Annie Hathaway is out of pregnancy. Sweats and casual pants are simple and simple, and the big belly is still beautiful.

Speaking of film actor Annie Hathaway, everyone must be familiar with everyone.She has shown good acting skills in movies such as "Princess Diary", "The Queen of Plada", "Misery World", and can be said to have conquered many people with their strength.Some time ago, she was wearing a white dress and appeared in the TV series premiere. She saw that Annie Hathaway, who was pregnant, raised her pregnant belly and was still full of goddess Fan. She was elegant and dignified.

Anne Hathaway, who appeared high -profile in front of the public, was wearing the gracefulness of the Chinese clothes and the goddess of the goddess; and when she was in a low -key travel in private, she was very simple and simple to dress.It has become a model of fashion dressing for the majority of pregnant mothers.

A few days ago, Anne Hathaway, who was in the second child, appeared on the streets of New York.Although both the couple are well -known stars, their daily private server is particularly low -key and simple. I saw that both of them wore a simple and casual dress and looked very warm.If you just look at the private server alone, where will it be reminded of two stars?

Due to pregnancy, Anne Hathaway’s body became a bit bloated.When she was out of the street on the same day, Annie Hathaway chose to wear a dark gray round necklads sweater. From the version, it should be regarded as the simplest basic model.The loose sweater is perfectly wrapped in its round body, and it looks a little cute.

From the side, Anne Hathaway’s belly is really big.I still remember Anne Hathaway, who was wearing a dress in the event, and the tall belly instantly attracted the attention of everyone; and when I was in a low -key travel in private, Annie wearing a thick sweater also made the big belly look look likeMore conspicuous, I sincerely hope that this child will be a little princess ~

When her husband followed her side, Annie Hathaway always held her belly and cautiously; and when her husband left, she was relieved and became much more comfortable.A vest of a jacket and then on a small schoolbag, it ’s all like a happy way to go to autumn.

Annie Hathaway’s upper body with dark gray sweater with dark vest, cleverly forms a sense of contrasting combination, which not only guarantees the temperature and has a fashionable style.

In the lower body, Anne Hathaway wore a pair of black casual pants and sneakers, and she seemed to feel her relaxation and freedom across the screen.Although the pregnant belly is already very old, Anne Hathaway, who is out of the street, still looks very young and energetic ~

Throughout our domestic female stars, it seems that there are few public appearances after pregnancy, but foreign female stars are completely different.Just like the goddess Annie Hathaway’s pregnancy, she still appears in the pregnant belly and her face. No other people will comment on her state of pregnancy. She is still ugly ~

Remind women, do not think that pregnancy represents insulation with fashion ~ You see, Annie Hathaway, who is holding a big belly, is still beautiful in a maternal dress?The high -necked white sweater with dark blue jeans, with simple but refreshing feeling. At this moment, Anne Hathaway seemed to return to 27 years old from 37 -year -old ~

Or change to wear a blue sweater with a long trench coat, Annie Hathaway wearing a loose dress can still show the goddess fan.Although it is obvious because of the blessing of pregnancy, Annie Hathaway’s private clothes are still online. Her dress is simple and casual, but it makes people feel beautiful.

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