August 2022. 21.3:38 wakes up, and my wife had a weird dream for more than seven months of pregnancy.

August and 21, 2022. At 3:38, I woke up, and my wife had a weird dream for more than seven months of pregnancy. For the first time, I dreamed of my child. I couldn’t sleep and recorded it overnight.

I ca n’t remember the things before. I dreamed that my wife was holding a young baby who was born at night and walked ahead. Suddenly something happened in front of me. She wrapped me the baby.I am very sparse and can’t hold it, when I am in trouble.

Suddenly, I came to teach me how to hold it, as if he had always protected the baby nearby.

When I hugged correctly, this person was gone. I might go away.He looked at his tender little face with his little head, and his head flashed suddenly and suddenly knew that this was my son, so he told him that I was your father!Dad, the little baby opened his eyes and looked at me, trying to make ah, but soon shouted Dad, Dad, I was happy, and I didn’t pay attention to what changed.

I teased him and sang, "The only dad in the world is good …" The baby began to sing with me, "There is only … the world is only …" I said, why did I not sing?The baby even said, "The only mother in the world is good", you sing wrong.I said, "I am your dad, how can I sing if I teach you"

The baby said, "You are my dad, but you can’t lie to me, you are really my dad …".

At this time, I noticed that this little baby in my arms was growing rapidly, and soon grew into a tall and thin handsome guy, and soon half a head taller than me. I asked, "Who are youYeah ", the handsome little handsome guy said:" If I hadn’t chosen you on it, how could you have my son? "I said," Then you are quite up, choose? You can choose freely. "Seeing his expression toneLooking at me proudly, but didn’t say anything.

We both continued this night.At that time, I walked with him and had a strange, familiar and intimate feeling.It is like a friend who has been known for a long time and has a long time without meeting. In short, people who can trust are not outsiders.We teased and played with each other along the way, and I was curious about asking a lot of questions along the way. "I used to fly very high in my dreams, and now I fly in my dreams lower and lower …

He seemed to answer everything one by one. In short, it probably meant that I was degraded. I said that the level of my ability is getting lower and lower. "I feel that he is very powerful, so I ask him:" Talk about you about youStory, who is your previous life?"He didn’t say.

When I walked to a building, I didn’t take the elevator, so I walked up the stairs, but when I entered the building, I felt that someone was following, and I looked back instantly.I hid in an instant, and my son and I opened the door to the house. I quickly closed the door, and the ears were attached to the door to listen to whether there was any movement.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door, who I asked, no one answered.

I knocked on the door again, do I ask what happened?

Someone outside the door listened to the sound (a very weird voice, a very weird voice).

The outsiders said, "Can you help me?"

I asked: "What busy?"

The outsiders said, "I’m looking for heart,"

I said, "You’re gone, ask us what to do?"

The outsiders said, "I have been looking for a long time in this world, and I found that there is no intention to be attentive now. I saw you two hearts today, so I followed and wanted to ask."

I asked: "What are you looking for?"

The meatballs outside the door said, "I don’t know",

I asked, "Do you know what the heart is doing?"

Outsiders said, "I don’t know"

I asked, "You don’t know anything, why are you looking for it?"

Outsiders said, "I just don’t know how to find it. I can’t remember why I have no heart, but I think I was intentional …".

The son said that it was too hard to say it, and opened the door to see.I am afraid that I wo n’t let it go if I have danger. My son insisted on opening me, but I opened a door and saw this chubby meatball. He wanted to come in. I was afraid that I was pushed and closed as soon as I was in danger.

I said, "Your own heart, you have to find it yourself, we can’t help it, you go,"

At this time, I woke up and looked at the table at 3.38 am.

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