Bathing after pregnancy is also a knowledge. These details need to be paid attention to, especially in the third trimester

After women are pregnant, any details will be enlarged. After all, although there are small factors, once the impact will have a great harm, it is too late to regret it when it happens.

It’s like the sentence "there is no trivial matter during pregnancy", and bathing during pregnancy can not be exceptions.Maybe some people feel that there is something worth noting in bathing, isn’t it just to take a bath, what do you need to pay attention to, just pregnant, don’t have to be so cautious.

In fact, this kind of cognition is wrong, because even if it is a small thing such as bathing, there are many details that need to be paid attention to. If it is ignored, it may even pose a certain threat to the baby in the pregnant woman and the baby.

First of all, we must know that even if it is a normal person, if the bath is too long, there may be hypoxia, let alone a pregnant woman.In addition, pregnant women themselves are more likely to have hypoxia. Therefore, it is necessary to remind pregnant mothers here that bathing should not be washed for too long during pregnancy, and master a certain time.If you really forget, you can remind your family or set a alarm clock yourself.

Generally speaking, it is best not to take a bath time for bathing for more than half an hour. It is advisable to take about 20 minutes, otherwise it will also consume greater physical strength, causing symptoms such as nausea and dizziness.

At the same time, pregnant mothers should also do a good job of ventilation of the shower room when taking a bath to ensure that the indoor oxygen is sufficient. Otherwise, when the hot water mist is filled, if there is not enough oxygen, the pregnant mothers are likely to faint, and then the pregnant mothers will faint.In addition, the bathroom itself is wet and slippery, and it is easy to fall when syncope, which is likely to cause miscarriage.

Secondly, some pregnant mothers themselves have the habit of bathing, and they will still choose to do so after pregnancy, because they feel that bathing can relax their physical and mental, but in fact, for pregnant women, they are not suitable for bathing.Mainly because pregnant women soak their bodies in a hot bath, they will put some pressure on their stomachs for a long time, and let the baby baby feel an overheated environment. They will have a great discomfort and it is likely to resist.Some pregnant women will feel the cause of fetal movement when bathing, but some pregnant mothers mistakenly think of this as a comfortable feedback from the baby.

Another reason is also very important, that is, bathing is likely to bring gynecological diseases to pregnant women. The immunity of pregnant women itself is relatively low. In addition, when the blood pressure is rising, people’s people’s increased, people’s’s’sImmunity will also slow down, at this time, it may bring infection problems, which will cause gynecological diseases.

At the same time, the United States Breeding Research Center had previously issued relevant reports, pointing out that if pregnant women have a long bath, it will increase the possibility of malformations in the pregnancy sac.Therefore, from this aspect, it is best not to take a hot bath after pregnancy. It is best to take a shower by taking a shower.

In addition, it is necessary to remind family members that it is best to install non -slip pads in the bathroom, because as the pregnancy enters the second half, the stomach of the pregnant mothers is getting bigger and bigger, and the action will become more clumsy and easy to move.When there is bumps, it is easy to fall and slide accidentally.Therefore, family members must install non -slip pads in the bathroom in advance, and it is best to install things like handrails on the wall. If it is really not, when pregnant mothers take a bath, the prospective father can accompany and assist the pregnant mothers to take a bath.Can ensure the safety of pregnant mothers.

Finally, it is also necessary to remind pregnant mothers that the temperature of the bath must be controlled within the appropriate range. Some pregnant women like to take a hot bath, and the temperature is often adjusted to about 50 degrees. In fact, this method is wrong, because it is very likely that it is very likelyIt hurts the baby in the stomach, and it will also stimulate the blood circulation of pregnant mothers themselves.

Generally speaking, the most suitable bathing water temperature for pregnant women should be higher than the temperature of the human body, usually about 40-45 degrees, and it should not be too low.Wait for contraction, which will induce false contractions.Whether in winter or in summer, the appropriateness of water temperature must be guaranteed.

Of course, there is another problem that it is important to note that pregnant mothers have to take a bath frequently. Some pregnant mothers do not like to take a bath after pregnancy. They think it is inconvenient to take a bath with a big belly.The breeding of bacteria occurs, which causes infection and gynecological diseases.Usually pregnant women should take a bath once every two days, but they need to be replaced every day with underwear. In the summer, it is best to take a shower once a day. This is both comfortable and hygienic, which is good for themselves and the fetus.

Conclusion: Take a bath seemingly an inconspicuous little thing, but if you go into details, there are actually a lot of attention. This is why reminding pregnant mothers to pay more attention to the trivial matter around them.

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