Beckham was hungry and exposed. At the age of 32, she was married and doubted for pregnancy. The actress Yu Wenwen, Song Qian

Those who like to watch sowing must know that Beckham is hungry. As a broadcaster, Beckham has been eating for many years, but her body is very thin. Her style is not like the overeating of the overeating of the overeating.The actual situation of the snack street evaluation, the amount of food for one time is not particularly many, but the big mouth is delicious and the food is still good, and it can always bring appetite.

Because Beckham often goes to the school cafeteria for dinner, coupled with the slim skin condition, many people have speculated that Beckham is a university -graduated net celebrity blogger, but in fact, the online celebrity Beckham exposed in a live broadcast.After his own identity, he revealed that he was 32 years old, and he was married, and he was going to have a child next year.

For Beckham, doing eating and broadcasting is a career. In order to achieve the desired effect, Beckham often eats hot drinks together. Although everyone looks very cool, this kind of way of eating is very harmful to the body.Essence

Coupled with the rumors of Beckham’s vomiting, Beckham’s hand also appeared to have a tooth marks wound that can be left before vomiting.It is impossible to not be fat, but no matter what, it has an impact on pregnancy.

Perhaps to enter the state of preparing for pregnancy in advance, Beckham changed his video style when he was hungry. He was no longer a clear and sowing broadcast, but made a face -to -value net red, shooting his daily life, and showing his boyfriend’s perspective.She.

It can be seen from the video that Beckham changed his face to his face lightly, but painted a strong makeup, wearing a small suit and a necklace, cold makeup and generous.Like the close people, it is completely different from the kind Beckham’s temperament in the past. I did not expect Beckham.

I have to say that this transformation is also very successful. Although it is the first time to shoot such a style, it has more than 40,000 likes for more than an hour.It will not affect the body, and it is a suitable choice to be stable and more stable.

It is still related to the face value of Beckham. When the camera is placed in the distance, many netizens accidentally discovered that when the lens was placed in the distance, the Beckham was very star -like, and some female star Yu Wenwen Yu Wenwenwen Wenwen Wenwen WenwenOr Song Qian.

In terms of dressing and temperament, Song Qian is also the same cold style, and also has a trace of maturity. Song Qian’s face is similar to the Beckham itself, and the eyes and mouth are very similar.More clear, and Song Qian is smoother, and it is indeed a little hit in the distance.

And Yu Wenwen followed the cool handsome route. He also wore a similar black suit before, and the expression and action range were also consistent with the Beckham video.Smiling lips, hairstyle is the same light style, and the direction is the same as three or seven points, so it looks a little hit.

Perhaps some people are inherently the material of being a star net red. Although the value of Beckham is a small gap compared to these stars, it is also a very characteristic look. It is said that Beckham’s boyfriend is a lawyer.How can people who know that such an excellent Beckham still need to chase and prepare for pregnancy?

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