Analysis of the cause of calf soreness!Teach you 3 ways to soothe quickly →

The cause of calf soreness may not only be because of muscle soreness after exercise, but also because of nervous compression. The Health Jun teach you to judge the symptoms of calf soreness today, and learn 3 effective relief techniques.Soothing calf soreness.

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▶ What are the causes of calf soreness?

The calf soreness can be divided into three major reasons: muscle problems, vascular problems, and neural problems. Therefore, the calf soreness is sometimes not simply muscle soreness, but may be neurotria or blood vessels.Sore calf is very common in outpatient clinics, and there are many reasons:

1. Muscle problems: The most common, may be due to strain, cramps, soreness after exercise, long standing, obesity, etc.

2. Vascular problems: mainly arterial obstruction and varicose veins.Arterial obstruction mainly occurs in people who smoke and drink and have chronic diseases. The calves will swell and pain; varicose veins and venous embolism are due to incomplete venous return, staying in the leg veins, and the legs will feel sour. Most of them occur in the long stations.Or obese.

3. Nearly nerve compression: Since the calf feels the end of the nerve dominance, if the upstream is oppressed, it will affect the nerve conduction and produce the calf soreness.For example, the lumbar nerve is oppressed, or the sciatic nerve is pressed by the pear muscle, which may produce sour numbness.

4. Nervous compression around the calf: The surroundings of the calf are also full of nerves, mainly because of the total gastrocity nerve with the total gastrocity nerve with the general gastrointestinal nerve on the outside of the calf.Pastor -perfrauated compression often occurs on the outside of the calf on the outside of the calf, and the calf will be sore and weak; the gastrocity nerve compression of the calf belly is mostly those who are bent on the knee for a long time and the kneeling are mostly, such as farmers, sedentary office workers for a long time, Zen siter and so on.

5. Neuropathy: For example, patients with diabetes or dialysis have neuropathy problems.

6. Pregnancy: Pregnancy: Due to moisture retention and fetal weight, it will cause varicose veins and rising weight. These two factors will sore calf. In addition, there may be problems of lack of magnesium and calcium plasma during pregnancy.Essence

▶ No exercise but sore legs?

The most common cause of calf soreness is muscle problems. If there is no exercise, the calf is sore. It may be that there is usually no exercise, but suddenly start exercising. Some people even run the bus or suddenly do not run.

Another reason is long -term stations, especially wearing high heels for a long time.Because wearing high heels can cause the calf muscles for a long time to shrink, the calf muscles will be sore, and it may cause the calf muscles for a long time.

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▶ Is there any difference in the outer and calf and belly of the calf?

The possible causes of the outer side of the calf and the calf belly soreness are different:

l The outer soreness of the calf: In addition to the general gangsca nervous compression mentioned above, there is also a syndrome commonly known as the "runner’s knee". Due to long -term bending and contraction, the fascia of the knee side is caused by the fascia of the kneeIt often occurs in mountaineers and runners.

l Calf and belly pain: In addition to the gastrocity nerve compression mentioned above, there are two large muscle groups near the calf belly, namely the gastrocnemius muscles of the calf belly and the fisheyle muscle below.Basketball such as basketball requires sudden efforts and shrinking; soreness of fisheye is usually endurance -type motion, such as marathon.

▶ 3 methods of sore leg soreness and soothing

1. Relax muscle: You can stretch your legs to achieve the relaxation effect, such as tiptoe, bow and arrow steps, or bending the leg back to make the heel touch the back of the thigh.

2. Apply it first and then apply hot compress: The sore current can be applied for 10-15 minutes, and it is changed to hot compress after soothe.

3. Massage: Massage calf can soothe soreness.However, it is best not to massage before the cause of soreness. If the reasons for the calf are intravenous or venous embolism, the massage may peel off the blood clots on the blood vessels and flow to the lungs or the heart can cause cardiopulmonary function.If the examination is found to be a muscle problem, you can massage moderately.

▶ Which family of calf is sore?

You can look at the rehabilitation department first.The most common cause of calf soreness is muscle problems. In the rehabilitation department, good treatment can be obtained. In addition, the rehabilitation department will also be checked. If the muscle is found in the muscle bone ultrasound examination, the muscles are fine.Treatment with neurology or other specialties.

▶ When should the calf sore?

If the calf is sore in the muscles, it will recover by itself in one week.If you get more and more painful, or if you have severe pain at the beginning, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Check whether it may be torn of calf muscles or tendon, and the treatment effect is better to grab time.

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