All taboos during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to it here

At the moment of learning of pregnancy, expectant mothers usually "look forward to and be afraid of harm." While looking forward to the advent of new life, they also began to worry about what specifications that need to be obey to hurt the fetus.Ancient women lacked medical knowledge. Once the fetal gas was interrupted or insufficient, it was considered to be a shock of the "fetal god", so many folk taboos were derived; such as watching solar eclipse and moon eclipse can cause the fetus"Chongxi" and so on.However, although modern obstetrics and gynecology have made scientific progress, there are also many information on the Internet that seem to be.There are hundreds of taboos in pregnancy. Can’t you really make it public in less than three months?Will eating ice cause contractions?Holding his shoulders, raising heavy objects is easy to abortion and premature birth?This article is based on the four major aspects of folk customs, diet, medicine, and life that should be paid attention to during pregnancy, so that you can spend your pregnancy at ease.

Full analysis of pregnancy contraindications


It is prone to miscarriage for three months of pregnancy?

In ancient times, there were no announcements in the first three months. It was because the medical knowledge was underdeveloped at that time. Women usually did not know whether they were pregnant. In addition, there was a high proportion of abortion in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, the first three months of the first three monthsIt will be more cautious and have nothing to do with whether it is announced or not. It cannot be defined as taboos.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the abortion rate in early pregnancy is indeed relatively high. Now many young couples will be informed that they are psychological factors after being stable, and most of them are psychological factors, and on the other hand, they also reduce the pressure to "explain" to others.

The chance of abortion in life is about 10%, and there are many reasons for miscarriage, including the unhealthy fetal itself, the problem of pregnant women’s uterus, etc., assuming that it is an unhealthy fetus. Under the principle of physical competition, it will naturally abortion in the early days, just like most of them have it.The fetus of the Donaldiated gene will flow away early.The fetus has not been stable in the uterus in the first three months, and it is easy to abortion due to bleeding. It may be a reasonable explanation of the first three months.

Will nail nails and move furniture in the pregnant woman’s room?

The doctor said that the weight of the fetus in the pregnant woman’s belly, just like a mountaineering backpack in front, will change the center of gravity, plus moving furniture or nailing on the wall.The focus of abortion should be to maintain physical balance; this kind of abortion caused by falling or impact is based on medical basis, and pregnant mothers in the late pregnancy should be particularly careful.He added that there was a "Yin Yin Point" outside the nails. Early pregnant women were difficult to give birth. The doctor would stimulate this acupoint to help convert the fetal position. Once stimulated, it would cause uterine contraction.Essence

Pregnant women were frightened by their shoulders?

There is a "lack of pots" on the shoulders, which is commonly known as the upper edge of the shoulders of the beauty, that is, a acupoint on the collarbone. Will it cause contraction due to the excessive strength of the shoulders that stimulate this acupoint.Some acupoints in the body will cause uterine contraction after being stimulated, and the expectant mummy in the early stages of pregnancy should pay special attention.

Will the fetus in the stomach with other pregnant women alarm the fetus?

Dr. Lin Gongyi pointed out that according to the historical records of the East and the West, the meeting between pregnant women or bumps will be agile, which makes the fetus with a frightened mother feel that there is such a matter.8 weeks of fetus have physical activities. Generally, the pregnant mummy will feel the first fetal movement at the 17th and 18th weeks.The fetal movement is more frequent when the mother is hungry, but whether the fetal movement means that the fetus is frightened.

Watching puppet shows and cloth bags, will the fetus be incomplete after birth?

Some pregnant women who have a threatened abortion need to rest in bed in the first three months.This taboo should be to prevent accidents from entering and exiting public places in public places, and there are also concerns about public health infectious diseases.Furthermore, these folk taboos reflect the attention of the society’s psychological health at that time. If pregnant women are emotionally unstable or are frightened for a long time, the mother will affect the fetal blood oxygen and nutritional supply through adrenaline, and further interfere with the fetal nerve development of the fetusCauses delay and deformity, so the mother’s physical and mental health is indeed very important.


Drinking cold drinks or eating ice products can cause contractions?

From the perspective of physiological phenomena, ordinary people eat ice or drink ice drinks can cause blood vessel contraction. As for whether pregnant women will cause endometrial contraction due to ice, it depends on the personal constitution and the amount of ice products.In pregnant women, once the blood vessels shrink and become smaller, the blood flow will become less. In the case of insufficient blood oxygen supply, it may cause contraction.The summer is particularly hot, and the average body temperature of pregnant women is higher than that of ordinary people.Pregnant moms are usually better to drink warm water. Do not take it out of the refrigerator and drink it immediately. It is more appropriate to drink it when you retreat.Time, swallow it after the cooling; the cold fruits should be chewed slowly and then swallowed.

Drinking coffee will make the fetal heart rhythm be unreasonable?

The caffeine can be absorbed by the fetus through the placenta. If the intake is too much, the baby may indeed have symptoms of insufficient weight or arrhythmia after birth.There were pregnant women in the United States who drank 6 to 8 cups of coffee a day, and took up to 600 to 800 mg of caffeine. The result was abortion.

Although tea and cola caffeine does not have high coffee, it still has it, especially cola and other sugary drinks contain a large amount of monosaccharides and refined sugar, which will increase the risk of gestational diabetes.It is not recommended to drink too much sugar drink during pregnancy.Zeng Qi nutritionist said that when choosing Coke, you can see the bottle body mark. Some products marked the amount of caffeine calculated in the unit, and some are calculated per 100cc. The prospective mommy can convert it by itself.

DIY -free caffeine health coffee

Materials: 3 cups of dry wheat tea, 1 cup of cassia, 10 cups of water.

Method: Put the ingredients in the pot, cook over low heat, continue to cook with the minimum heat for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat for 1 hour, and pour the slag to pour the wheat tea in the utensils.

Eat aloe, barley, hawthorn, papaya is easy to have a miscarriage?

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, coix seeds, yam, and aloe in clinical have no evidence to cause contraction and abortion.However, the attributes of the Chinese medicine belong to the Chinese medicine attributes and have aloe vera, which is included in the prescription of the doctor. Because of the water and humidity of the water, it may cause insufficient amount of amniotic fluid in the late pregnancy.The contraction is obvious, it is best not to eat coix kernels throughout pregnancy.As for hawthorn, although the characteristics are similar to Coix Seed, there is no actual study to prove that it will cause pregnant women to contracted after consumption. Whether it is forbidden to eat or not depends on personal physique and physician instructions.Papaya does not have a related medical report that it will have a miscarriage, which is purely rumored.

Eating papaya Baby is easy to get jaundice?

Papaya is like carrots and pumpkins. Eating too much will cause carotene precipitation, causing the face, palms, and feet to become yellow, but they will gradually disappear in a few days. Even if the mother eats more papaya, it will not increase the baby’s jaundice.Babies of yellow people usually have jaundice from 70 % to 80 %, and jaundice can be divided into physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice.The common cause of physiological jaundice is that the baby’s red blood cells are large, and the life of red blood cells is shorter than adults. After being destroyedIn poor, bilirubin deposits in the skin and forms jaundice.If the baby is still not retreat after the birth of the baby, it is a pathological jaundice. It is necessary to do further treatment, including lighting or replacement of blood. The cause can be divided into hemolytic and non -hemolytic.Non -hemolytic such as hemorrhage, too much red blood cells.

Will pregnant women eat shrimp and crab hormones?

Zeng Qi Nutritionist said that girls secreted in the early stages of pregnancy, and shrimp and crabs will not cause hormonal disorders.If the pregnant mother is afraid of eating shrimp and crab allergies, she can eat deep -sea fish, two to three times a week, 30 to 60 grams at a time, and the weight is about one palm.She added that deep -sea fish is rich in Omega3, which is a very high -quality protein source for pregnant women.Moreover, foreign studies have shown that pregnant women do not eat fresh fish every week, and the development of language development after birth will be slower than children who eat enough pregnant women.

Dry foods such as lamb, lychee, pepper, etc. are not good for raising tires?

Hot foods can be eaten as long as they are not available.Lamb is rich in iron, vitamin B12, lychee contains vitamin C, and pregnant women can supplement it in moderation.Spicy foods such as pepper and garlic, as long as they eat them in improper snacks, they will basically not be prohibited. When dining, it can be used as condiments and condiments. It can also improve the problem of loss of appetite during pregnancy.

Eating greasy and irritating foods can easily exacerbate synovity symptoms?

In order to maintain the secretion of estrogen and lutein during pregnancy, the concentration of "human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)" in pregnant women’s blood will increase, and the inner wall of the stomach will be stimulated, and pregnancy will form.The increase in lutein concentration will cause smooth muscle relaxation and slow gastric emptying. The fetal increase in the late pregnancy and increased abdominal pressure will relax the cardia sphincter, causing gastric acid to flow to the esophagus, forming a burning phenomenon.

Processing food is easy to aggravate symptoms of hypertension and edema in pregnant women?

Processing foods are high sugar and high salt. The moisture metabolism in the late pregnancy is slow. If you eat too much salt, the blood pressure will be high, which may cause pregnancy toxic blood. In addition, the quality of the processing meat will make the fetus unable to take ingestedFE amount of high -quality protein.Pregnant mommy is remembered. Remember to look at the signs. Each 100 grams of food is greater than 500, which is a high -salt food. Generally, the soup content provided by the stores is usually high.EssenceIn addition, the meat pine, meat, sausages, bacon, smoky duck rewards, and loquat also eat as little as possible.

Will drinking the fetus deformed?

Alcohol does affect the fetus, and the symptoms can cause insufficient nutrition and low weight of the fetus; severe will affect the development of the heart and intelligence.In addition, drinking too much wine will consume B group, and group B is the key nutrients for the healing of fetal nerve tube healing. If you drink too much alcohol in the early stages of pregnancy, the folic acid is not enough, and the poor healing of the fetal nerve tube can easily lead to brain malformation.

A large amount of calcium supplementation during pregnancy will allow the fetus to be calcified after the fetus is born?

Zeng Qi Nutritionist said that unless you are taking a lot of calcium tablets, it is not easy to make up, and the body has a regulatory mechanism. If you eat too much, you will reduce absorption.If you want to add calcium, it is recommended to disperse in three meals, because the absorption rate of calcium is about 30%each time, and it will not be 100%.%.Pregnant moms can take the appropriate amount of calcium -rich foods such as traditional tofu, dried tofu, kelp, black sesame, dark green vegetables, and do not need to deliberately supplement calcium. The maximum calcium ingestion of the calcium in one day is not more than 2,500 mg.

Eating animal liver affects fetal brain and heart development?

Pork liver has nutrients such as vitamin B12 and iron, which is beneficial to pregnant women. However, too much animal liver intake will increase saturated fat and cholesterol intake, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and pregnant mothers must pay attention to eating in moderation.As for whether it will affect the fetus, there is no relevant statement in science.

Deep sea fish has heavy metal pollution, can it easily affect fetal nerve development?

Large -scale deep -sea fish such as flagfish and catfish will indeed accumulate heavy metals. Pregnant moms can change small -sized deep -sea fish such as salmon, catfish, autumn saury, catfish, sardines, etc. In addition, to avoid eating the same type of fish for a long time, change the variety of typesEssenceZeng Qi nutritionist said that some of the tested fish will indicate heavy metal content. Do not buy if there are three types of heavy metals such as methyl mercury, cadmium, and lead.Methalis mercury can affect vision, hearing, and nerve conduction; cadmium is bone, lung, kidney, and reproductive system.Lead is nerve conduction, which can make the baby over.

Pharmaceutical articles

Can pregnant women not use the medicinal patch that is damaged?

Dr. Sun Xudong said that most of the bruises such as Sharon Bas are mostly effective in cooling down or anti -inflammatory and analgesic. The dosage is usually not high, but after all, trace ingredients will be absorbed by the human body.If the expectant mother does not want the fetus to contact any potion, it is not necessary to use it during pregnancy.

Should pregnant women with chronic diseases stop medicine?

Chronic diseases can be large or small. For pregnant mothers, sudden stopping drugs will be greater than the risk of continuous medication.Taking periodontal disease as an example, once the periodontal disease deteriorates honeycomb tissue inflammation, it may seriously lead to sepsis, bacterial flow throughout the body, and the increase in abortion.Symptoms; in addition, women’s common thyroid function is hyperthyroidism or low. If there is no continuous medication, it will increase the chance of miscarriage; if the blood sugar controls the disorders of diabetes, the proportion of infants suffer from congenital heart disease and fetal death will increase significantly. Therefore, it is necessary. Therefore, it is necessary.The treatment still cannot be stopped. It is best not to stop using it. Otherwise, once the mother’s body changes, the fetus is the fetus.As long as the doctor’s instructions are suitable for medication during pregnancy, it should not affect the fetus.Taking diabetes as an example, if the pregnant mummy suffering from diabetes can be used to treat insulin, the pregnant mummy that was originally used is not needed to change the treatment method.In addition to the chronic diseases of "must" take medicine such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus, if it is generally slightly cold, because it only relieves the current symptoms, the cold medicine can be taken or not.

Can a cold and fever take medicine hurt the fetus?

Unless there is an urgent need, doctors will not take medicine in general pregnant women in general.Although there is no human experimental evidence whether the patent medicine will affect the fetal development, cases of animal experiments have been clinically confirmed to hurt the fetus.It is recommended that pregnant mothers try to adjust their own immune system as much as possible.The self -healing period of adults is about two weeks. On the third and fourth days, the immune system will begin to work, but if the symptoms continue, you can ask the physician to decide whether to use the medicine.

Cough to eat Chuanbei cream is easy to slip tire?

Chuanbei cream is regarded as a good cough and phlegm. In the early days, almost every household was used for medical treatment. Some children even took it as desserts, but the Internet rumors would cause slippery tires during pregnancy.In this regard, Dr. Lin Gongyi analyzed that Chuanbei cream is maintained in the maintenance of cold and post -cough. It is theoretically safe, but if it is not necessary, it is generally not necessary to maintain special maintenance.There are several brands of Chuanbei cream in the workshop. If pregnant moms have doubts about the manufacturing ingredients and sources of the cream, don’t take it barely.In particular, the food safety crisis is in the ascendant. When choosing to process food, pregnant women must also consider product quality and hygiene.

Life articles

The chemical composition of cosmetics and care products makes the fetus defect?

Many pregnant moms still work during pregnancy. They often worry about whether they want to make up. After all, most cosmetics contain heavy metal components and accumulate absorption. If they are deposited in the fetus, they may cause lesions.Dr. Sun Xudong explained that some makeup powder with powder is large, and it will not be absorbed by the human body on the face. The thinner cosmetics and skin care products will enter the circulation system through the vein, but the fetus will not be theoretically affecting the fetus.As long as the inspection certification is passed, it is generally not prohibited to use the products that are not clear and unknown.

Will hair dyeing or nail polish cause fetal malformations?

Whether it is a general chemical dye or the dye of the grass plants, it contains the "PPD" component. PPD is a chemical allergen, which is strong and can easily cause skin allergies.After dyeing their hair, some people have tickled scalp, dandruff increased, and even allergic phenomena on hand or other parts of the body.Assuming that pregnant mothers or dads are allergic, the baby’s probability of genetic allergies is high, so we must avoid exposing the fetus at the maternal stage to the allergen.Nail polish is a volatile organic solvent. In the ingredients, formaldehyde, acetone, and acetone, have neurotoxic factors. In order to make the color bright, it will add heavy metals such as lead.Do not use.Dr. Sun Xudong also said that it is not recommended that pregnant women engage in such acts, because hair dye itself will increase the risk of bladder cancer, and there is no need to increase the burden on the body during pregnancy.

Cats and dogs are prone to infectious infectious diseases and make fetus allergies?

Cats are one of the hosts of bowls. If humans infected with bowls with cats, 10%of people will not have symptoms, and some people will have fatigue, fever, headache and throat inflammation.If a pregnant woman is infected for the first time in the first three months of pregnancy, the pathogen may be infected vertically to the fetus, causing the fetal’s immediately harm or sequelae; most of the infected fetuses have a normal appearance, but nearly 80%to 90%will beIn the growth process, complications such as learning impairment, cerebral edema, eye disease, hearing disorders have occurred.Dr. Sun Xudong reminded that if the pregnant mother has a cat, she can check the antibody of the bow and the slurry in the body before pregnancy, but the inspection of the health insurance is not paid, and the cost is about 1,000 yuan.

For whether cats and dogs will cause fetal allergies, there are three types of allergies, which are genetic, environmental and food.In environmental factors, cats, dogs, and birds are common allergens, and pregnant moms should pay special attention.However, some foreign cases show that when pregnant women contact cats and dogs in a timely manner, they can increase immune stimulation for the fetus. This behavior that allows pregnant women to contact animals in a timely manner can be called alternative "reduction of allergies."In addition, foreign countries also have a set of allergies called "Grandma’s cradle"."Grandm’s cradle" refers to the childcare cradle passed down from generation to generation. From the grandmother to the mother, mother, and the daughter, the dust mites accumulated in the cradle will cause the baby to have allergic symptoms, but it will also start the baby’s immune system.With the principle of proper stimulation exposure, the purpose of reduction is achieved.

Is it easy for pregnant women to cause contractions and break early water?

In some third world countries, when the tenth month of pregnancy of pregnant women still has no sign of childbirth, the mother -in -law will urge pregnant women and her husband’s house to oxy, because semen contains the cervix and promotes uterine contraction.Although semen can promote contraction, unless the pregnant mummy itself has the symptoms of bleeding and normal contractions, as long as the fetus is stable, don’t be too intense.The condom avoids the occurrence of contractions.

Even if it is not broken early, it is not recommended to perform intimate behaviors in the early and late pregnancy, because the third phase of pregnancy (later) the fetus will be pressed down, the cervix is shortened, excessive stimulation or foreign objects will deepen, which will cause the mother to produce obvious palaces in the palaceSymptoms.Pregnant women with threatened abortion or habitual abortion are particularly not suitable.The best time for husbands and wives to do in the middle of pregnancy is not only stable in the fetus. During this period, pregnant women have increased their sexual desire due to female hormones, and they are also helpful to mothers in a timely manner.

Pregnant women are prone to backache, affecting the health of maternal and infants?

Lower back pain is one of the common symptoms of pregnant women. Although driving and sitting for a long time will indeed be sore due to poor posture, most of the lower back pain in pregnant women is because the fetus has continued to increase during the growth process, which is compressed to the mother’s spine. There are also some.It may be caused by the congestion of the pelvic cavity, but it cannot be determined that there is a negative effect. Usually, after the mother is "unloading", the symptoms of lower back pain will disappear.Sitting or lying for a long time will cause venous embolism, but venous embolism is good at the white people.It is recommended that the pregnant mother who goes to work should get up to move and bones in two hours to promote blood circulation.

The electromagnetic waves of computers, mobile phones, and microwave ovens make the fetus incomplete?

There are indeed electromagnetic waves on mobile phones and microwave ovens, and strong electromagnetic waves will destroy the DNA in the cells. It is assumed that pregnant women work in the environment full of electromagnetic waves for a long time, such as microwave launch radio, which will affect fetal health.If the pregnant mother uses an induction cooker, microwave oven, etc. at home, you can surround the apron for appropriate protection.In the mobile phone part, because each person is different, there are indeed cases in clinical cases that pregnant women use mobile phones to have dizziness and tinnitus symptoms, but basically as long as it is not used for a long time, there should not be too much problems.

Soaking hot springs and hot baths affect fetal intelligence, causing spinal cord defects?

When ordinary people soak hot springs, the body temperature will rise, and the body temperature will decrease after soaking, but because the fetus is soaked in amniotic fluid in the mother’s body, the temperature decreases slower, which is equivalent to always soaking in hot water. It does increase the risk of abortion.Especially the fetus is not stable in the first three months of pregnancy. At this time, a hot bath or hot spring will increase the chance of abortion.Pregnant women have been in high temperature state for a long time to develop the fetus, especially in the early stage of cell division, that is, when the fetus is just formed, it must be more careful, but if it is only to improve the lower limb edema during pregnancy and promote blood circulation, it is not indispensable.At the same time, it is also reminded that pregnant moms can avoid the concentration of thermal sources such as three warmth and oven to avoid hurting the fetus.

Can often cause ultrasonic scanning can cause fetal malformations?

Although the quota of the ultrasound in the checkpress manual is only once, the general pregnant women usually take the ultrasound every time the birth check.Dr. Sun Xudong said that there are many types of ultrasound, the focus is to reduce non -necessary ultrasound contact.The ultrasound of the production inspection has no energy at all, which is relatively safe, and the ultrasound of the detection of the fetal heartbeat is that the temperature of the fetus will increase the temperature of the fetus. Many obstetrics and gynecologists now avoid using it and only display images on the screen.Burning the uterine fibroids and the ultrasound of the treatment of arrhythmia is not suitable for pregnant women because of energy.

Is it easy to increase the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting and dizziness during pregnancy during pregnancy?

Pregnant women’s discomfort is related to the high -altitude flight environment. The cabin is a low -voltage and low humidity space, which is not conducive to pregnant women’s activities. This special environment is likely to interfere with the inner ear balance and cause pregnancy.Comfortable.Some airlines will ask pregnant women to provide the "Air Vilk Certificate" issued by the physician before flying to avoid problems in the process of ride. Pregnant mothers who intend to go abroad remember to confirm to the airline before booking, so as not to cause trouble.Dr. Sun Xudong said that pregnancy is a physiological symptom of a pregnant woman, which has nothing to do with which means of transportation, but it is really easy to cause dizziness with large buses and tour buses.

Correct concept

Nutritionist said …

If the pregnant mother, if there is a primer in diabetes in the family, you cannot take excessive sugar. Similarly, if there is a first -class allergy, you must avoid allergic foods. Usually, it is easy to cause allergies to be the most commonly eaten, so it is bestDon’t eat the same food for a long time.If there is a family medical history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia, you cannot eat too much food, western -style snacks, high salt, and high -fat foods.In addition, you cannot eat seafood and avoid infection with parasites or diarrhea.Some pregnant women are too nervous, and they are specially supplemented in the early stages of pregnancy. In fact, the early fetal intake nutrients are limited. As long as you master four principles such as less oil, less salt, less sugar, high fiberHigh -quality protein and other high -quality proteins can give babies sufficient nutrition.

Chinese medicine practitioner said …

There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that is "smooth emotional", showing that it is important to maintain good mental health in the early stages of pregnancy.Specific mothers who are not planning to pregnancy usually have greater emotional fluctuations. At this time, doing a good job of psychological construction and maintaining a happy mood is the key to making maternal and infants healthy. Some studies have confirmed that the emotions during pregnancy and postpartum will suffer from depression.Related, so pregnant mothers should not be too nervous or anxious.In addition, it is necessary to avoid high air pollution and dust distribution, which have a large number of allergens.Pregnant women with strong symptoms of pregnancy should not take folk remedies arbitrarily. There are restrictions on the use of western medicines during pregnancy. Be sure to ask professional doctors to inquire to reduce the risk of self -taking medication.Red blossoms, earth dragon (that is, earthworms) and other blood -promoting Chinese medicines are prohibited during pregnancy. If you have to use the such as this type of blood circulation to treat stasis, you must also use it under the instructions of the physician. Ginseng has the effect of increasing blood and promoting blood circulation.Be careful not to excessive amounts; the water effect of barley kernels is strong. Some pregnant women will cook barley soup for whitening or edema. At this time, the number of coix seeds should be reduced in a timely manner, otherwise the amniotic fluid will be reduced.

Whether it is the custom from the elders, or the pregnancy taboos circulating on the Internet, such as cannot participate in wedding funerals and funerals, do not blindly listen to the letter. If you have any questions, please consult your family physician or professional obstetrician.It will restrict life everywhere, physical and mental tightness, and it is not helpful for pregnant mothers or babies.

Doctor Western said …

During pregnancy, eating "real" is the most important. Some pregnant women eat and drink by the name of pregnancy, which will cause the body to have a burden. It is recommended that pregnant mothers try not to touch the sweets or junk foods that are not beneficial to the body.In addition, pregnant mothers do not have to worry about not eating enough fetal nutrition. The placenta itself will absorb energy and nutrition from the mother, and then transmitted to the fetus through the umbilical cord. As long as the three meals are normal, the fetus will grow stably even if it becomes thinner.

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