Back pain during pregnancy, difficulty in sleeping?Try these 6 methods to make the expectant mother feel dawn!

It is a matter of not sleeping well. Many expectant mothers often complain.Frequent nights, back pain, stomach burning, leg cramps … How to drive these small troubles that affect these good sleeping during pregnancy, let’s take a look at our secrets!

1. Putting the bedside head to prevent or relieve the burning of the stomach

Some expectant mothers with severe stomachs will still feel heartburn for 2 hours after meals. For these expectant mothers, it is recommended to raise the bedside 5 to 10 cm, so that the expectant mothers are still in their head even when they lie in a flat state.High and lower state can help effectively relieve stomach burning.This is more comfortable than letting expectant mothers raising the upper body with a cushion or pillow, and it will not affect sleep because of the hot stomach.

2. Putting the bed foot pad can relieve the edema of the leg

In the third trimester, many expectant mothers will have leg swelling.Especially after a day of standing and walking, in the evening, this puffiness will be more serious.There is a very simple way to raise the bed foot 5 to 10 cm, so that the expectant mothers will not be uncomfortable because of the swollen legs and feet.

Many expectant mothers often feel back pain when they are half pregnancy. Even in bed, this situation does not improve.This is caused by hormone changes that cause the ligament to relax, and cause the waist and back muscles to bear too much burden.In severe cases, the expectant mothers are so painful that they can’t sleep.We tell you a small secret to solve the problem with 5 cushions or pillows.When sleeping, lie on the side, between the back and the bed, between the stomach and the bed, the middle of the legs, the lower legs and under the arms on the arms.Reduce the weight of the belly falling on the back muscles, keep the spine on a straight line, fully relieve discomfort, and let you fall asleep with peace of mind.

Note: The pillow designed for expectant mothers can also achieve the same effect.

Leg cramps are also a factor that affects the quality of sleep, especially in the middle and late pregnancy.This is mainly due to the increase in the rapid growth of the fetus to increase the demand for calcium, which leads to the result of the imbalance of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium imbalance in the mother’s body.You can try to take calcium supplements before going to bed, or drink a small cup of warm milk, which helps to replenish calcium, reduce leg cramps, and help sleep.

Such as whole wheat bread, dairy products, and some light -flavored fruits, the amino acid ingredients contained in lightly help sleep, can reduce the burning of the stomach, and maintain the blood glucose concentration of expectant mothers at night to prevent expectant mothers from waking up in the middle of the night because of hunger.

Under normal circumstances, we think that a hard bed is more beneficial to the body.However, because the physical condition of expectant mothers is special, this is not necessarily suitable for expectant mothers, but it is standard.In addition, the height of the bed should be moderate. Don’t be too high or too low. You can sit on the bed without effort.

Another small trouble that affects expectant mothers is itchy skin, especially the skin of the abdomen.Therefore, you must wipe the skin after bathing.The prospective mothers living in a dry climate area can massage sensitive skin with moisturizing milk before going to bed every day, which is helpful to fall asleep as soon as possible and relieve swelling.

TIPS: Do you have to lie on the left side?

In the early pregnancy, because the abdomen is not obvious, there is no way to do it, as long as it is comfortable.Because the right side of the right side can accelerate the stomach as soon as possible, it is more suitable for expectant mothers with hot stomach.In the middle and late pregnancy, the left side is the most ideal sleeping position for expectant mothers.Because only the left lying position does not affect the backcourse of the lower cavity, it is most good for the blood transportation of the uterus and placenta.But this does not mean that it will be dawn.Occasionally lying or right on the right side will not affect the health of the fetus.

Sometimes you feel tired, but you ca n’t sleep. In this case, do n’t worry, the more anxious, the more you ca n’t sleep.Don’t worry about insomnia or sleep well, what adverse effects on the baby in the belly.The following is the exclusive cheats for some mothers to deal with insomnia. See if you have inspired you?

* Find a "most head" to fall asleep.

I have studied medicine, and I have a lot of thick professional books.Whenever I can’t sleep at night, I will take a look at a "most head", such as anatomy or a collection of medical papers, and I feel sleepy when I look at it.This trick has been tested repeatedly.—— Kiki Mom

* Drink a cup of hot chrysanthemum tea, and the dozed insects come.

This is a "sleep recipe" given to me by an old Chinese medicine.Because chrysanthemums have the effect of calmness and soothe.So half an hour before going to bed every day, I will drink a small glass, and the situation of insomnia has really improved a lot.—— Tian Tian Mom

* When you are sleepy and sleeping, don’t force yourself.

I am very casual. I think that sleeping is the same as eating. When I want to sleep and sleep, it doesn’t matter if I can’t sleep.Just find time and make up for it.—— Yezi Mom

* Yoga’s toppy corpse made me fall asleep quickly.

The last relaxation movement of each yoga class is a corpse, and I always feel drowsy without knowing it.So every night, my sleeping posture is lying on the bed, with ethereal yoga music in my ears, and the consciousness becomes more and more blurred.Later, the stomach became bigger and bigger, and I couldn’t lie on my back. I used yoga meditation, and I could soon fall asleep.——Li Lei Mom

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