Are you satisfied with the three conditions of fast pregnancy?

For a long time, I am sad when I think about it. I watched the one who had been smoothly asked for a child and had a second child. It was as simple as drinking saliva. Why can’t some husbands and wives be pregnant?In fact, pregnancy is also a complicated physiological process. Only if the conditions are met can you get your baby.

Meet 3 conditions, there is no problem with fast and normal pregnancy:

1. Physiological and mental health:

Both husband and wife have healthy psychological and physiological functions.Men’s semen secretion must be normal, the number of sperm, activity, and morphology must be normal, so that women can ensure that women are pregnant.Generally, sperm can survive for 48 hours. The same time in the same room should be arranged before and after ovulation. Note that men’s ability to discharge smoothly.

In addition to normal ovulation, women also need to secrete hormones. Because the development of eggs requires the nutrients of estrogen secreted by the ovarian, the luteal function of the ovarian formation after ovulation affects the secretion of luteal ketone, which will affect the fertilized egg bed and induce signs of abortion.And fetal stopping.

2. The same room during ovulation:

A large number of couples are not pregnant, they are all bad here, because they do n’t understand the ovulation period, they ca n’t find the majority of ovulation, but they are not pregnant.Why do I have to go ovulation during the same room to get pregnant?Because the same room during this period is the best time to promote the combination of sperm and eggs. Women do not ovulate and cannot get pregnant at other times.

3. The channel is smooth:

The fallopian tube umbrella end is responsible for picking the eggs in the pelvic liquid, providing the abdomen of the pot as a place for sperm eggs. The pregnancy eggs will split into multiple cells while running the ovary along the fallopian tube. After about 3 days, enter the uterine cavity.After arriving at the uterine cavity, the endometrium needs to be successfully proliferated to receive the pregnant eggs.

If the cervix is inflamed, it will secrete mucus, increased white blood cells, and it is not easy to be killed by white blood cells ruthlessly. Only the healthy cervical cervical mucus is easily drilled into the sperm and stored in the cervical canal.The batch is released and swims to the uterine cavity.

These three conditions are indispensable.

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