selective abortion patients. The preferred measures for the prevention and treatment of poverty in the international community.In addition, improve the medical system, appropriately expand the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, and accurately rescue the poor patients with the land.

Are you a poverty -founder carrier?

Although the south is a high -incidence area for the prefecture, it is necessary to pay more attention, but as the migration population increases, people living in the north can also learn a small knowledge and pay attention to whether they and the object are poverty -founder.

The MCV value of the general check -in single MCV needs to be vigilant than 79

Regardless of whether it is a marriage or pregnancy test, the blood test will be involved. Please pay attention to a test: the average red blood cell volume (MCV). When this value is lower than 79, you need to be vigilant.At this time, your partner should also do a routine blood test. If it is also lower than 79 and there is no symptoms of anemia, it may be a poverty -founder carriers. It is recommended to do poverty -founder testing (blood drawing).

If one or two parties are found to be a poverty-founder carrier through previous inspections, it is possible to give birth to an intermediate or heavy-duty poverty-stricken child.Poch pellets and genet with the fetus for genetic testing.It was discovered that it was a severe genetic fetal fetus, and the pregnancy was terminated.If it is poor in the middle, the doctor will clearly inform the family whether the fetus is decided by the husband and wife.

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