Asba is sweet, can you drink sugar -free drinks?It is a recognized healthy drink!

Many people say that drinks and summer are "perfect". Who can refuse a cup of sweet and comfortable?However, recently, the news of "Asba’s sweetness may be carcinogenic" appeared on the hot search, making many friends who love drinking beverages shocked and shouted "no longer drink a sweet drink."

In fact, do not talk about the problem of carcinogenic or not, many studies have shown that there are still many other health risks in the sweet beverages itself, such as increasing high uric acid, liver cancer, hair loss, dementia, etc. It is not recommended to drink more.

In contrast, natural drinks such as tea and black coffee are much more excellent, especially tea has been popular in my country for thousands of years, and it is loved by the Chinese.However, drinking tea also has a lot of attention, drinking is good, drinking wrong!

One cup of tea a day

Or can harvest these benefits!

Studies have shown that tea contains more than 700 compounds, of which tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharides, alkaloids, and acid canine can play an important health role in the human body.Drink some tea frequently or can gain a variety of unexpected benefits.



Tea has a strong antioxidant, can remove excess free radicals in the body, block lipid peroxidation reactions, improve the body’s immunity, and play a certain benefit to delay aging.



Tea polyphenols in tea are widely used as a antibacterial drug.Cateyphenols not only have inhibitory and lethal effects on intestinal pathogenic bacteria, such as E. coli, typhoid bacteria, etc.; but also to prevent antibiotics from infection with antibiotics.


Regulate blood sugar

After entering the human body, the impact of sugar metabolism is similar to insulin, which can promote the synthetic metabolism of sugar to regulate blood sugar.

It can also inhibit the activity of intestinal enzymes and reduce carbohydrates entering the body; in addition, polysaccharides have a special adhesive effect, which can slowly release carbohydrates in the intestine, thereby controlling blood sugar.


Prevent cardiovascular disease

Tea polyphenols and tea polysaccharides in tea can inhibit platelet cohesion and prevent thrombosis; it can also reduce the deposition of the inner wall of the vascular wall, reduce the content of human cholesterol, and reduce cardiovascular disease.

3 "Special Tea Drinking Method"

Health support

There are many types of tea, black tea, green tea, white tea … Which is more nutritious?

In fact, different types of tea nutrition is not much different, but because of the different fermentation levels, there are more tea polyphenols in green tea, but they are more stimulating to gastrointestinal and intestines.Therefore, you can choose according to your own conditions and preferences.

On the basis of drinking tea, if you make some changes in appropriateness, it may be more helpful for health and longevity. You may wish to learn ~


Double the benefits of "coffee+tea"

Coffee is rich in caffeine, chosolic acid, etc., and is also recognized as healthy drinks.Therefore, many people often entangle tea and coffee is better, but it is better to match it!

Team research at Tianjin Medical University found that at the same time, the participants who drink coffee and tea at the same time, compared with drinking coffee or tea, the risk of stroke, ischemic stroke, dementia, and vascular dementia was reduced by 11%, 11%, and 8 respectively.%, 18%.


The "oil tea" loved to drink in Guangxi Changshou

Guangxi Gongcheng Camellia Camellia is also known as Shuang Shen Tea and Longevity Soup. It has been inherited for thousands of years. It is a provincial intangible cultural heritage. Many longevity elderly people love to drink.

Camellia is mainly composed of green tea, ginger, and peanuts. Among them,:

Ginger is rich in cowinin, flavin, and lutein, and has certain benefits from anti -inflammatory antioxidant and anti -tumor;

Peanuts are called "longevity fruits". They are rich in vitamins, trace elements, proteins and crude fibers. They also contain flavonoids and β-grain glycols, which are also very beneficial to health.


"Flower Tea" with relief of liver and stagnation, beauty and beauty

You can also make tea with flowers into flower tea, such as:

Green tea+jasmine can become "jasmine green tea", which helps to relieve qi and relieve depression;

Green tea+Hangbaiju will help nourish the liver, control pressure, and control fat;

Tea+rose+jujube helps to promote blood circulation and stasis, beauty and beauty;

These 3 kinds of tea are not recommended to drink

Otherwise, health will become injured

There are also many points for drinking tea. If you do n’t drink it, it is not only difficult to exert your health effect, but it may even cause unnecessary health risks.The following 3 kinds of tea are particularly recommended to drink:


Head tea

The head of tea is to wash tea, which is the first tea brewed with tea, which may have some dust impurities, so it is not recommended to drink.

Precautions for tea washing

① The amount of water should not be too much, it is advisable to have not dried tea just now.

② Time should not be too long, not over 3 seconds.

③ Generally, hot boiling water below 80 ° C should be used for tea washing operations, and oolong or black tea can be used for tea washing.


Jealous tea

The brewing time is too long, and the automatic oxidation of tea polyphenols and lipid -like substances in tea leaves, not only the tea soup is dark, poor, and low, but loses the value of tasting;Lost nutritional value.

In addition, when the tea is placed for a long time, it will inevitably invade microorganisms and bacteria by the surrounding environment, so it is not recommended to drink.


Strong tea

The ancients "the most raised people in light tea warm drinks".Drinking strong tea for a long time, that is, the large tea volume, the brewing time for too long, and the bitter and astringent tea, which not only makes people excessive excitement, cause insomnia, increase the burden on the heart and kidneys, but also stimulate the gastric mucosa.Inhibit the body’s absorption of calcium and increase the risk of disease.

Author: Fan Xiaofei

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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