At the age of 36, he has menopausal. He shares his own experience with tears. It is hoped that young people are attracted to the precepts.

When I went to college, I talked about a boyfriend. He was my first love. I thought that his man was a man in this life. He proposed that he would always take this step, so he agreed.

But then he was with a girl with good family conditions and broke up with me. At this time, I found that I was pregnant. I wanted to tell him, but I remembered his decisive attitude. I still went to the hospital myself.At that time, I was discouraged and deleted everything about him.

Since then I have never talked about my boyfriend again. Although some people chased me, I always felt that men were unreliable.

After graduating from graduate graduation, after a few years of working in a large enterprise, my career was successful, but my personal problems have not been resolved. I was anxious at home.I found out that I had been more than thirty and started to worry.

Later, after being introduced by a friend, I met my current husband. He felt very stable and reliable, so we started to communicate.Because it was more than thirty, I discussed marriage after half a year. I wanted to tell him the previous thing, but I couldn’t say it.

After half a year, we got married. After marriage, my life was quite harmonious. After a few months, I found that I was pregnant, but at that time, it was my review of the review manager.No, wait for me to stabilize, he sees that I am firm and agree.

Later, I became a manager as expected, and his job was steadily moving forward. The two of us discussed that the child should be asked. Thinking about it was so easy to get pregnant last time. This time, it is definitely easy.

So I started eating folic acid to prepare for pregnancy, but I still did n’t have any time after a year.Big problem.

Later, I suddenly discovered that I didn’t seem to have come to the holiday for almost three months. I thought it must be pregnant. I was happy to tell my husband with joy. My husband was very excited. He quickly bought the test strip and made me test, but the result was not pregnant.

I think it ’s not allowed to test paper, so I went to the hospital and did a checker who said that I was not pregnant, but a menopause. I heard the news like a thunderbolt. How could it be?Menstructed menstruation!The doctor said that one of me should not be killed, but now pregnancy is not so easy.

I want to cry without tears. I regret why I have to compete for that manager’s position. If the child is born, it will now call my mother.

From then on, I opened the road of asking for the sons and received a lot of treatment and drinking a lot of Chinese medicine, but there was no obvious effect.

Later, I proposed a divorce with my husband. I didn’t want to delay him. My husband did not agree, saying that I would accompany me anyway, but I was always uncomfortable.

When I lay down, I always thought about my past, why it turned like now.I felt young when I was in my twenties, staying up late every day, and sleeping after 12 o’clock. In order to do a good job after work, I was tight every day. I dare not relax at all. I always work overtime until late at night.collapsed.The body in her thirties has begun to aging.

Today, I want to advise young people to consume myself too much when you are young. Don’t stay up late. You will do what you do. When you get married, you should get married.If you want the second child to be born before the age of thirty -five, don’t feel what others are, you are different from others!

After this age, you will find that things that can be easily done are already hard to reach the sky!

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