Are you really pregnant?Do you have 6 reactions that have just been bed in pregnancy?

"How has menstrual delaying so long?"

"Is it almost time to come, so my chest will have a feeling of swelling?"

"I don’t know what’s going on recently, I always go to the toilet?"

Do you think this is irregular menstruation? NO, these symptoms indicate that you are pregnant, many people always mistakenly think that the symptoms of pregnancy are thought to be disorders, so you always miss the best time to check., That means that you are pregnant. Come and see if you have any.

1. Bed bleeding

Some mothers also have symptoms of bed bleeding, flowing out of light brown liquid, which is slightly sticky, but the amount is very small.This phenomenon will disappear 11 days and 12 days after fertilization.It will appear more than 40 days of pregnancy, which may be caused by residual menstrual blood or low progesterone.

2. Dizziness and nausea

When I start to bed, I feel dizzy and nauseous. If there is no symptoms of motion sickness, motion sickness will be felt.Seeing greasy food and smelling the smell of oil, it will be uncomfortable. Suddenly I want to vomit.I always think that it seems that I have a cold or have stomach problems, but I am actually pregnant.

The symptoms of motion sickness will disappear in 11 and 12 days.Other symptoms will continue the entire early pregnancy.

3. Rise body temperature

After the fertilized eggs, you will feel that your body temperature will rise. Generally, the body temperature is about 37 degrees. This temperature will last about a week. Then you can go to the pharmacy to buy test paper to test whether you are pregnant.

4. Frequent toilet

Do you become a frequent visitor to the toilet? Get up to the toilet in the middle of the night? To blame your little life! After the fertilized eggs are in bed in the uterine wall, you start to secrete the fluffy glandular hormone (HCG).If you get up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, don’t worry.Just treat this situation as a kind of training, because in the future, your baby will cry in the middle of the night before you really realize it.

5. Increase leucorrhea

Estrogen in the body after pregnancy gradually increases as the pregnancy month increases. Estrogen can promote the secretion of mucus secretion of cervix and endometrium gland.There are also increased things, and leucorrhea has increased.

6. Men stop menstruation

The menstruation of healthy women has always been a month -on -month tide. If you do n’t come over, friends who have sex with sexual life and do not adopt effective contraception can first think of the possibility of pregnancy.

Generally speaking, if the moon has passed for a week, the doctor can roughly find out the signs of pregnancy; if it expires for 1 month, it will be easier to be sure.Some women, although they are pregnant, are still menstruation once or twice during menstruation.

During pregnancy, you will experience physical and emotional changes.This includes the symptoms of pregnancy listed above.Although these symptoms are considered typical symptoms of early pregnancy, they will appear sooner or later.But please remember that some of the symptoms of pregnancy are very delicate and not striking.Therefore, whenever you have any questions about whether you are pregnant, you can do a pregnancy test at home.

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