As soon as I was pregnant, I vomited to doubt life?You deserve to have these small tricks against pregnancy vomiting

Almost 90 % of the pregnant mothers have encountered the same big trouble in the early days of pregnancy -pregnancy vomiting!

Continuous pregnancy spitting makes the pregnant mother suffer from sudden vomiting.

Not only that, it is obviously hungry but can’t eat anything, but also makes people bitter!Continue, pregnant mothers often feel weak all over the body, and after pregnancy, they will be easy to get tired and lethargic, and torture people.

Many pregnant mothers and families want to know: how can I not vomit!

Here we must regret telling everyone that the increase in the secretion of progesterone and estrogen in pregnant mothers after pregnancy and pregnancy is also related to the personal constitution of pregnant mothers. No doctor can pat your chest to tell you that it can help you solve it completely to solve youQuestion of pregnancy.

But don’t worry too much. Pregnancy is a common reaction in the early stages of pregnancy. After that, it will disappear slowly and will not always entangle everyone.

Moreover, if the right method is used, it can also relieve the discomfort caused by pregnancy.

We must start with diet first.

Early pregnancy, it is easy to change appetite or changes in taste preferences. It may be a "food" before. After pregnancy, I see that it is not interested in delicious food. Even what I like to eat now wants to vomit.

Therefore, after pregnancy, we have to re -position our dietary habits. We must observe what pregnant mothers to eat will feel comfortable and uncomfortable. Try to let the recipes follow the preferences of the pregnant mother.

Some people may worry: What if the pregnant mother likes food that lacks nutrition and affects the baby’s growth and development?

Everyone can rest assured that in the early days of growth, the baby in the stomach requires that there are not many nutrition. As long as the pregnant mother is not a serious picky eaters, or if you eat anything, you don’t have to worry too much.

If it is food of the same category, you can also replace each other to see which pregnant mothers prefer.For example, staple foods, not only white rice, but also coarse grains such as miscellaneous rice, corn, sweet potatoes, etc., which can make pregnant mothers try to try.

At the same time, do not have too much fish and meat in the diet, or the taste is too heavy to avoid excessive irritation and cause frequent pregnancy.

Also remind everyone: you can adjust the diet of pregnant women into a small number of meals, instead of eating three meals a day.When you feel hungry or have appetite, you can eat more and choose some foods that are easy to digest, so that you can also effectively deal with hunger and physical weakness caused by pregnancy.

In addition to diet management, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to the comfort and rest of the body.

For pregnant mothers and babies in the belly, sufficient rest is necessary.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers try to ensure 8 hours of sleep every day. It is best to have a lunch break if possible.When you feel tired, especially after you are pregnant, you can rest for a while to restore your body and calm down.

At the same time, try to choose loose and comfortable clothing to avoid being oppressed. Too tight clothes may be led to the chest and abdomen to aggravate pregnancy.The relatively loose and comfortable clothes will make the body more relaxed and suffer a lot of sin.

After pregnancy, the body and psychology of pregnant mothers will change. It is necessary to actively adjust and adapt to this change. Do not always pay attention to and worry about babies in the stomach, otherwise it may lead to pregnancy vomiting even more.

In work, pregnant mothers may also encounter various difficulties and pressures. At this time, you must adjust your mentality. Do not let your emotions collapse.

If you are in a bad mood, you can communicate more with your family and friends, and transfer your attention from the matter of pregnancy. Think of some happy things.

Of course, you can also chat with the babies in the stomach by stroking, etc., which can also alleviate anxiety and adapt to the new identity of "mother" as soon as possible.

Finally, please do not have to be too cautious, and appropriate exercise is necessary.

On the contrary, we can perform appropriate exercise, such as walking off work and after meals.Proper exercise has a certain effect on alleviating pregnancy.

But there must be no high -intensity exercise, so as not to hurt the baby in the stomach.

The above is the little trick of pregnant mothers, hoping to help you cope with pregnancy, and successfully spend the first difficulty before becoming a mother.

Everyone can also think of pregnancy as a way for babies to adapt to life and communicate with mothers. They talk to the baby more, relax the heart, and the pregnancy may be quietly slipped away.

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