Breakfast that the whole family loves to eat: glutinous rice meat, delicious flavor, the more fragrant, the more fragrant

Breakfast that the whole family loves to eat: glutinous rice meat, delicious and delicious, the more fragrant.

Some netizens said that I like the glutinous rice meat I made. I want to know the detailed practice of glutinous rice meat. Today I will tell you the specific practice.

The glutinous rice meat made by myself is delicious and rest assured, and it is very convenient to eat breakfast. The key is that children love to eat.You only need to cook in the cooker or steamer for about 5 minutes in the morning. Take a bite.

1. The glutinous rice meat is made with beef and glutinous rice. Those who like to eat pork can also be used for pork. The color made with pork is slightly lighter, the color is better, and the color made of beef is darker.

2. Make glutinous rice meat, soak the glutinous rice one day in advance, soak the glutinous rice at least one night, soak the glutinous rice after soaking is delicious and delicious.

3. Beef needs to be marinated at least one night. The marinated beef is more flavorful. Beef, green onions, and ginger slices are crouched with a meat grinding machine.The taste is very fresh, a spoonful of old soy sauce, half a bowl of green onion and ginger water, put on disposable gloves, grab it well, and finally drizzle with two spoons of oil, grab it again, cover the one -time plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator, refrigerate, refrigerateOne night, let the beef taste.

The onion ginger here can be put according to your preferences. Those who like to eat green onion ginger can be placed more. The green onion ginger water can be added according to the degree of stickiness of glutinous rice meat. If the glutinous rice and meat are not viscous enough, add some onion gingerWater, if it is sticky, add less.

4. Take out the marinated beef the next day, drain the glutinous rice and drain the water into the beef.

5. Put on disposable gloves and mix well.

6, tin foil is cut into small squares, put glutinous rice meat in a decorative bag, squeeze out the glutinous rice meat on the tin foil, roll the tin foil, and tighten the tin foil on both ends.

7. All are done, it looks like candy.Do more at a time, you can eat breakfast for a while.

8. Put some more water in the high -pressure cooker, put the glutinous rice meat in the high pressure cooker, steam the high heat for 30 minutes, and simmer for about 10 minutes after turning off the heat.Wait for the high pressure air valve to open the lid without pressure.

Take out the steamed glutinous rice meat and take a bite, salty and delicious, and taste like meat dumplings. Those who like to eat meat dumplings must try it.

Our family likes to eat meat rice dumplings, so we also like glutinous rice meat.

After the remaining glutinous rice meat is cooling, put it in the fresh bag, seal the refrigerator and freeze, how much you eat for breakfast, take it out or cook or steam for 5 minutes. You do n’t need to get up early.

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