Blind Yinyang Five Elements Consultant to see which year is this girl getting married#

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Good evening, everybody!Today I will continue to listen to my bragging, not bragging, and think that the viewers have recorded a game today. What kind of bureau?I went to a barrier -free type at the end of April and April.Because I used to travel blindly, it happened to be a salon related to a barrier -free life.

I met a girl during the talks before. She was a provider of origin and an insurance company.When I talked to the girl, I watched her at the time situation and asked her about her birthday.Let’s talk about her bureau first, her situation, evil and evil, evil is Lin Moukong, a few years old.But I forgot that I forgot now.At that time, I calculated it a bit. Anyway, I should go now.Now I am walking.

After watching this game, my first reaction is that you will find that the five tigers of your mother are actually mountains, including Tianshan Mountain, and Guishui is two Turk.So I think the first feeling of this game feels that her parents should have something, or it is not very good.

Then I asked her, my first question is whether your parents have, is it that your parents are not very similar here?At that time, I forgot the original words. She said that her father was no longer there, but I thought that Daqiao’s face did not show it. This was a normal resistance to rejecting people. There should be aspects, and her complexion was not changed.

But I was actually surprised, because I saw that her father was deciduous, and Tuke had a little uncomfortable feeling, but it would not be that this was so absent, which had a great impact.Later, I looked at her Grand Canal, Ren Xu, should be Gui Hai’s movement. Is it just about Guishui?It should be this step.

But what surprised me, I seemed to ask her a question, because at the time she felt that although she could not see her face, because I was a little bit of power, but listened to the description of the younger sister next to it described it.She should be a beautiful and delicate girl.She feels like my sister -in -law in my school. She is also a more advanced girl in one fell swoop.

At that time, I felt very ladylike, but the original game was that the yen was Wu soil, the Heart Sutra, there was a ghost, and a new friend to make a raw essence. Therefore, the three views are actually very prosperous.So I still remembered the master at the time. She said that I felt like you were a lady, but it should be a little wild or doing things., A bit stubborn girl.

She said yes, a bit naughty, right?Look at these two.I asked two questions and answered a very correct answer.In fact, I was very confident at the time.I asked her third question?Probably the type, I forgot, should she say something happened in 2020?She said yes, she said that she seemed to be hit by a car in 2020, and she accidentally wrestled when she was riding.

I forgot, why do you look at her?Because in the original bureau, do you have to look at the original Bureau first?The fire in the election is actually very tired.There are golden land next to it. The two west gold on the top of the top of the fire is a fire. There is no break in the fire and the fire.In fact, it is actually injured.

On the other hand, if I involve Shicheng 6000, she is a relationship with his parents, which is actually a bit broken with her mother.When I left, I asked her if she had a good relationship with her mother. She said that there was still a little bit of a little quarrel with her mother.Then I continued to return to her without fire. Why did you say that the year of Gengzi, because it was just the year of Gengzi in 2020, she was lucky to be lucky at the time, and Yunzi rushed.Come.Therefore, it is this step without fire, just to respond, there is no fire in the original game, and there are mountains at the time of mountains.

You see, you must have the most probable probability in the year of the year related to picking the water in Jiaziyun.So I picked a year of Gengzi, and you see Jiazi in the year of Gengzi, Gengzi Tiansan is a lush onion again. I guess whether there is something wrong with Gengzi.But I’m not sure what happened to him?He said yes, he first rides about traffic, and then think about it, because it is flowing with the amethyst, it may feel like transportation or something.

But this is actually the feeling of looking back afterwards.At that time, I only watched Gengzi Nongzi Chong. What should he do in this year?Well, this girl, you see that her original game was a lot of surprise, but I couldn’t say that his personality was a very realistic, in a more real woman.Although I have never been to his house, I believe that their family should be a well -organized well, and then do things that are very rational to be positive, and then this is the same.Home should be more detailed.I may also send this video to this girl later.

Because I left WeChat later after the signature, and then I could also give me feedback to this girl. I think she should be a very good family. It should also be very detailed.EssenceThat is to say, wherever things are placed, it wo n’t be like my family, wo n’t let me like me, because I ’m ugly, everything is put, so.

The next step is to help this girl look at the marriage, because I didn’t have time to see it at that time. In fact, I always had been in May in May, and now it was in June. It was dragged for two months.In fact, I have always wanted to help him see the marriage. He is going to Jia Ziyue now. He himself is Wu soil. Watching the marriage must be a research check, that is, he is close.When the official came up, it was found that Jiazi Yun was possible, or the next step was to transport the ugly transportation.But if there is yin and yang, maybe the noon of Jiazi may be no fire for him?Chong, but no fire is also the accounting palace, so I think it should be in this step.Seeing a point here, that is, girls are very fashionable, and fashionable girls are actually very strong. Its positive aspect, I think she should have a child to have a child to see her 13 scolding girls.I think she should.

Although I have not got married yet, I believe she may not only have one in the future, because she is actually very strong.But in the aspect of Yin, a 130,000 girl actually feels too strong about her husband or a girl, that is, there are too many things, and her husband will have a little uncomfortable feeling with him.Later, we can finish marriage and then look at the marriage of Jiazi, Jia Ziyun.

This week, if you want to talk about the dryness of the sky, if you want to see the positive light, you must find the year of wood.In the next year, you look sticky.Picking these two years and. What is the relationship between life with his marriage palace?Look at the middle of the Six Hezhong, the four lives are suitable, and it is the closest harmony.So I feel that his love palace is Chen Yong and can peace.

So I feel that she should be a study of Jiachen, who has been in love in two or four years, and married in the two or five years.I have been married for four years. It is possible that the year of the Yiyi, Bingwu, Bingwu, it is best to test it. The five tigers that are carefully sealed may be pregnant or have children than five years.This feeling comes quickly.

Wait, I look at it, he was the year of Guili, in 1993, 333 in 1993.I’m still in their thirties, right?It should be almost the same.I think he should be Jiacheng, loves the year, and then married in four years. He has achieved two or four years of potassium for five years, and then loves in two or four years. He has been married in two or five years.This feeling.

This is also my chat and talk to girls last time.Because I started the meeting quickly last time, I didn’t talk to her for a long time, and didn’t ask her what to watch. I was always embarrassed.Because for her time, she continued to recover her marriage.What’s wrong?Marriage, two marriages, will one have any problems with one marriage?There is also a life after marriage. You see her original gold and love palace. From the love palace to the marriage palace, it is not nothing, so there is no harm. Therefore, she should be quite from love to getting marriedShun, there will be no big problems.

If you look at her life after marriage, it depends on her girls and things. These two pillars are all soil on the sky, but the clouds are more powerful.The battle of the ground, the sound and the fifth will be one thing, and there is nothing to be harmful.In this issue, the feeling of fire should not be a problem.

However, I think there should be some small quarrels, because according to the mistake just now, a 30,000 girls do things too much, which will affect the play of boys.So in ancient times, the girls who were more prosperous in the past were actually not good at boys?So I think she can do things too much, and it is not too much.In the life of marriage, sometimes you can do less or let the boys take a little more, take everything on you, or let herself do, and what is done. She really has a shoulder.Just do it very seriously, so that boys will not be comfortable or make boys without trace.

Then you see her, it has been born in four years. If you have been married for four years, this boy is also a man who is already in charge, and it is also a love management, doing things or a complete manner, that is, two people live inTogether, one is a lot of control. One point of managing, one person, one more wrinkle of the ancient man tube.

However, the person at the tube is very deeper. The person with a lot of pipes. In fact, his penetration power is only tube on the surface, but his penetration power is not very strong.I do n’t know if this can be understood, just like I am now I work and live with my wife. My wife is here. In fact, he has a lot of things in his family. He is in charge of life.He is more worried.

Then I sometimes feel that my wife is just in charge, and she is not very transparent, just if he just passes, he won’t think about what to do next time, or how to avoid it, or how to avoid it, next timeWhen encountering such a thing, this may be a logicality for boys to the difference between girls.Anyway, I think, especially those who are attentive, women are actually everything. Don’t be so true, so that boys can do more.Then I feel like this, I hope to send her a video of this girl for a while, and she also hopes that she will have some help.If he wants to talk about other chats or other people who want to ask afterwards, you can leave me a message afterwards.This is here today. If you see this, please like this video. If you want to communicate with me, please leave a message to welcome.

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