Are you pregnant for half a year in the same room? Are you difficult to prepare for pregnancy?

"I have been married for a year and I ca n’t be pregnant. After seeing the doctor, I ca n’t see it after taking Chinese medicine, and I’ m anxious. ”“ Sexual life is normal, but I ’m not pregnant. I’ m going to check, there is no problem. What is going on?"This is the common issue of many pregnant women.Or I heard, or are experiencing …

With the plan of eugenics, many novice couples are now actively preparing for pregnancy.Three to six months in advance starts exercise, nourishing folic acid, pre -pregnancy examination, smoking quitting and abstaining, and so on.Then it is extraordinarily concerned about pregnancy.Therefore, when we start to prepare for pregnancy, pay close attention to the results.Some husbands and wives have no results for three months, five months, and half a year, and they start to worry.Worried about whether there was a problem with the body.

Let’s talk about myself.I have been preparing for half a year, and I still have no pregnancy.My husband and I have checked their bodies since preparing for pregnancy. I thought about checking with confidence first. If there is no problem, I will feel at ease.Two people checked three or four, neither.Then start fitness, exercise when you have time, and strive to make the two people better, and make the baby healthier.

In addition, it is also necessary to receive free folic acid and supplement folic acid in advance, which will reduce the risk of infants with congenital deformities.This pregnant couple should all know.If you don’t know, make up for it (focus).Secondly, pay attention from the diet, once a week of fresh shrimp to supplement high -quality protein.In this way, it lasted for half a year and was still unhappy.Since preparing for pregnancy, I can’t help but check the results every month, but every time I am disappointed.After a long time, I couldn’t help but have doubts. I felt that there was something wrong with my body. I was in a bad mood all day, and I was caught in my embarrassment and hardship.I ca n’t help thinking about it when I am idle, what is because of what.Every time I saw the news of other pregnant mothers, I was very envious, and then I started to worry and doubt themselves.

The main thing is that when I didn’t want to ask for children so early, my in -laws were always urging, so I was under pressure.It seems that they are more concerned about this result every month. After a long time, it feels that this is a serious task. It is necessary to do everything possible.Family people urge, relatives are also asking, although they are all kindly interested, but our pressure is even greater.It’s not shy, and now every time I have the same room, it seems to be completed in the same task, and the nature has changed.Have you ever felt such a feeling?

On the road to pregnancy, some people were in one time, and some people had no results for a few months, even a few years.Some people hate the "easy pregnancy constitution" in one time, and some people worship the Guanyin and worship the Buddha, and pray for a baby smoothly.Some people are happy, some are sad, some are "swinging", and some people are depressed.In terms of pregnancy, some people are happy and worrying, but in any case, they always come.Naturally, it is nothing more than bad.Therefore, for half a year of pregnancy, I finally became the mentality of Buddhism.And those who have experienced pregnancy anxiety have nothing more than these reasons:

1. The age of childbearing.For women, once 35 years of age, it is not the age of eugenics and eugenics, and the body and physical fitness are not an excellent state of fertility.Especially now many newlywed couples are relatively late, so the age of childbearing is delayed accordingly.Then you will be more anxious if you can’t conceive.

2. Worry about your own health.There are many women who can’t be pregnant in fact, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, uterine polyps, etc.If you have these symptoms, you have to treat and condition.According to people, some of the polycystic ovary syndrome are fat and polycysts. As the name suggests, it is fat.But what I know about weight loss knows that this is an eternal problem. Who knows when it can be reduced?So I returned to the first question again, and I was anxious to think about it.If it is infertility caused by other more serious problems, it will be more troublesome, and it will not even be pregnant.So worrying is normal.

3. Purpose of Ponetry.The concern of the seven aunts and eight aunts from relatives and friends is good or gossip. I always want to know if you have been pregnant, why you have n’t conceive for so long, and if there is any problem.If there are colleagues and friends who are pregnant, but only if you are not pregnant, you will unconsciously produce anxiety.

4. Pay attention to the result that the continuous efforts will not be responded.Many people constantly take the test strip to test the ovulation during pregnancy and record them every day.Even a few days later, I had to go to the hospital to monitor ovulation. After ovulation and the same room, I began to take test strips to test whether there was any pregnancy. I waited anxiously for 10 days and 15 days.It will be disappointed, anxious, and then start preparing next month.Therefore, such a hard work has not received the desired result, such anxiety can be imagined.

Although it is normal to produce anxiety during pregnancy, if you are too anxious, you may "want to be more pregnant"!From the perspective of the man, the pregnancy of the pregnancy of pregnancy is reduced, which will affect the number and quality of sperm secretion. This is not possible to meet the pregnancy requirements even if the woman is fine, resulting in a decline in the chance of pregnancy.From the perspective of women, excessive pregnancy pressure directly affects the endocrine system, and endocrine determines the health of the ovarian function. If endocrine cannot work steadily, it will affect the secretion level of estrogen, resulting in a decline in the quality of the egg and not conducive to pregnancy.

In addition, too much pressure on pregnancy will also endanger the baby’s health.Some research surveys have shown that the mother is anxious or depressed before pregnancy. It is easier to wake up at night 6 to 12 months after the birth of the baby, and it will also cause the baby’s behavior abnormalities and affect the learning ability.Preparing for pregnancy will not only affect the expectant mother’s own body, but also affect the harmony of family relationships and cause a decline in quality of life.So, the pressure is too strong, what should we do?

1. Manage emotions, learn to accept and face.Correctly understand infertility, understand relevant knowledge, improve your own psychological quality, correctly understand, abandon old thoughts, correct knowledge misunderstandings, adjust your mentality, and eliminate tension psychological emotions.If you have not been pregnant for more than a year, you must go to a regular hospital for examination if necessary. Do not delay.

2. Moderate exercise.During pregnancy, scientific and moderate exercise can maintain a healthy physique, and can also help decompression and improve men’s sperm quality.You can go out to travel, climb the mountain, jog, swim, etc.Not suitable for frequent bicycles.In addition, exercise can make your mood better.

3. Control your diet to avoid ingesting too much high sugar, high oil, high salt, and food containing caffeine.Properly supplement some foods rich in arginine, vitamins and fructose, such as sea cucumber, shrimp, pork liver, carrots, apples, etc. Women should also pay attention to ensuring the intake of calcium and folic acid.Both husband and wife should avoid fried and spicy foods, quit smoking and alcohol, and do not drink carbonated drinks and milk tea.

4. The rules of schedule, ensure that sleep is sufficient, avoid staying up late, do not overwork, avoid long -term contacting computers and mobile phones, such as radiation items.Men usually try not to wear tight clothes, do not take a hot bath and steamed sauna, so as not to affect sperm quality.

5. To divert attention, learn to regulate psychological adjustment. You can help adjust your emotions through writing diaries, handmade, afternoon tea, watching movies, painting, etc., and maintain a relaxed and optimistic attitude.

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