BBC’s heavy secrets, there are pregnant women who immigrate to Britain and "buy" British father for children

According to the latest report of the BBC (May 16, 2023), the BBC found that some British men were receiving tens of thousands of pounds of remuneration to pretend to be children’s father for those pregnant women who want to immigrate to the United Kingdom.

The British immigration policy stipulates that the child born to illegal immigrants in the UK. If the child’s father is a British citizen or has an permanent residence, the child will automatically become a British citizen as soon as it is born.After that, the child’s mother can apply for a family visa through the child’s identity, and finally stay in the UK and apply for a citizenship.

BBC investigators found that some illegal agencies recruited British men who were willing to pretend to be children’s father.As long as these men add their names to the birth of the newborn, they can get a remuneration of about 10,000 pounds.

Many illegal agencies use Facebook to publish advertisements and claim that they have helped thousands of women in this way.

During the investigation, the BBC sent a female employee to pretend to be pregnant women who stayed illegally in the UK.An intermediary named THAI told her that she could find a number of British men as counterfeit father as infants. The price of "full service" was 11,000 pounds.

In the end, Thai introduced a British named Andrew.During the meeting with BBC undercover female employees, Andrew showed his British passport and took a selfie with the woman.

The BBC survey found that this illegal visa approach was widely publicized on some Vietnamese job hunting groups on Facebook.

Similar posts include: "I have been pregnant for 4 months, and I am urgent to find a British citizen who is aged 25-45 to register as a father’s father." Or: "I have a red book (referring to the British passport), if youWhen you are pregnant, you want to find someone as your father, and let me send me privately. "

Facebook’s parent company Meta said that similar content violated its website policy and was deleted once it was discovered.

In intentionally providing false information on birth certification, it was listed as a criminal crime in the UK. For the exposure of this illegal act, the British Ministry of Political Affairs stated that it has taken measures to prevent and discover the use of false birth certificates for immigration fraud.

However, immigration lawyer Harjap Bhangal questioned whether the Ministry of the Interior had adopted sufficient actions.He said that the Ministry of the Interior has not realized that this approach has existed in the immigration communities in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Sri Lanka for many years.

He suggested that if only one parent is British when the newborn registered or applied for a passport, and the other party does not have a visa, then the British government should ask for a simple DNA test.

Immigration issues have become the most concerned topic in all walks of life in the UK recently

In fact, at the moment when the BBC released this survey, all walks of life in Britain are paying great attention to immigration issues.

At present, the British Conservative Party, which is ruling, promised to reduce the total number of net immigrants in the 2019 election. Later this month (May 25), the UK will announce the official data related to highs.

The Centre for Policy Studies predict that the number of British net immigrants in 2022 may reach 997,000.

Due to the victory of the British Labor Party in the British election held in early May in early May, and next year, the United Kingdom will hold a general election. The Labor Party is currently leading the public opinion investigation.

Therefore, if the immigration problem that the voters are not concerned about, the Conservative Party is likely to lose the election next year.

To this end, the British media recently reported that many Conservative Party is brewing restrictions on immigration measures.

"Financial Times" on May 11 reported that the British minister is drafting a plan to restrict the issuing visa to the family members of British students.

The Conservative Government plans to prohibit master students who take one -year courses to bring their families to the UK.

The British media pointed out that international students headed by Nigeria and India have taken advantage of their family members to accompany visa, which has led to more and more people to bring their families to live in the UK.

Data show that in 2022, 135,788 family members of international students received visa visas, higher than 16,047 in 2019.

In addition to restricting accompanying visas, Britain will also increase the minimum wage threshold for work visas.

British Media (May 14) said that the British Conservative Government plans to raise the minimum wage threshold of Skilled Worker Visa.

At present, the minimum annual salary requirement for applying for a British work visa is 26,200 pounds, which is 20%lower than £ 33,280 in the median salary.

Last year, the UK issued a total of 268,000 job visas, and the owners of these visas also brought 155,000 family members to the UK.

A Cabinet Minister said: "The current threshold for wages of work visa is too low. We hope to raise it to the level of high -skill work more accurately, rather than the current £ 26,000."

Regarding the rising immigration figures, the British Internal Affairs Minister of the United Kingdom, in charge of immigration, couldn’t sit still.

At the Conservative National Conference held yesterday (May 15), she said that the Conservative Government must reduce immigration numbers before the next election.

"Britain is currently too dependent on foreign workers, and the British almost forget about how to work," said Brederman.

Breveman called for more than to train foreigners to fill the vacancy of labor, it is better to train their own people to be a truck driver, butcher and farmer.

Breveman said to those who restrict immigrants that large -scale immigrants are unsustainable. This is not due to the reason for revenge or racial discrimination, but because large -scale immigration brings to the British supply, public services, and community relations.Pressure.

Breveman also said that the government must take more measures to ensure that all immigrants who have been allowed to settle in the UK can play their own role by speaking English and accepting British values.

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