At 18 weeks of pregnancy, leukemia, 43 -year -old Hubei woman gave up treatment: Baby, mother is willing to exchange you with her own life

Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily

Specific mother who is 18 weeks pregnant,

Diagnosed with acute lymphocyte leukemia.

One side is the long -awaited little life,

One side is his own life,

How to choose?

Afraid of treating the growth and development of the fetus to the fetus

Bring adverse effects,

Hubei Xiaogeya’s mother chose to give up treatment,

Wait for the baby to be born.

At 18 weeks of pregnancy, he found leukemia

Qu Yulan is 43 years old and is a native of Xiaogan City.In 2016, she formed a family with Du Zeyong in Xiaochang County.When they got married, they bought a house in Xiaogan City.

After the marriage, the two have been working in a mining area in Shanxi Province. One driving a water vehicle and one cooking in the cafeteria. Although the life is tight, the couple are very loving.

At the end of October 2018,

Qu Yulan found that he was pregnant.

The upcoming little life makes life full of hope.

No one expected,

The cruel fate joked with them.

At 18 weeks of pregnancy, Qu Yulan went to the hospital for a production inspection,

Discover blood cells abnormal.

After further inspection,

It was diagnosed with acute leukemia.

A paper diagnosis was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, and the couple couldn’t help crying.Qu Yulan lived in the Department of Hematology of the Central Hospital of Xiaogan. At this time, a difficult problem was in front of them: what about the fetus in the abdomen?

The doctor told them that because Qu Yulan’s platelets were extremely low, there were already bleeding points on their bleeding, and there were no more wounds, and the risk of termination of pregnancy was very high.This means that children are best to continue to give birth.

However, if acute leukemia is not treated, the life of the patient is calculated in heaven. The survival period is only 3 to 6 months. Most patients who have not been treated in time will die within 3 months.

The platelets of normal people are 125-350 units, while Qu Yulan’s platelets are extremely low, and they have been hovering around 20 units.

In order to survive, when the condition deteriorated, she had to accept two chemotherapy.Accompanied by endless concerns: Will the treatment of drugs have a adverse effect on the growth and development of the fetus?

Give up the treatment and wait for the baby to be born

Continuing chemotherapy and continuing to use various drugs, whether it will affect the fetus in the abdomen, no one can give a clear answer.

The torture of the disease, concerns about the health of the child, and the embarrassment of the economy, made the mother helpless, helpless, and almost collapsed.In the end, Qu Yulan called her husband and said carefully: "I want to give up treatment and wait for the baby to be born."

Abandon treatment,

It means choosing to stop your life naturally.

Qu Yulan’s husband and relatives have dissuaded,

However, Qu Yulan told her husband:

"This child walks into our life is a miracle,

You are so good to me, if I am gone someday,

At least I will leave you a child."

"I want to give birth to this child."

Driven by motherly love,

Qu Yulan is determined to be determined.

Once you abandon the treatment, Qu Yulan’s life enters the countdown.However, no one expected that at 24 weeks of pregnancy, the miracle suddenly came: Qu Yulan’s white blood cells were not long, and platelets did not fall, which maintained in a relatively stable state.

This miracle was like a bouquet of holy light into Qu Yulan’s despair, and immediately made her see hope.

Since then, this frustrated and weak woman has glowed with new vitality.Yu Jie’s sorrow slowly faded from her eyebrows, and her bright smile returned to her face again. She listened to prenatal education every day, touched her abdomen and fetus to whisper, and often talked to her husband Du Zeyong.

Sometimes she encourages children who have not yet been born: "Baby, come on, you must live strongly. If I am gone, you will depend on your dad …"

Miracle is coming to the birth of a healthy baby

June 25 is the due date of Qu Yulan. This delivery affects the hearts of the entire hospital’s medical staff.In order to reduce the amount of bleeding, the obstetrics decided to use natural delivery priority.

The obstetric director Liu Lan went to the blood ward many times to talk to Qu Yulan to help her establish confidence in childbirth.The blood department was transfused on the next day to ensure the development of the fetus and prepare for production.

On June 24th, the clinical emergency meeting of the multi -departmental organization will be diagnosed. Will there be major bleeding during childbirth? What is the preparation of natural childbirth?Emergency plans were carefully formulated.

At 12 noon on the 25th, Qu Yulan was pushed into the delivery room.

The pain came, and the other maternal yelled,

She always endured a word …

13 o’clock, 14 o’clock, 15 o’clock, 16:00 …

All departments participating in the clinical emergency consultation

They are waiting for this delivery.

Du Zeyong waited outside the delivery room,

From time to time, walk around anxiously,

Eyes are always staring at the door of the closed delivery room,

Silently praying for his wife and children in my heart …

At 19:34, a baby cried,

The baby is born.

I don’t know how long, the door of the delivery room finally opened. The nurse walked out holding a baby boy. Du Zeyong took three steps and took two steps. Looking at the pink baby smiled, he quickly asked: "My wife is okay? "I learned that everything was safe, so I put down a hanging heart.

After Qu Yulan was launched, Du Zeyong held her hand and said, "Wife, you have worked hard!"

Want to accompany your son to go longer and farther

Yesterday morning, the reporter came to the Xiaogan Central Hospital. Qu Yulan had been transferred back to the blood department, while the child was observed in the neonatal department.The doctor introduced that Qu Yulan’s condition is currently stable and is undergoing the next treatment.

When it comes to the child, Qu Yulan burst into tears, "The child was born smoothly, I was very excited, everyone said that this is really a miracle."

She told reporters that she had thought of her name for her son, and it was called "Duqi", implying that his birth was a miracle.She also said that for her son, she must fight strongly with the illness and accompany her son to go longer and farther.She also thought about that when the disease was better, she took the child to Shanxi, and raised the child while making money.

Hearing these words, Du Zeyong couldn’t bear the tears and comforted his wife.This simple man was unhappy, but gave the thickest reliance when his wife had a critical illness.He spent his savings, borrowed from relatives and friends, sold the house, and cured all the money to his wife. In the future, they could only rent a house.Since his wife is hospitalized, he sleeps in the ward every day, always with him, trying to make her more happy and less worried.He said that since this life is a husband and wife, it is necessary to give up.

Qu Yulan’s move moved a lot of people.On the afternoon of July 2, some caring merchants in Xiaogan City came to the hospital to visit Qu Yulan and sent newborn things.The staff of Jianhe Group Co., Ltd. said that Qu Yulan won the help opportunity to get the Health Yuan Maternal and Baby Rescue Fund, and can apply for the maximum amount of 20,000 yuan for rescue.

The woman is weak, but the mother is just

The choice made by Qu Yulan is admirable

There are always some people or things in life

Can make people sacrifice everything, even life, to guard

Qu Yulan and Xiao Duqi created a miracle

Let us see the warmth and power of mother love

come on!Qu Yulan, see the next miracle

Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily

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