All kinds of pregnancy symptoms are all uniform. Why doctors say they are fake?

If women with sexual life during childbearing age have symptoms such as menopause, vomiting, fatigue, and drowsiness, are we often "having" the first reaction.Not only that, there are often similar classic bridges in film and television dramas -a female character suddenly retching. There is no suspense. This woman is going to be pregnant.

Indeed, symptoms such as menopause and vomiting in real life may be a manifestation of early pregnancy. Some women can even feel that they are pregnant after they can feel the "fetal movement".After checking, there was no such thing.Medically, this symptom of pregnancy is "fake pregnancy" without pregnancy.

A good girl, why suddenly "fake pregnancy"?

Symptoms of fake pregnancy are similar to real pregnancy, such as menopause, nausea, vomiting, breast pain, drowsiness, frequent urination, etc. Some people also have breasts, increased abdominal, and even fake tires.Fake pregnancy may be caused by drugs, diseases or mental factors. The common reasons for fake pregnancy are in the following aspects:

1. Drug effect

Long -term oral contraceptives or drugs with high elegance content (such as emergency contraceptives) or long -term long -term oral antidepressants, etc., may be nausea, vomiting, menopause and other fake pregnancy due to neurological endocrine disorders due to drug effects.symptom.

2. Diseases factors

Pyntiliat tumors and women’s endocrine disorders may cause menstruation, nausea, and vomiting. Some women’s menstruation is irregular. It coincides with gastrointestinal discomfort and cause nausea and vomiting. It is also easily considered pregnant.

3. Psychological and psychological factors

This is a high -incidence of fake pregnancy. It is more common in infertility women who have been married for many years and have not been pregnant. They hope that they can have a lively and cute baby.Because of the desire to have a strong desire and the psychology of anxiety, over time, the normal function of the central nervous nerve is disturbed, which leads to the increase in some hormones in the body such as proofin, luteum, and progesterone., Therefore, related fake pregnancy symptoms such as amenorrhea, breast swelling, nausea, vomiting, and appetite change.

There are also some women who think that they are pregnant after menopause, their moods have become better, their families take care of themselves more thoroughly, their appetite has increased, and fat gradually accumulates in the abdomen to increase the abdomen.The blood vessels of the abdominal aorta or intestinal peristalsis can also make these women mistakenly believe that it is "fetal movement".It is more determined to affirm their pregnancy.There are also parts of women with schizophrenia or "sturgeon", and there will also be fake pregnancy symptoms.

How to determine whether it is a fake pregnancy?

In fact, it is easy to determine whether it is fake pregnancy.The pregnancy sac or fetal heart can be clear that it is intrauterine pregnancy, otherwise there is no pregnancy.

What should I do?

If you are diagnosed with false pregnancy, you must analyze the causes of these symptoms.Women who have menopause need to conduct relevant gynecological examinations such as B -ultrasound. If necessary, the causes of reproductive hormones are needed to be tested. After determining the cause, drugs can be treated. If nausea and vomiting symptoms are severe; If the symptoms of frequent urination, the inflammation of the urinary system needs to be excluded; if it occurs, breast pain, etc., the breast -related examination is required, or the parabiat may be eliminated by related examinations such as the skull CT or magnetic resonance.Of course, if it is caused by excluding organic lesions or drugs, consider possibility of mental factors.If it is caused by mental factors, women should learn to self -mediate, recognize reality, learn to relax, and reduce stress.

When women are diagnosed with false pregnancy, many women can not accept this fact at once, especially women who are eager to want their children will even have a mental collapse.Therefore, as family members, we must avoid excessive stimulation of patients, do a good job of mental guidance, accompany and explain, and bring patients for help with a psychologist if necessary.

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