As long as the mother can remember the following two points, you can eat seafood

Can I eat seafood in confinement?

Some novice mothers like to eat seafood, so they hope to eat delicious seafood after childbirth.However, due to the traditional, the influence of confinement concept is not allowed to eat seafood, afraid of affecting the health of your baby.

However, during the confinement of some novice mothers, relatives and friends sent a lot of seafood, such as hairy crabs, prawns and other delicious foods. At this timeIntersection

Whether you can eat seafood must be determined according to the situation of novice mothers and babies, there is no fixed standard answer.Some doctors think that seafood is a cold food. During confinement, it is best to eat less or even eat.

For novice mothers, as long as there is no big problem for seafood, if the novice mother has always been healthy, seafood can eat some properly.Seafood is rich in protein and calcium. The maternal eating is very nutritious and has no effect on the quality of milk and postpartum body recovery.

After eating seafood

Novice mothers must pay attention to observing the baby’s bowel movements and whether there are abnormalities such as rash.If the baby is allergic or diarrhea, it means that novice mothers are not suitable for seafood. At this time, you need to adjust your diet. If the baby has no abnormalities, novice mothers can boldly eat seafood.

Of course, even if you can eat seafood, you should not eat special food.Furthermore, the newborn is weak, and seafood is a hair product. It is easy to appear or increase eczema after breastfeeding. Therefore, novice mothers who breastfeed still have a degree of eating seafood.

Some gentle seafood, such as seafish, up to 1 or 2 times a week, each time less than 100 grams, and do not eat tuna, swordfish and other high mercury -containing sea fish.

Because each person’s constitution is different, novice mothers with allergies are better not to eat seafood.Shrimp and crabs are relatively easy to cause allergies. Even if they are not allergic, some breastfeeding mothers may cause allergies or diarrhea after eating.

Intimate reminder

No matter which kind of seafood eats, it must be guaranteed to ensure the quality. Do not eat spoiled or unsustering seafood, otherwise it may affect the baby’s health and the wrong cognition that can be caused by allergies to eat seafood.

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