Apple’s CarPlay is also abandoned by the times?

A few days ago, the American car giant GM has done a madness: they want to give up Apple’s CarPlay and Google Android Auto (for the convenience of everyone to read, the following only mention CarPlay).

Of course, this kind of head bird did not dare to do too much.The castration of CARPLAY is not for models that have been listed. The fuel vehicles released in the next few years will not be affected. The restricted objects are only electric vehicles that will be listed.

However, as soon as the news of GM’s cast castration of CarPlay came out, I would not talk about the big guys. Look at the attitude of the media to know how much people are.

Since everyone is uncomfortable, why do you want to do this?In fact, it is just doing things that car companies want to do but dare not do.

As early as when CarPlay was released, car companies did not have a cold about it. For example, the wireless CarPlay solution launched in 2015 was not carried on the car by BMW for the first time in 2016. Later car companies to sell points for each other.Only installed.

A few years ago, some media people said that Toyota had felt that it would be a huge mistake to hand over such a precious property such as the car to Apple, but it didn’t take long for the reality. They almost standardized CarPlay.

No other manufacturers could not completely reject CarPlay. Is it universal?

Of course, this is not determined by GM’s head, mainly because Mary Barra, a former CEO of GM, proposed a diversified business plan, saying that it is "actively expanding software and service revenue."

And to do this, Carplay is of course nail in his eyes.But want to unplug CarPlay, is the GM’s car hard enough?From historical experience, it is actually very soft.

As early as 2011, GM launched the car system CUE, but how can I play the system at that time.

Almost every button has a delay of more than 5s. It is crashing without moving. The voice recognition is so stupid that you can’t understand anything. To this day, everyone talks about Cue or shook his head.

But GM has not given up. In the same year when comprehensively transforming and electrification, they launched a new car platform UltiFi, which was officially used for this year.

Therefore, many people also speculate that the carplay is to give way for its own UltiFi. Is this that GM is very confident in Ultifi?

It is a bit possible, but the probability is not the main reason.

Everyone knows that in the past, car companies’ cars were limited by technical strength and on the other hand, and they were a bit of no matter how arrogantly raised their raising, which led to the pronouns of the year.The bad interface design, chaotic page layout, stuttering and other issues cannot be counted.

There is a relative in the neck brother. His old car has broken the screen of the car and did not repair it for a year or two. I can imagine how the old car is a chicken rib.

Until 2014, Apple brought CarPlay. This little cute and car companies that year and the car companies had a variety of vehicles. The gap between the use experience in all aspects was probably equivalent to the 100 -meter racing of Bolt and neck brother.It enters the venue so that the car screen will not eat ash.

In just a few years, CarPlay swept the entire automotive industry. Various car companies will "support CarPlay" as a big selling point of the model. Many old car owners are also willing to install themselves.

To this day, CarPlay has become one of the important needs when buying a car. According to the report of Strategy Analytics in previous years, 23% of new American car buyers said that they must "have" CarPlay, and there are more than three domestic domestic more than three in China.One of them loves CarPlay.

Apple has also publicly stated that nearly 80 % of car buyers will only consider buying cars supporting CarPlay.

But the days when car companies are carrying CarPlay are obviously not so happy.

Beginning in 2020, a number of car companies began to cancel CarPlay pre -installation on some models and switched to their own vehicle system.

For example, Ford Ruijie supports CarPlay before 2018, and after 2020, the original factory is no longer built -in CarPlay.Honda, many Volkswagen models have also canceled the original factory with CarPlay.EssenceEssence

There are many reasons why you do not use CarPlay.The first is the cost problem. Although Apple does not collect the use fee of CarPlay at the moment, accessing CarPlay requires MFI certification, purchase of hardware, and other expenses.

There are no public data, but from BMW, it can be speculated that one or two of the subscription fee from BMW to users can be speculated: $ 300 down payment and $ 80 an annual supply.

This price is not small, but the car manufacturers are unwilling to be unwilling when they pay:

I obviously took the factory to bring a car and you did n’t need it. I also had to spend money to buy a service for free home use. In the end, Apple also took away the data.

In the past, the car companies were not working hard, and their counterparts were all in "Nigong", so everyone got on the flow of teeth.

More importantly, after the wave of intelligent automobiles comes, the value of the vehicle system has risen again and again. McKinsey analysts predict that by 2030, the sales of car software may reach $ 50 billion.

Therefore, the car companies found that CarPlay was used, not simply lost the sesame seeds, and then it may not be able to keep watermelon.

In addition to the large software market, another reason for car companies is likely that they think that Apple’s new CarPlay is cross -border.

At the WWDC conference last year, Apple ambitiously announced the new generation of CarPlay and once snatched the M2 chip’s limelight.

The next generation of Carplay will no longer be satisfied with only the big screen of entertainment, and they reach out to the deeper layer of the car.

According to the description, after the new generation of CarPlay, the automotive dashboard, temperature control and information entertainment unit will be uniformly integrated. In the future, the screen and instrument panel in the car can be re -adjusted by Apple.

To satisfy these functions, it is not solved by casting a screen like the first generation. It requires car companies to open more interfaces. It also needs to transmit various real -time information of the car to the user’s iPhone. This information will be analyzed and integrated into AppleIn your own software, finally return to the car screen.

The launch of this thing is likely to let the car companies take off themselves, and "play" for CarPlay, who can replace it?

Although according to Apple’s own statement, heavyweight manufacturers such as Honda, Nissan, and Renault are "happy" to support the new CarPlay, but more car companies are still entangled.

Like Land Rover and Jaguar said, "The future products that comment in the future are too early."

Mercedes -Benz also said that we did not promise to carry a new generation of CarPlay: "We evaluate all potential new technologies and functions internally."

The response is more intense. For example, BMW, who was once a loyal fan of Carplay, jumped his feet and opposed it.They feel that it is risky to handle the entire system to other manufacturers. Even CARPLAY can be a technology game that can be used in a few years. How can a century -old car company be easily bowed.

Anyway, after watching it, there is no public promise of car companies. In the future, I will definitely use a new generation of CarPlay.

Although everyone does not question that Carplay is the pioneer and leader of the intelligent vehicle machine, it tells everyone that the car can be smooth and concise.

Many old models will continue to enjoy the convenience of CarPlay in the future for a long time.

But before CarPlay is easy to use and the native car is relying on the defense, this does not mean that CarPlay will always lead and the native car will always be difficult to use.

Tesla’s arrogance is born, and it does not prove that without CarPlay, car companies can also make vehicles well.

Like our new domestic cars in recent years, various car companies have continuously upgraded vehicle machine chips and optimized interactions. The first generations of CARPLAY’s functions are not bad.

Even the joint venture cars who have been spit the most in the past have hurriedly started to develop themselves.

To put it an exaggeration, if you give up self -research and give all this series of work to Apple, maybe one day it will become Foxconn Plus. In the future, it will only be responsible for "making a more complicated shell than the iPhone."Can be grasped by apples.

Obviously, I saw hope on the native car, why should I give the meat from the mouth to Apple?

Not only that, the fields of intelligent driving are constantly reshaping the entire automotive industry.No one knows if CarPlay will reach here in the future. It is hard to say how much their market competitiveness is left.

Therefore, in the face of the new generation of CarPlay, car companies are likely to resist together, and GM is just the first little boy to break the window.

But the neck brother thinks this is not a bad thing.Rather than hope that car companies will access the new generation of CarPlay, I still look forward to the car companies that can really get their own vehicles, and use CarPlay a bit more.

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