Babies who stay in the uterus for 40 weeks are envious of many mothers in these aspects.

Recently, many pregnant mothers have reached the due date, that is, 40 weeks of pregnancy. What is annoying is that the baby has been delayed, but the pregnant mother is anxious, "seeking launch" and "seeking to launch". Such a request is endless.The mood of mothers can be understood, thinking about unloading the goods quickly, and meeting the baby quickly, but do pregnant mothers know?The baby who stays in the uterus for 40 weeks is enviable in many aspects!As soon as they are born, they will be high.In order to wait for 40 weeks, some mothers will also lay their home deliberately, for fear that the baby will come out soon.Week 40

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the baby in 40 weeks first, and then talk about the advantages of the baby. I believe that mothers will not be so anxious.

Of course, the baby who is pregnant at 40 weeks is very cute. It has reached the due date in 40 weeks.

1. Double top diameter of the baby’s development indicators: 9.28 cm (8.78 cm-9.78 cm). If the double-top diameter exceeds 10 cm, it is likely to affect the delivery.Hemplane length: 7.40 cm (6.87 cm -7.93 cm), short femoral length does not necessarily mean short legs, just as a reference.Abdominal circumference: 31.49 cm (29.11 cm-34.28 cm), the large abdominal circumference may also affect the delivery.Head circumference: About 34.5 cm, some are worried that the double top diameter is too large and the head is too large. It may be a head type problem. When you look at the size of the head circumference, you know the size of the head.Weight: 3200-3400g, weight is related to various aspects such as nutrition and fetal absorption during pregnancy.Body length: about 53.2 cm, 70%height depends on inheritance, 30%rely on the day after tomorrow

2. Baby’s appearance

The baby looks like a newborn. The facial features are neat, the head is small, and the abdomen is slightly larger than the head.The fat layer is very thick, accounting for about 15%of the total weight.There are also fetal fats that are not falling off, and some non -falling tire hair will be retained, which are mainly concentrated on the shoulders, foreheads, and ears.The skin looks wrinkled and red, but it is very soft and smooth.

3. Baby’s organs

The baby’s organs are mature, each of them, the lungs have enough functions, the brain development is perfect, the immune system is very mature, and it is ready to be born at any time.

1. Smart

37 weeks to 40 weeks of pregnancy are the final stage of brain development. The brain nerve reflexes and activity will be more complete. On the basis of normal brain development, it will be more up to make the baby smarter.If you are born earlier, you will lose the final sprint opportunity for brain development.

2. More immunity

By 38 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s immune system began to be established, but it was not very mature. In the remaining time, the baby will continue to absorb the most important substance from blood and amniotic fluid -antibodies allow the baby to get a stronger immunity to get a stronger immunity.You can resist many diseases as soon as you are born.

3. Better adaptation ability

In the mother’s belly, it is equivalent to staying in the outside world for 10 days. The baby will increase the weight by about 14g every day. The fat layer becomes thicker. After birth, it can accept a colder environment than in the uterus.The baby’s lung development is more complete. When he came to the outside world and breathed the first air, it seemed easier and natural.Therefore, the baby is not launching, so he is fully preparing to adapt to the outside world, give him a certain time, let him naturally mature and born, so as to be familiar.

In short, the baby who is pregnant at 40 weeks is a complete full moon, and he will bring us a lot of surprises as soon as he is born.Now that you have entered the countdown, you can quickly prepare for the production bag, pay attention to seeing the signs of red, water -breaking, and contraction.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client.) The second child Baoma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, multi -platform original author.Love children, love life, and are willing to share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, pay attention to me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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