Before upgrading Baoma, the blood sugar rose first, and the pregnant mother who did not eat sugar said it was very wronged.

After women, women will change a lot.There are some expectant mothers, but before upgrading their mother, blood sugar rose.

During the checkup, the doctor was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so the pregnant mother became a "sugar mother".

Today we will talk about gestational diabetes.

1. What is pregnancy diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is divided into two cases. One is to suffer from diabetes before pregnancy, called diabetes with pregnancy; the other is that the sugar metabolism is normal before pregnancy, and diabetes occurs after pregnancy.Among them, more than 80%of patients are the latter.

2. Why do gestational diabetes like to find pregnant mothers so much?

In the early and middle pregnancy, the blood glucose level of pregnant mothers gradually decreases.Because during this period, the demand for nutrients was increasing, and the glucose is used as the main energy source through the placenta from the placenta, and the glucose level of pregnant mothers decreased with the progress of pregnancy; and estrogen and progesterone increased the use of the mother’s glucose.

In the middle and late pregnancy, various hormones in the body have caused the sensitivity of pregnant women to insulin to decrease with the increase of the gestational week.

3. Be alert to gestational diabetes

(1) Impact on pregnant women:

Including abortion, excessive amniotic fluid, difficulty, postpartum bleeding possibilities, increased infection, and susceptible to infection, leading to acidic poisoning of diabetic ketohydrate during pregnancy, etc.;

(2) Impact on the fetus:

Including huge fetuses, limited fetal growth, abortion and premature birth, increased risk of fetal malformations, etc.;

(3) Impact on newborns:

Increase the incidence of newborn respiratory distress syndrome, and hypoglycemia of newborns, which is in severe cases to endanger the lives of newborns.

4. How to deal with gestational diabetes?

Pregnant mothers who have gestational diabetes do not have to worry too much. Most pregnant mothers rationally control blood sugar, which will not affect the baby.

(1) Reasonable diet

Eat less meals, quantitative time, and meat and vegetables;

Take more protein, low salt and low fat;

Fruit can choose blood glucose index and low sugar load.

(2) Moderate exercise

Take a walk in an hour after meals, you can also choose to go quickly;

Aerobic exercise for half an hour every day, pregnant women yoga, etc.

(3) Drug treatment

After the diet and exercise adjustment, the blood sugar is still not controlled, and it is necessary to treat it with drugs.Under the guidance of a doctor, by injecting insulin to control blood sugar, it will not have much impact on the fetus, and you can rest assured.

Pregnant mothers should not be too anxious, adjust their mentality in time, do regular inspections, actively cooperate with doctors, and use the best mentality to deal with diabetes.

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