Bleeding in the early pregnancy?Don’t panic!These 3 kinds of bleeding are normal

Successful pregnancy is a very happy thing. However, many women in early pregnancy will suffer from vaginal bleeding. The prospective parents are nervous for this. They rush to the hospital from other places and even come to the hospital to see it overnight. As a result, it is often shocked.People are exhausted.

In fact, pregnant women with vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy are very common, accounting for about 15%-20%of the crowd.When bleeding occurs in the early pregnancy, expectant mothers can first carefully observe the bleeding situation, and feel whether there are abdominal pain. Bleeding during early pregnancy is not necessarily a manifestation of miscarriage.

Generally, no need to deal with bleeding:

1. Bed bleeding with fertilized eggs

When fertilized eggs are bed in the female uterus, some mothers will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding, and the duration is usually 1-2 days.

2. Cervical polyps bleeding

Cervical polyps are excessive hyperplasia formed by cervical mucosa due to long -term inflammatory stimulation. However, more than 1/3 patients lack obvious symptoms and are easily ignored. They need to be judged by vaginal examination.There is no need to deal with polyps.

3. Cervical lesions bleeding

Cervical lesions are very common among married women, mainly due to frequent sexual life, bad living habits such as irregular work and rest, and poor physical resistance. At this timeCauses mild bleeding.

What is abnormal vaginal bleeding?

If the bleeding is bright red and quantitative, such as menstruation, it is the possibility of active bleeding, and it is considered abnormal bleeding.There are several main cases that need to be seen in time.

>>> Biochemical pregnancy

After the bed is withered, the endometrium is exfoliated with bleeding. It usually manifested as delayed menstruation. The amount of bleeding is the same as menstrual flow. Many people have not even noticed that they are pregnant.

>>> threatened abortion

There are often a lot of vaginal bleeding, which may be accompanied by abdominal pain and other discomfort.50-60%of the causes of early pregnancy abortion are abnormal embryo chromosomes, and the remaining 30-40%is caused by abnormalities of maternal tire immune and other factors.

>>> Ectopic pregnancy

The embryo is bed outside the uterine body such as the fallopian tube, the cervix, and the palace horn. These parts are relatively weak, which is not suitable for embryo beds. It is easy to cause bleeding in the early pregnancy, accompanied by discomfort such as abdominal pain and nausea.

Once diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy, it is necessary to be hospitalized as soon as possible, otherwise expectant mothers may also be in danger of life.

>>> Port

The nourishing cells of the placenta of the chromosomal abnormal placenta form a grape -shaped blister fluff tissue in the uterus. It is often accompanied by the symptoms of bleeding and can be accompanied by discomfort such as abdominal pain.

Prevention and treatment of bleeding in early pregnancy

1. In the early stages of pregnancy, live normal, active activities, be careful not to overwork, especially do not do physical work.Once a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs, in addition to going to the hospital, you should rest more and move less.

2. Mom’s optimistic attitude is also important to the success of fetal protection. Actively cooperating with doctors to help you spend this period smoothly.

3. Many women are more resistant to vaginal examinations during bleeding during pregnancy. In fact, vaginal examination can help us accurately judge the bleeding of the cervical source or the source of the uterine cavity.Essence

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