As soon as a woman separated from her husband, she found that she was pregnant#Korean drama

As soon as a woman was separated from her husband, she found that she was pregnant and chose to support her daughter alone. Now her career is also small.

As soon as a woman separated from her husband, she found that she was pregnant. Three years passed by. These days, Zhiyan has always lived in her mother’s house. Now she finally has the ability to bring her daughter to independent. The community that moved was the same.The two have not seen each other for three years, and it seems that fate has made them reunion.At this time, the second sister came over and told her that the child was gone. He learned that it was reported that Zhiyan was panicked, and hurriedly ran to various places to find, but she did not see her daughter everywhere.God looked distressed. Taixian asked her to take a break first and promised that she would help her find it.

This sentence seems to give her infinite comfort in the predicament.Tai Xian finally received a phone call from a colleague to the police station. It turned out that En Zhi was discovered by passers -by. Zhiyan also hurried to come here to hold the lost daughter.After this time, Zhiyan was too grateful to Taixian. When he was in trouble, he helped himself. Now that the two have become neighbors, they have more opportunities to come and go.

After moving, Zhiyan had time to coax her daughter to sleep. Even if her mother wanted to help her bring her children, she insisted that she would still take care of her life.Today, she and Zhong Mei’s partnership open jewelry company. Although the scale is not large, the prospects are considerable. During the day, she puts grace on the kindergarten nearby. When she encountered Taixian father and son in the supermarket, she had dinner with them.Essence

Junhao also returned from abroad on this day. In the past three years, he has been waiting for him. He often goes to his mother and is familiar with him. Junhao also has no way to take him, but today he wants to go back alone, and he still remember Zhiyan.Although they divorced a year ago, at that time he returned to China to go through the procedures but found that Zhiyan had a child, and Jun Hao hoped that he could start again.

She is very optimistic about He Ying’s daughter -in -law. It is something that everyone in the world and the Ying family is what the world knows, or she returned from studying abroad. Her figure is also very good. What else is not good?In my heart.

Jun Hao said that she just regarded her as a friend, and she couldn’t pretend to be anyone in her heart.Finally he gathered the courage to call Zhiyan and learned that she had changed the number.From Zhiyan’s former colleagues, I heard the place where she went to work. When Zhiyan was working, she turned to see her ex -husband’s coming. It was also panicked, and her eyes were awkward.

Didn’t hinder you?No, can you give me some time?Oh oh, there is a cafe opposite that street.Zhiyan asked him to go to the cafe below and wait for herself.After Junhao left, he hurriedly called Zhong Mei and asked her to bring En Zhi home without letting their father and daughter meet.Jun Hao, who was downstairs, did not notice the daughter who was away and drifted away. The two came to the cafe to chat and became the most familiar stranger.

Jun Hao gave her a pair of shoes, which made up for her agreed wedding anniversary, and also hoped that she could wear this shoe and return to her side.If I have burdens you, I didn’t say it, thank you, I will wear it.Jun Hao said that her phone and work did not change. I looked forward to she could come to herself one day. She wanted to ask where she lived now, but Zhiyan was unwilling to tell him.When Zhong Mei saw the shoes sent by Junhao, she couldn’t help but lament that things were wrong.If the shoes are not appropriate, I don’t think I can wear it.What’s the meaning?I don’t know if I think it will be like that.

Xiao Enzhi picked up the pair of high -heeled shoes and put on it.Zhong Mei on the side looked at the child and asked Zhiyan when to let her father and daughter meet.Zhiyan herself couldn’t hold her mind for a while, but she had no hope for reunion.As a police officer, Taixian is often hunting for prisoners, and Xizhong can only rely on ramen.When Zhiyan knew he felt distressed, he invited Xizhong to eat at home.At this time, Junhao called Zhiyan and listened to the mother who came from the phone.Mom and mother, oh, I’m a bit busy now, I can’t answer the phone, sorry, let’s talk about it next time.Zhiyan had a hurry to hung up the phone, fearing that he was suspicious.The fact is true. It is probably because of the blood. The mother’s mother kept thinking about it in Junhao’s brain, and let him toss on the side at night.Until the next day, I saw Zhiyan holding a little girl in the movie theater, and the suspicion in her heart became more and more certain.He ran forward and wanted to catch up with nothing.Unfortunately, the elevator had been closed, and the side of He Ying was puzzled by his actions.Jun Hao was also absent -minded in the date, and he has been thinking about what he just now, which made the opposite He Ying very dissatisfied.It’s not what I am eating?When you are like this, I feel that there is no gap to let me go in, so I am sad.My family thinks we are interacting.

She proposed to marry him, no matter how long she can wait for him to marry herself.Even if Junhao repeatedly showed that he had no idea of getting married.Have you ever seen Miss Zhiyan after returning to China?Well, He Ying learned that he went to see Zhiyan’s vinegar.Now that she is afraid to be snatched by the person she is afraid of her love.The difference is that Jun Hao’s opinion of her carelessly.So are you relieved now?I don’t know yet, do you still meet?I don’t know, how can there be such an answer.

On the other side, Zhiyan and Tai Xian went closer and closer. The two came to the roadside stalls to drink and chat, and Taixian also told her about her life.Because I hate my father who got married one year before his death, I ran away from home. I dropped out of school and suffered so much.

Taixian is also very bumpy. Now he has relieved his hatred for his mother and accepted the new stepfather.Zhiyan was very envious of him at least a father, but his father abandoned them and re -established the family.Really amazing, I have a new dad.Miss Zhiyan, his father left.The man looked at the little girl holding the ex -wife, and had an inexplicable throbbing in her heart, suspecting that she was her daughter.Looking at the eyes of Junhao’s inquiry, Zhiyan was so fooled to let the child leave first.Probably because of the blood, En Zhi suddenly stopped and looked at Junhao.She is also curious about the uncle.Jun Hao watched the child at least 2 years old, and it should be his daughter.It is known that Yan has denied the answer and also said that he and others were born.Junhao was unwilling to believe this fact.It’s my child, so, you say it again.

He was Marbao, and Junhao asked her to explain a reasonable explanation, no matter how he thought he couldn’t figure it out.When Zhiyan lied that after he left, he immediately knew other men.When I left, we were still husband and wife, and there was no divorce yet.When we went abroad, we met.When she heard this, Junhao was desperate. The sad thing was that Enzh was not his own child. What was even more painful was that his ex -wife revealed herself with the same means.I was unhappy to know that this lied knew in her heart, and I didn’t want En Zhi to restrain his life.I met Taixian on the way back and told him the suffering.Soon after he left, he had a child with other men, and I could feel the despair in his heart.Does he still love Miss Zhiyan now?Zhiyan knew that this time he completely hurt Jun Hao, he would never come to find himself again.

Jun Hao remembered the phone that he had answered in the ward at the beginning. There was a man at the end of the phone. He heard that he had hung up in a hurry. Now he wants to come to everything to follow.Junhao had to believe that Zhiyan betrayed herself.In his heart, he decided not to wait for Zhiyan to remarry and prepare to accept her will to marry her.This sentence has waited for too long with Ying, and can’t believe his ears.Really?I am not drunk.He Ying wanted to ask for what reason made him so fast. Jun Hao didn’t answer, but asked her if she was unwilling to get married?He Ying is naturally unwilling to let go of this opportunity.Even though Jun Hao was hit by something, he hurried to promise him when he was afraid that he regretted it.Back to Jia Junhao also announced the incident to his parents.My mother was overjoyed, but Dad was afraid that he would be impulsive, and hoped that he would consider it seriously after waking up tomorrow.Dad, I am really drunk, but I will not deny tomorrow.We will get married.Let’s go with Ying, Dad is not right.Do you say that if you don’t get married, you won’t die?No uncle.He Ying was so happy to get married.Jun Hao remembered that he was angry at the words of Zhiyan during the day, and called to ask if she really did not lie?Can you swear to the sky?God, please forgive me.Jun Hao was completely dead, and the pain also eroded his internal organs, and seemed to be able to breathe.From then on, he became average, and he didn’t care about everything in the outside world.Taixian remembered that Zhiyan was sad and crying yesterday, and planned to be her guardian angels, which made her happy.Make surprises with your son early.Zhiyan was moved to see the scenes they were carefully arranged.Taixian is still afraid she will not like it.Zhiyan is curious who is the birthday today.Taixian only answered the days when she entertained her.The four people got along well, and they were a harmonious family.After a meal, fireworks are still placed on the rooftop, and everyone’s face is filled with a happy smile.After being separated from Junhao, Zhiyan was also so happy for the first time.Here Taixian also took the opportunity to express her sincerity, hoping to use my efforts to make Miss Zhiyan happily.So although it was clumsy, I tried it.Facing the sudden confession, Zhiyan didn’t know how to answer for a while.The man learned that his ex -wife’s daughter was not his own, and he chose to marry his first love in a while.When he was sad, he finally confirmed to Zhiyan’s friend again, and it was undoubtedly the answer to disappointment.He couldn’t believe that Zhiyan would change his heart so quickly, and he would be good with others not long after he left.Zhiyan just can’t forgive me but still loves me, maybe because you were hit by you, it was temporarily crazy.Zhong Mei said that he could betray Zhiyan when he was in love.Jun Hao was speechless and heartache again.He can only accept this fact.Dad is afraid that he will regret his impulse marriage, hoping that he will consider it seriously.Jun Hao wanted to sort out his relationship with his ex -wife through marriage.Therefore, I don’t care about this wedding, only He Ying is immersed in happiness.The next day, he brought his mother to Jun Hao’s mother for marriage.Unexpectedly, the rich and powerful Hedo’s toes were high, and they looked down on them with Jiajie.He will not give the passing by.The two mothers were so noisy that they could only act as a life with Ying Mom in the middle, and they still did not feel the mothers of Junhao.Back home angrily, and began to regret that they agreed to get married.I apologized to the future mother -in -law with Emperor Intel, saying that those who are engaged will handle themselves, and how can they lose you.

In order to marry Jun Hao, He Ying was also a lady who worked hard and turned into a gentle and pleasant little lady.But he found that Jun Hao still kept his previous wedding dress, with a brilliant smile on it, and stabbed his heart fiercely.When Junhao came in, he asked him why he had to keep this photo?It’s not interesting to be terrifying without you.I feel that the game feels harsh. Now I am saying that I have lost my thoughts. If I think about it, I tear up the photos in front of him.

He Ying was so comfortable in his heart. He slowly hugged him from behind, and found that Jun Hao’s confession did not move.On the other side, the eunuch began to let the eunuchs enter his heart, and was moved by his efforts and moved the heart beating again after three years.Although the brief words still make Taixian feel a lot.No matter how he urged him to go on a blind date, he refused to go, just because he belonged to his heart now, and he also gave the spring water specially on this day, which was moved by his various good words.

I wanted to invite them to go out.When they met Junhao, He Ying saw the smile of the winner and greeted him proudly.

Seeing the puppy around him, He Ying suddenly stopped him.I didn’t want to bring a remote control ghost by myself. I was surprised to learn that the news was ate, but I still sorted out their expressions and congratulated them.Looking at such a big daughter and Ying’s heart, a little skeptical.

Using that mahjong, he was wrong since he met his mother and daughter He Ying, and doubted whether Enzhi was Jun Hao’s child.Junhao also wanted to be his own child, but he only denied that he could no longer think about anything. Instead, He Ying’s random speculation made him upset.But with this man, he must not find himself. Have you ever seen it before you have seen it?The bench told me, what he told me, you will go tomorrow.They are so bad that He Ying thinks it is that, and women are not qualified to talk about themselves.I said it was dirty. He Ying saw that he was so excited about his vinegar. He wondered if he was still thinking about his ex -wife.Junhao believes that the words are so bad, and women are not qualified to comment on herself.I said it was dirty. He Ying saw that he was so excited about his vinegar. He wondered if he was still thinking about whether he was in the early stage.Junhao had to recognize this idea, and the two who were about to get married were so noisy.

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