All couples should do 16 things before pregnancy

So you want to get pregnant, congratulations!What should I do now to get healthy, enjoy fun, and feel ready to try to get pregnant.

1. Talk about being a parent

Most of the experts and real mothers who have talked to us believe that before you start trying, let’s talk about some important parenting issues with your partner-such as how to divide childcare, work at home, tradition-is itvery important.However, when you are panicked about the different opinions of cutting, public schools and private schools or other things along the way, please remember that you can and change your mind on many issues.In the whole process, especially before you get pregnant, the couples have to start talking about their priority, expectations, and fear. "

2. If you want to get pregnant, there are 8 things to do now

1. Leave the pill

Starting to stop breeding a few months before the plan start, the perfect fertility hormone balance.This gives you a little time to see what is your natural menstrual cycle-27 days?32 days?-You can know when you ovulate and when are you busiest.Can be nurtured.If you have taken contraceptives for a while, your cycle may be different from you before you start.After you abandon contraceptives, hormone levels may take a while to return to the right track, but if your menstruation is still Mia three months later, you should see your doctor.

2. Reduce party

Drink and smoke during pregnancy?We don’t need to tell you that they are few individuals.If you are obsessed with one of these two, you will start to narrow the scale now, the new mother’s survival guide and the medical consultant of the Women’s Health Research Association.She said: "If you are a moderate drinking person-you can drink a few glasses of wine on Thursday night or weekends, you may not need to change anything, as long as you are sure you are not pregnant."It is a problem to drink alcohol at night or drink five cups of cocktails at a time. "The same is true of your partner.Excessive alcohol intake will affect your fertility and reduce the number of men’s sperm.Smoking, even in social occasions, will affect your egg quality and sperm of your husband-not to mention the risk of increasing your egg quality.Nominy abortion, premature birth and other situations after birth defects.According to estimates of the Reproductive Medicine Association, up to 13%of fertility may be caused by smoking-smoking or smoking is not safe.In fact, studies have shown that even women who are exposed to second -hand smoke are more pregnant than those who are not pregnant.The bottom line is: there is never this better than this, and you must insist that your partner is the same.

3. Restricted caffeine

If Starbucks’s barista knows your order, once you go to the counter, or you can’t pass the working day without four cups, "Help yourself one now to reduce your caffeine intake," Not only because of researchIt shows that excessive caffeine causes abortion, and because you want to avoid abortion after pregnancy.

Once you are pregnant, doctors will be safe for how much caffeine.Most people agree to drink a small cup of Java every day-about 100 mg-although some people may recommend giving up completely, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.Don’t forget to count other common sources of caffeine, such as soda, tea, energy drinks, and even some painkillers.A can 350 ml of soda or 230 ml of green tea or black tea can be installed with 30 to 60 mg caffeine; two extra intensity Excelin contains 130 mg caffeine.If you are worried, start reading the label and see how much caffeine is in your diet.

4. How did pregnancy happen

The magical thing is about to happen!Observe the ovulation process, and then go around to find the fertilized eggs with millions of sperm.

5. Couple

If you can lose a few kilograms, it’s time to lose weight now."Slimming 4.5 to 7kg can not only make ultra-heavy women more easily pregnant, but also help you get healthier pregnancy and childbirth, reduce risks and complications." The work movement is now in your daily life-whether you walk every week, walking every weekSeveral times I still write on Pira’s courses-increased the possibility of insisting on persistence during pregnancy and pregnancy, making your body easier to recover after your baby is born.If you are a thin side, ask your doctor if you should be fatter.Too thin-especially if it makes your menstruation abnormally-it is a well-known factor that affects fertility.The ideal of pregnancy is the weight index between 19 and 24.

6. Go to watch movies

Capture as much as possible movies on the big screen.Once you are pregnant, take a few hours in the same position-plus often urination-it will make you uncomfortable.If you tend to fall asleep in the movie, once you are tired, you will be more difficult to keep awake.

7. Establish a fund

You know, you have to start saving money for universities, diapers and all infant supplies. Once you are pregnant, you should definitely do this."But even if you are pregnant itself, you may be more expensive than you expect," everything is ready to prepare for the baby book. Among the common remuneration of all doctors, the new pregnant women’s clothing, "Even if you just do a little at a time, pay only 20 yuan at a time and pay at a time.Before you start pregnancy, you know that you have some types of savings funds, and you will feel better. If you have the remaining money, you can always spend it on it. "The child’s furniture or other infants cost."

8. Pre -delivery supplement

"Any woman who wants to get pregnant in the next three to six months should start taking composite vitamins containing 400 micrograms of folic acid every day," according to March of the di gymnia, sufficient vitamin B before and early pregnancy can reduce70%of the birth defects of the brain and spine.In addition, a variety of vitamins itself is rich in other nutrients that are vital to healthy pregnancy, such as iron and strong teeth and bones needed for anemia.After brushing your teeth in the morning, open the pill, or hide a jar at work, and then set an electronic information reminder when you first come in to let you take it.If you hate swallowing, they will appear in the form of chewing.Once you look forward to it, develop this habit now makes it easier for you to remember.

9. Reserve sleep

‘New Bart -up Girl Pregnancy Guide.She said: "Sleep with your husband on the weekend, and take a nap for a while." Most of us look forward to the sleeping night after birth, but many women do not realize that it is difficult to get a decent night rest during pregnancy.-The example is burning heart, getting up, and sleeping on the side-this will keep some expectant mothers around.It can even help you get pregnant faster-research shows that women with too little sleep usually have more ovulation problems than women without ovulation.

Third, fast pregnancy, 6 ways to improve fertility and speed up pregnancy

1. Find the therapy for your stress

Some studies have shown that excessive pressure levels will delay your ability to get pregnant (by making ovulation abnormal, or the ability to implant embryo into the uterus).If you are very personal at the beginning, once you are pregnant, your pressure will increase, and your family and life will be prepared for your children."Now check your emotions, make sure you calm down, prepare for the next stage of life, and find out what can relax you," said Dr. Dade."Maybe drinking tea, watching the old drama and going out for 3 kilometers, or just unloading your best friend. No matter what it is, if it is effective for you now, it will help you, when you are pregnantOr new mother. "Don’t relieve stress?Suggestion: The diary is placed on the bedside table, and the idea of writing 15 minutes before sleeping.Studies have shown that regular writing diaries can make you feel more optimistic and worry."

2. Happy happy

If your last time you take out the camera is the honeymoon, now it is time to start taking more photos-not only you and your hub, but also your house, where you encounter, there are any other other.Makes you reminded of what is before pregnancy."This is such a magical moment in your life. When you can really accompany you two without others, you will always be grateful to be able to record it." "In addition, your childI like to see photos on the road. They will think, ‘What is my life before my birth?’ This gives you a way to show them. "

3. Make a list of restaurants

It is very likely that you and your partner are there a few restaurants you want to try in the local area, so start listing a restaurant you like the most, and then draw them off on Saturday night.Obviously, when you are pregnant, you can still go out for dinner, but eating may be a bit different.First of all, when you can’t stroll around a bottle of wine, dinner will not feel so fancy.You may find some of your favorite menus-no Caesar salad (raw egg); swordfish (too many mercury); or a few examples without Basal sterilized soft cheese.Makes such as pregnancy vomiting and stomach burning, and even strange desires or disgust will make your taste lose balance.Now I plan to eat at least a few decadent dinner in the city-just order what you want, don’t think twice!

4. Do the place you want to live

You need to move more space, a better position, or any other reason?Our suggestions are: Do it as soon as possible.Set up-Ideally, staying on the place you want for at least a few years-it feels good for your home will make you better prepare for pregnancy.When you are pregnant, you don’t need to deal with problems such as moving, renovation, and graduation (no one wants to pack your luggage 8 months ago).

On the other hand, if you are very happy in your life, don’t feel like you are now moving now-you are also making a family plan-you don’t need to rent a large-bedroom house in the suburbsRaising children.Remember, many babies sleep in their parents’ bedrooms for the first few months, or sleep on the baby bed. The baby will not be happier because he has his own room and game room.If you are satisfied with the current apartment, you will have enough time to take a big action in the future.

5. Do your job well

Although there is no law, you cannot find a job during pregnancy (in fact, if you are unhappy, if you are unhappy, it is illegal to not hire a person because she is looking forward to), but now it is a good time to change jobs.First of all, you need to work in a certain place for at least 12 months to be eligible to enjoy (the laws of family and medical-unpaid maternity leave and paid leave or accompanying maternity leave).But more importantly, it is important to review your career.Ask yourself the following questions: Are your working hours okay?Does the child take care of the child after birth?Can you cope with commuting?Do other new parents seem to be happy to work in your company?If you find that you can’t answer yourself, you may want to find a new job, or see if your boss is willing to cooperate with you to adjust your work description.Maybe you can accept some small customers, such as shortening your working hours, or playing for a few days from home a week.

6. Ask your mother’s pregnancy

And your sister and aunt, if you can.Did they take a long time to get pregnant?Is there any complications, such as premature birth or hip delivery?Some health conditions often occur in the family. This is a wise idea, reviewing your history, and sharing any relevant information with your doctor.But don’t worry too much.Just because your sister spent a year pregnant, it does not mean that you will have difficulties.Many common fertility problems, such as poor egg quality (due to age) or blocked or damaged fallopian tube, are not inherited, but some, such as fibroma or ovarian cysts, can.Your doctor can help you understand which family problems will affect your fertility or pregnancy, so you will better prepare these problems in the future.

Finally: Go to see your doctor

Many experts suggest that at least three months before you are planning to start at least three months, you will make an appointment for a prenatal examination at your obstetrics and gynecology department, especially if you look at a doctor from time to time.You need to ensure that you are the latest vaccination, check sex diseases, detect heart health problems, such as hypertension and cholesterol, and ensure that any chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, or thyroid problems, can be controlled.(It is also a good idea to send your husband to see the internal medicine doctor-most men have less time to see a doctor than women. Regular physical examinations can help ensure that they have no chronic diseases, or they are taking the number of sperm or other fertility problems that may affect the number of sperm or cause other fertility problems.Drugs. According to your racial background, your doctor may also recommend genetic testing.This visit is a good opportunity to ensure that any drug you take is safe. At the same time, you try to get pregnant and ask your doctor to get pregnant or pregnant in your mind.

Finally, use this interview to evaluate your relationship with your doctor, and ensure that he or she is the person you want to continue after pregnancy.Make sure your doctor gives pregnant patients.You may be surprised to know that your gynecologist may not be a obstetrician.Will she spend time in detail and carefully answering your question, or will you pass by with eyeliner such as "you don’t need to worry"?Remember, once you look forward to this person, you will see many people, one of the most important moments in your life, you need to believe her suggestion-to ensure that you are with a completely comfortable person.

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