At the age of 60, Hai Lin, who gave birth to twins at the age of 60, lost her husband for half a year, how did the family of three live?

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Sheng Hailin is a respected woman!

Before the age of 60, she followed the rules and diligent in the hospital, and became the leader of the hospital, and raised a daughter with her husband as a professor.

He also cultivated his daughter very well, and even prepared a house dowry for the daughter to marry the daughter’s scenery.

Sheng Hailin felt that her future life was retired to help her daughter bring their children.Unexpectedly, her daughter accidentally had gas poisoning when she returned to the bath with her son -in -law, and the husband and wife both left the world.

Sheng Hailin also wanted to leave with her daughter. Later, a relative and friend said casually when persuading her: "Otherwise, I will regenerate one."


After the idea in her heart was ignited, the 60 -year -old Hailein tried to suffer from twins, and at the age of 61, she gave birth to her twin daughters smoothly. Since then, the enthusiasm of her life was ignited again.

When the child was a few months, she began to apply for a lecturer of a health care company. Following a business trip across the country’s team, she wanted to prepare more property for her own young girls, so that they would live without worry in the future!

When Sheng Hailin was working hard in front of her husband, her husband took care of her children at home. She did not expect that her husband accidentally stroke in 16 years. After stroke, her husband’s body deteriorated.

It didn’t take long for Sheng Hailin to return home to accompany her husband and children, and her husband was sent to the rescue room several times.

By December 2022, when her husband was sent to the rescue room again, Sheng Hailin thought that her husband could still be rescued as a few times a few times ago. I did not expect that this time her husband would always leave herself and a pair of daughters.

Sheng Hailin was sad at the time, but when she saw a pair of young girls behind her, she supported grief and hoped that she could borrow another 30 years to the sky, accompany a pair of daughters to grow up, and even watched her daughter getting married and having children!

★ Sheng Hailin

After Sheng Hailin gave birth to the twin daughters, she followed the company’s South Expedition and North War to lecture. She also earned nearly 10 million assets for a pair of daughters. After her husband died, she turned into online!

In the past few years, there were only more than 60 videos on the personal social platform of Sheng Hailin, but in the short year, Sheng Hailin updated nearly 50 videos, and now there are nearly 120 videos.

That is to say, nearly half of the video was updated after her husband died, indicating that Sheng Hailin will now transfer the focus to online.

Although she has prepared tens of millions of family property for her two daughters, she also hopes that she can prepare more home property for her daughter in her lifetime, so that her daughter’s life can live more comfortably!

★ A pair of daughters

Sheng Hailin’s pair of daughters now appear frequently in front of the camera. Her pair of daughters are indeed versatile. One will edit and go through, and the other will blow flute and play the piano.

And a pair of daughters is already higher than her mother. She is very well -behaved in front of the camera, and has a very good relationship with her mother.

◆ Sheng Hailin’s two couples are highly educated, high -income people

Sheng Hailin’s husband is a professor at the National Defense University, and she is the leader of the three hospitals, so the two are high -income people.

After retirement, the retirement salary is not low, and the retirement salary of two people can feed two children.

◆ Sheng Hailin is very strong

Sheng Hailin herself was 60 years old. When she went to the doctor to give her a test tube, many doctors shook their heads, and she found a doctor who was willing to make a test tube for her.

After finishing the test tube, she also knew what to do after the test tube, so she succeeded once, and she gave birth to two children at a time.

After giving birth to a child, she planned for the child’s future, and went to lectures with health products companies everywhere.

It is very rare to be so strong, such a capable mother.

After many older fertility, there is no way to give children a better life, but her mother will be more guilty.

We wish Sheng Hailin!

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