Bian Mu gave birth to 6 cubs, and the owner had some words: The father’s gene is too powerful?

For shoveling officers, pets are pregnant and have children.

Therefore, they are particularly strict when they choose a spouse for the Mao children.

I hope they can give birth to a pure and beautiful cub to inherit the fine traditions of their parents.

Bian Mu accidentally ran out for 2 days

The woman had a mother -in -law at home.

Although it is not particularly good, it is quite good.

So she thought, waiting for a proper time to find a "boyfriend" who was the right house.

Why did you think that one day he didn’t close the door and let it run out.

And when it came back, it was already 2 days later.

After more than a month, I gave birth to a cub

It was okay for the woman to think about it, and the dog was just back.

But what made her unexpected was that since Bian Mu returned, her belly became bigger.

The woman realized that it turned out that the two days of running away from home were going out to find the object.

Harm, now the wood is already a boat, no matter how much it is said, you can only look at the dog cubs to give birth to judge, which dog in the community, Huo Huo?

Finally, after more than a month of pregnancy, it gave birth to 6 cubs.

But the woman looked at this puppy cub, but felt that her words were stuffed, leaving only her face confusion: Is this father’s gene too powerful?

6 cubs are all pure black

It turned out that each of these six cubs, each of which was pure black.

No one looks like a border.

Alas, how could such a good cabbage coaxed by pigs?

Not only is the woman dissatisfied with these dogs, but even Bian Mu feels speechless.

It is like I don’t know these cubs that are born. They don’t feed them every day. They are far from the puppies.

Let’s say that, it seems that the dog’s IQ is too high or not good. When the child’s hair color changes, he can’t recognize it as his own cub.

Later, after the woman sent the puppies’ videos to the Internet, many netizens were willing to adopt these little cute ones.

Although it is just a skewers, as long as you meet a good owner, the variety is not important, isn’t it?


It is recommended that shoveling officials, if you don’t want pets to get pregnant and have children, you should sterilize them early.

If you have the thoughts for pets, you must look at them when they are in estrus. One can avoid pets and throw away, and second, you can also avoid his pet was Huo Huo, isn’t it?

However, the veterinarian Xiaoming felt that even if the dog was pregnant unexpectedly, it was very good.

The dog cub looks like a blind box, which is also very interesting.

The picture comes from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact the veterinarian Xiaoming.

If you have the problem of pet health and pets, pay attention to the veterinary Xiaoming for consultation.

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