Bad pregnancy, 16 -year -old junior high school girl campus produced: daughter, how can I protect you?

In the past two days, I saw a very sad news.In Zhenxiong, Yunnan, a 16 -year -old junior high school girl suddenly gave birth at school.Seeing such a text alone, you must think that this must be a story that needs to be coded.



This is a very painful tragedy, because the girl was sexually assaulted by men in the same village.

For a long time after sexual assault, the girl did not say anything, did not ask for help. Parents and teachers knew nothing about it.

Sin is in silence, and continues.Until this tragedy is caused.

It was not until this time, the girl’s cousin reported the police.

The suspect Cai Mouhong was detained by criminal detention.

I believe that the law will give a fair result.

Give the victim girl an explanation.

It also allows Cai Mouhong to get the punishment he deserves.

How to help girls, I will talk about it later.

I want to follow me first and face another question together.

When I learned about this case, I found that there was a question that there has always been the center of public opinion.

Why did the girl not call the police?

Why did parents and teachers not be aware?

Yeah, why?

This is the most worrying place for child sexual assault.

If you do not analyze it clearly, protect minors and anti -child sexual assault, you may not be able to talk about it.

The reason has always been an elephant in the room.

Everyone see it.

Just don’t pay attention.Now we need to say it again.

First, the protection force is not enough.

Normally, a child has suffered such serious damage and cannot be abnormal.

In October, it is impossible to be normal.

But no one pays attention.

Parents, are you absent?

School, do you lose your job?

Shouldn’t the village committee be held accountable?

The indifference of the group, the environment is insignificant, and quietly turned on the green light for sin.

In the place where no one was concerned, Cai Mouhong’s flow was recklessly stretched out the magic claws to the innocent children again and again.

If you discover it early and get involved immediately, how can things develop like this.

Rural is the hardest hit area for children’s sexual assault.

For example, a 11 -year -old girl in Guangxi was collectively sexually assaulted by many elderly people in the village from 2011 to 2013.

For another example, in 2006, a person named Wang Jie set up "Best Scholarship Network".

Using the name of donation, he has sexually assaulted countless children, and even the child has become his wealth tool.

When sin was revealed, it has passed for many years.

Many children have been destroyed by physical and mental.

But it is difficult for them to be protected.The murderer would not find a conscience, and the back was shore.

that’s all.Angel became the devil’s lamb.It has been destroyed and has never been interrupted.Until exposure.

Second, too much loopholes nourish sin.

In this case, the girl did not report the police herself.

But is this a girl’s fault?

of course not.

The reason for not alarm may be that it is intimidated, maybe inadequate sexual education, and may

It may also be Stockholm syndrome.

Due to the above reasons, children cannot make a sound.Or dare not make a sound.

For example, the girls who were violated in Guangxi, the old people would give her a few dollars after the violation.

This is a lure.

The 11 -year -old girl was called "chicken" by the villagers.

This is the humiliation of the slut.

For another example, the girl who jumped off the building in Chengdu was sexually assaulted by entrepreneur Qiu Jilin.

He has been controlled since then.

Because Qiu Jilin said, "If you don’t come out, I will make videos and photos be public, and your classmates will receive …"

This is intimidated.

Some men also have insufficient cognition while their children’s deficiencies, and they are "a game" to lie to her.

It is "a secret".

It is "caress", "elders’ concern for juniors" …

This is the lack of XIN9 education.

This is like this, and it continues for various reasons.

Similarly, because of the lack of sex education, they do not know how to deal with it after being violated.


No inspection.

Do not ask for help.

I am pregnant and I don’t know how to face it.

After that, it became more and more heavy, and the situation became more and more in an uncontrollable direction.

Until the whole life began to sink- ——

The consequences are so heavy, what should we do?

Many people say,

"So, I want to educate children and stay away from all strangers."

But this is still difficult to prevent.

Because children’s sexual assault cases are mostly acquaintances.

That male elder,

Male teacher,


At this time, gentle and elegant, the next second may change a look.

You who have greatly trust male friends,

In the next second, you may start with your child.He knows the child, and the child is easy to control.

The privacy and concealment of sexual assault provides a good cover for crimes.

Sin happened silently.


There are more and more trend.

The People’s Daily has announced a set of data, and sexual assaults have been rising.

The above is just exposed.

Children’s sexual assault rate is very high.This means that what we see may be just the tip of the iceberg.

How to break the dilemma?

The key is the strengthening of security awareness and the enlightenment of sex education.

1. Don’t let children become left -behind children.

Please do his parents’ position to protect him and accompany him.

Become his strong mountain, let him know that he is safe no matter what happens in his life.

Don’t throw him to grandparents.

The intergenerational raising and the problem are not only psychologically negligent in guidance, but also the crisis of personal safety.

2. Tell your children not to undress in front of strangers.

There are only two kinds of people who can be wrapped in small vests and shorts.

A, Mom and Dad;

B, doctor.

But parents and doctors are not available at any time.

There are only two cases to see:

A, Mom and Dad help you take a bath, go to the toilet to help you rub your butt, clothes are dirty and wet, and you want to replace;

B, doctors, only when you go to the hospital to check your body.

Others, other

3. Tell your child that when someone does something you don’t like, please stop loud.

At this point, everyone should pay attention to the body’s body boundary when they are at home.

For example, sometimes you walk over and hug him, the child is struggling, and if you want to get rid of, please stop immediately.

And take this opportunity to educate and tell him: "If you don’t like me to touch you, okay, I don’t touch you!"

Tell your child, if you do n’t agree, do n’t like it, no one can kiss you, hug you, and touch you.

Tell him at the same time: "If you don’t like it, you must say it loudly."

Letting children have a sense of body boundaries starts with parents.

Parents respect their children’s body.

Children will respect their bodies.

4. Parents and children can perform exercises at home.

Parents and children can take the exercise at home.

Let a person play a bad person, and then let the child speak out loud.

If the child dare not, he encourages him to say loudly: "No!"

Practice a few times until he can refuse loud, decisively, and quickly.

And teach children to find opportunities to call for help and escape.

You know, most of the criminals of sexual assault are acquaintances. If the child rigorously refuses, he will stop.

In daily life, parents must respect their children’s "no".

Don’t let your children obey unconditionally.

Some criminals will look for smooth and well -behaved children because they will suffer much less.

5. Don’t let your children easily keep secrets for others.

Yes, most of the sexual assault children are acquaintances.

So these relatives, teachers, and neighbors are likely to tell the children after the crime is implemented: this is my game and your secrets. We cannot tell others.

Many children have always kept this "secret" and have been controlled and infringed by criminals for many years.

Therefore, it is necessary to let the child understand that some secrets are unsafe, and you must tell your parents:

Touch private parts.

The gifts others give you, or the game that others make on you.

Anything that makes you unhappy.

For young children, parents can simply say:

"Baby and parents have no secrets."

"Anyone tells you conservative secrets. This is not good. I must tell my parents."

Dr. Kerog said that once sexual assault prisoners know that the child will not keep secrets, he may decrease the child’s sexual assault.

6. If your child is sexually assaulted, please don’t be silent.

If your child is unfortunately sexually assaulted, do not tolerate rape, not weak and silent.

Please call the police as soon as possible to make the sinners rope with it, and protect the children not to be injured in the secondary time, while taking the child to do psychological assistance.

I have seen a case.

A girl was raped by a sports teacher in the toilet.

After ensuring that the teacher left, she called her parents and told them her experience.

Her parents told her on the phone: waiting for them at the gatekeeper next to the school gate.

After 10 minutes, the parents came with the police.

Then, the physical education teacher was imprisoned.

When the police arrived, the school was in prison. Of course, the school was shocked, but the parents asked the girl to say to the people in the school: Because she quarreled with the sports teacher, the physical education teacher slapped her …

So, except for a few teachers who knew about this, no one else knew about it.

In this way, public opinion did not cause secondary damage.

Then, parents took girls for psychological treatment.

Now that the girl grows up, it is quite sunny and recover well. She said, "I don’t have much shadow. Because of this, I know what happened, and my parents will always love me and protect me …"

Yes, for children, what happens is not the most important thing.

The most important thing is the attitude and response of parents and people around them.

Back to the beginning of Wen Chu.

I didn’t worry about Cai’s end.(The law will be punished by the law)

The child’s future is really worthwhile.

I was thinking that if she did not get professional treatment, and psychotherapy, she was not well protected. The pace of life was chaotic and could not continue to study.

The family and friends do not understand, and the rumors have been rushing to her …

In this life, she will definitely be difficult.

May lose hope and lose your upward gas.

The next day is the girl’s very important physical and mental reconstruction node.

This requires the efforts of her relatives and friends,

It also requires the warmth of society.

Please all friends who pay attention to this matter, do our best to protect our children.

Don’t take photos.

Don’t pick up your name.

Don’t expose your child’s true identity too much.

Do our best to pass a common voice together:

Children, being violated, is not your fault.

This is the crime of scum!

Pregnancy is not your fault.

It’s just that parents and teachers don’t tell you why and how to do it in time.


The adult does not protect you well!

We don’t do enough!

It is all adults who do not try their best to duty!

Not a child’s fault!

Protecting children is far away.It is also urgent.

I hope that all adults should not wait and see.

work together,

Make the rule of law more complete,

Let sex education open;

Make the world safer.

Let children be exempted from deception in a real civilized and gentle environment, exempt from harm, and avoid rumors.

Let us, from now on!

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