Beware of tattoos and essays in transmitting hepatitis C

Interviewed experts/Vice Dean Gao Zhiliang, Deputy Dean of Liver Disease Hospital affiliated to Sun Yat -sen University

Wu Maosheng, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province

my country is a "big country" in liver disease. Many people know the power of hepatitis B, but often ignore another "invisible killer" in liver disease -hepatitis C.Recently, at the Lingnan Lecture Hall organized by the Guangdong Provincial Health Association, liver disease experts pointed out that compared with other hepatitis, hepatitis C has no vaccine to prevent it, and the onset of the disease is very concealed.The path is infected with hepatitis C.In fact, the oral mucosa of the tattoo, the eyebrows, and even the inadvertent oral mucosa may be recruited.

Half -half hepatitis C patients cannot find the cause of infection

The infection rate of hepatitis C in our country is 0.43%, and among some high -risk groups, the incidence rate is much higher than the average.Which groups are high -risk people who are susceptible to hepatitis C?Gao Zhiliang said that the most important way to spread hepatitis C is blood transmission.As a result, people who often come into contact with blood or blood products, such as hemodialysis, hemophilia patients, bone marrow and kidney transplants, frequent vein injections, drug addicts, etc.Among them, hepatitis C infection rate of hemodialysis patients can reach 30%-60%.In addition, in daily life, tattoos, essays, injections in small clinics, and use unclean appliances when using unclean equipment when treating dental diseases are likely to be infected with hepatitis C virus.

Sexual communication is also an important way to spread hepatitis C.Gao Zhiliang said that 3/4 patients in the past were infected with hepatitis C virus through blood transmission. In recent years, the proportion of infection from unclean sexual behavior has increased.The chance of infection of hepatitis C will greatly increase.

Hepatitis C can also spread through mother and baby.The mothers infected with hepatitis C infection to transmit hepatitis C virus to newborns are dangerous at 2%, but if the mother is positive if the mother is HCV-RNA (hepatitis C virus ribosyrine), the risk of spreading to newborn will increase to 4%-7%.

Even if the above blood, sexual transmission, and mother -to -child communication are clear, half of the hepatitis C patients in clinical practice cannot find the cause.Wu Maosheng, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Division of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, analyzed that he could contact hepatitis C virus with oral ulcer or injury to the skin on the same meal.

The unknown cause of transaminase should be checked by hepatitis C

Hepatitis C infection is highly hidden. Gao Zhiliang said that because the incubation period of hepatitis C is 10-20 years, the latent period is relatively long, and the clinical symptoms are not obvious. About 80%of patients have no obvious symptoms.Time discovered the condition.

What is even more regrettable is that in conventional physical examinations, hepatitis C is rarely checked. Therefore, hepatitis C does not attach widespread attention as hepatitis B. Many people lack awareness of prevention.In fact, hepatitis C is the highest in the omissions in my country’s legal infectious diseases.

So how to screen hepatitis C?Wu Maosheng said that the current commonly used examination method of hepatitis C is to detect hepatitis C antibodies.However, the antibodies appear slower after infection with hepatitis C virus, generally 2-6 months after the onset, or even 1 year.Therefore, in the early stage of infection, sometimes checking antibodies may not be detected. Therefore, experts suggest that if conventional physical examinations find unknown transaminase to rise each year, a virus test of hepatitis C should be performed.Screening hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C enters the "cure era", and can be cured as soon as early

At present, there are about 40 million hepatitis C virus infections in my country, of which 55%-85%are chronic hepatitis C patients, and 1/3 of these patients have developed hepatitis C or liver cancer after 20 years infected.Gao Zhiliang said that the proportion of hepatitis C patients in my country rose from 17%to 37%.

However, unlike hepatitis B, hepatitis C is already considered the world’s first chronic viral infection disease that can cure.Through treatment, this "invisible killer" can be eliminated.

Gao Zhiliang introduced that at present, interferon combined with Libavirin to treat hepatitis C. Generally, hepatitis C is generally needed for at least one year, and the cure rate reaches 70%-80%.Imported interferon prices are relatively high, domestic interferon prices are relatively low, ordinary people can afford it, and domestic interferon can also achieve the effect of cure.Of course, if you can’t withstand the joint treatment of injecting interferon and Libavirin, the United States has developed the latest Daas (Direct-Acting Antivirals) -the hepatitis C general-genomic oral drug for chronic hepatitis country is also stepping up clinical trials of DAAS’s new drugs. It will be clinically clinical in the middle of next year, which will bring greater hope to patients with hepatitis C in my country.


Prevention of hepatitis C

Hepatitis C has no effective vaccine so far.Gao Zhiliang said that the method of preventing hepatitis C is:

(1) Strictly screening blood donors, those who have found hepatitis C infection themselves should not donate blood;

(2) To prevent hepatitis C virus spread through the skin and mucosa;

(3) Preventive contact dissemination, do not perform dangerous behavior;

(4) Preventing maternal and infant transmission, women who infected hepatitis C should try to avoid pregnancy before cure.If hepatitis C virus is detected after pregnancy, he hepatitis C can be performed as much as possible if necessary

(5) Screening for high -risk groups.Reporter Zhang Hua Intern Li Ruiqi

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