Botox to make women lose face and become beautiful, while also leaving a lot of hidden dangers.

This article was originally created by Chief Physician Yu Li, Chief Physician of Shenzhen People’s Hospital Plastic Surgery Surgery

Type A botulinum, as a blocking agent of nerve conduction, can relax the muscles and paralyze by relaxing excessive tension muscles, thereby playing a beauty role in different parts.

At present, there are only two types of domestic approval: domestic balance and BOTOX in the United States.

● Facial wrinkle removal.Power wrinkles such as the forehead, the ribs of the eyebrows, the crow’s feet, the nose and back wrinkles, and the neck pattern.

● Eyebrows and cycle of plastic surgery.Modify the curve of the eyebrows, corrected gingival smile, lip lines, etc.

● Thin face, thin shoulders, thin legs.Those who are developed for masseter muscle hypertrophy, trapezius and gastrocnemius muscles.

● Local sweat disease.Those who sweat under the armpits, palms and feet.

● Axillary smelly sweat.That is underarm odor or body odor.

Not everyone can lose their face through injection of botulinum toxin.For example, the following situation is not suitable:

● The mandibular angle is hypertrophy.It is best to correct it through the jaw angle interceptor, and the botulinum toxin has a weak effect.

● People with high cheekbones.After the botulinum toxin becomes smaller, the cheekbones may appear higher.

● People with thick fatty fat on the face.Priority should be given to liposuction.

● Facial skin loose.After the botulinum toxin becomes smaller, the facial support will decrease, and the decree pattern may be more obvious.

In the same way, not all those with thick legs, shoulders thick or wrinkle removal are suitable for botulinum treatment.

The appropriate amount and accurate botulinum toxin, the influence of the opposite expression is not great.

At present, the injection concept of botulinum toxin is a small number of precision injections to avoid the zombie face that lacks facial expressions caused by one -time large -dose injection in the past.

Common causes of facial stiffness:

① The area of the drug is overwhelming;

② The injection position is too shallow;

③ Excessive injection;

④ The interval between the two injections is too short.

It is rumored that after the injection of botulinum toxin, it will generate dependence and need to be injected all the time. Otherwise, it will rebound seriously. Wrinkles will be more than before. In fact, botulinum toxin does not cause physiological dependence.

After injection of botox, it will reduce wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles within a period of time, or indifferent muscle atrophy caused by relaxation of masseter, trapezius, and gastrocnemiosus muscles.

After the drug is fully metabolized, the muscles can gradually return to normal activity, but it does not cause more wrinkles formation. Multiple injections often bring more persistent effects.

Some beauty seekers have become worse and worse after multiple injection of botulinum toxin, mostly because of secondary botoxic resistance.

The cause of the occurrence is as follows: the resistance of genetic factors, excessive use of botox (such as too short interval between the two injections and high doses of injection, etc.), the quality of the drug is not qualified, and some beauty seekers are also subjective due to excessive expectations."Treatment resistance".

① Be sure to inform your doctors’ personal basic medical history, history of drug allergies, history of previous surgery or micro -plastic surgery, and take drug conditions in the past month, especially the history of previous injection (botulinum toxin brand, injection time, injection site and dose).

② Avoid menstrual periods, avoid pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation.

③ Avoid a cold or physical discomfort, pay special attention to do not receive botulinum treatment during the use of antibiotics.

● After injection.Immediately for half an hour with both hands or ice, keep the head upright within 4-6 hours.

● Washing face and makeup.It is not advisable to wash your face and make up for warm water within 24 hours after injection.

● Diet.It is not advisable to eat irritating foods (smoke, alcohol, spicy food, etc.) and easy -to -allergic foods (such as shrimp, crab, seafood) within one week of injection.

● Drugs.Do not use antibiotics at least two weeks after surgery (please consult a doctor).

● Exercise.To maintain the effect, avoid strenuous exercise.For example, after injection of thin face needles should be avoided or repeatedly chewing food. After injection of thin shoulder needles, you should avoid repeated shrugging, holding heavy objects or other related sports.

● Promote metabolism.Try not to accelerate the metabolism of drug metabolism without laser, sauna, hot springs, high temperature yoga.

The medicine is three -point poisonous, and botulinum toxin is no exception.However, according to research, the side effects of botulinum toxin are short-term and very small. For example, a small number of patients can experience cold-like symptoms within 1-2 weeks after injection, which can be relieved without special treatment.

The following situation is also normal:

● Skin redness, swelling and congestion.After injection, mild skin redness and swelling may occur, or even congestion and bruises, which generally disappear quickly.

● Muscle soreness.Botoxin mainly causes muscle mislatility to atrophy by affecting nerve conduction. Therefore, muscle soreness and weakness will occur early after injection, which is normal.

● It is not immediately effective.The atrophy of the muscles is not a thing that can be completed in a day or two, especially the thin face, thin shoulders, thin legs, etc., all need to be seen in the injection of about a month.

① Before injection, doctors generally notify the uncertainty of botulinum toxin to fetal teratogenic effects, so it is recommended to avoid injection during pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation.

② No Chinese and foreign experts have advised to terminate pregnancy, and there is no study that botulinum toxin has a specific impact on the fetus.

③ At present, there are a variety of diagnostic methods for monitoring whether there are abnormal malformations in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, individuals who accidentally get pregnant after injection of botulinum toxin must track and monitor in real time.

There is a significant difference in individual differences after injection of botulinum toxin, which is related to personal constitution, living habits, and repeated injection of injection.Generally speaking, the benign effect lasts about 4-6 months.

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