Be wary of pregnancy without "reaction", it may be that the fetus stops

When friends and colleagues around me were talking about pregnancy, they found that there were not a few problems during pregnancy.One of the friends was pregnant 6 times, only 1 child, and the other five stopped developing without signs.After hearing this topic, it is a bit heavy. After all, after the second child is released, there are not a few families who respond to the second child. For some families, pregnancy is hard to prepare for pregnancy.So I think it’s good to talk about the situation of taboos and let everyone pay attention.

Speaking of fetal stops, many people feel a little strange, because many people have never encountered it.But a considerable number of people have encountered it.It is the occurrence of embryos/fetuses that occur during various reasons to stop developing and death.

According to incomplete statistics, 20-30%of fetal stop during embryonic development.So we need to pay attention to this phenomenon.

Now that there are problems in society, we will inevitably compare with the past. Now the society has improved and the economy has developed. HoweverThe exercise feels less, the economic conditions are good, the people eat well, and even the range of eating is wide, so the current diseases are more, and the state of sub -healthy is more.

First, systemic diseases can cause fetal stops.For example, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid diseases, immune diseases, etc., diseases will affect embryonic development, and even embryo death will occur.

Second, sperm and egg problems.If the sperm malformations or vitality are insufficient, or even a mutation, the quality of the fertilized eggs will not be high, the embryo is prone to poor embryo, and even the embryo will die.Egg function is aging, and eggs are mutated, and fetal stops are also prone to occur.There is also a chromosome problem. If one party has chromosomal problems, the probability of stopping the development of embryos is much higher.Generally, after tire stop, obstetricians will recommend a genetic testing of death embryos, and most of the chromosomes have mutations.

Third, local environmental issues.Gynecological diseases such as gynecological inflammation, mycoplasma, chlamydia, virus, bacterial infection, etc. can also affect the bed of fertilized eggs and affect the development of the embryo.

Finally, environmental factors.Therefore, environmental factors, we have to compare with the past. Now the ecological destruction is serious, causes serious vegetables and insect pests, the pesticide utilization rate is high, and the ecological balance is destroyed. At the same time, people eat more pesticide residues.At the same time, in order to make fruits and vegetables mature earlier, the cooked cooked agent contains hormones.It is not uncommon for fish to raise hormones and use hormones.Add agents, preservatives, air pollution of house decoration, and the content of formaldehyde and benzene exceeds the standard. They are all problems brought by the environment.These problems can easily lead to abnormal embryo and mutations.Therefore, we are now advocating organic, green vegetables, without pesticide residues.

1. Early pregnancy reaction disappears or does not have an early pregnancy reaction.Pregnancy has caused huge changes in hormones in women, elevated progesterone, and estrogen decreased. Early pregnancy reactions such as nausea, vomiting, and do not want to eat.If there is no early pregnancy reaction or the early pregnancy response suddenly disappears, then we must pay attention to whether there is a problem with the embryo.

2. Fetal movement changes.Starting from the second trimester, the fetus will have activity, so the pregnant mother feels the fetal movement. If the pregnant mother finds that the fetal movement suddenly decreases or violent fetal movement occurs, this may be the help signal of the fetus from you. The pregnant mother must pay attention to it.It is worth noting that after the fetus entered the basin at 36 weeks of pregnancy, due to the limitation of activity space, the decrease in fetal movement is normal, and the pregnant mother should not worry too much.

3. The secretion is an important reference certificate that reflects the physical condition of the pregnant mother. Normal pregnant mothers have more secretions than usual, for colorless or milky white and no odor.For blood, it is most likely the precursor of fetal stopping, abortion, and ectopic pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must immediately seek medical treatment to avoid more serious consequences.

Preparation is a modern term, because the quality of pregnancy can be improved, the embodiment of eugenics and breeding, and it is also the reaction of many infertility.

Speaking of pregnancy, first of all, the husband and wife need a healthy body.The health of the body is directly related to whether it can be conceived and whether the quality of the embryo is good.It is recommended that both husband and wife do a comprehensive medical examination, which needs to be actively improved for the health problems.For example, obesity will affect the quality of conception, so actively control weight.

Second, you need to quit bad habits.Smoking, alcoholism will affect the quality of sperm, so it is recommended to quit smoking and limit alcohol.Other carbonated drinks also have factors that harm sperm, so it is recommended to drink less or not drink drinks.

Third, actively treat the original diseases, such as hypertension, hyperglycemia, gynecological diseases, etc.It is recommended to actively control, at least adjust the body in a better state.

Finally, it is recommended to actively exercise and have a good attitude.Exercise promotes the body’s metabolism and adjusts the body in a good state.It is conducive to pregnancy.

Have you ever encountered fetal stops?Do you have any good way to prepare for pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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