Cai Li: I was about to give birth at 9 months of pregnancy, and I had to serve my aunt, my husband and mother -in -law ignored it.

I want 909,000 gifts, and my in -laws have only 49,000. In order to make up the number, my mother -in -law even deducted 50,000 dowry of her aunt.

From then on, my aunt has been at my new home in the Greater Bay Area. I am 9 months pregnant and I will get to the due date immediately. I have to cook for her, wash her dishes, and wash her underwear!

", Meals, hungry."

Sleeping until 9 o’clock, Xiaomei refused to get up, but shouted at the door loudly.

"It’s 9 o’clock, you are not hungry!"

The sister -in -law frowned, holding a big belly, and put the well -insulated meal early in the morning into Xiaomei’s room.

After eating breakfast, Xiaomei’s tableware did not clean up, lying on the bed and brushed the phone.

When the sister -in -law saw it, it was hard to say anything. He cleaned up the chopsticks for his aunt alone and took it to the kitchen.

", Are you washing clothes? Just right, let me also wash it together! Save water! By the way, my underwear can’t be washed with machines, I have to wash it with hand! Thank you sister -in -law."

After more than an hour, the sister -in -law was thrown into the washing machine in a laborious manner, and Xiaomei had a ghost. I didn’t know where to come out, and threw a pile of dirty clothes in front of Xunzi.

"How old are you, the private things like underwear, you have to wash yourself." The expression of Xunzi was a little displeased.

"Well, my clothes, all my mom was washed by me, and I wouldn’t wash it myself. Isn’t my mother be in the field, can’t I come back? I can only grieve it for me."

"If I refuse to wash my underwear, I will wait for my brother to get off work, and then wash me. If the sister -in -law refuses to let my brother and wash my underwear, then I will not wear underwear."

Xiaomei raised her eyebrows.

"Okay, let’s go, I’ll give you first." Xunzi sighed helplessly.

"Thank you sister -in -law." Xiaomei jumped back, returned to the room, smoked.

"Xiaomei, I am a pregnant woman, can you not smoke?" Said the sister -in -law who smelled smoke.

"Dasao, I smoke in my room! The smell of smoke will not be so far away." Xiaomei rolled her eyes.

"However, you can’t open the window of the bedroom. The clothes of the children I prepared in advance are on the balcony. You open the window and smoke the smoke." Xunzi was angry.

"What about the smoke of the smoke? It’s not that you can’t wear it! You can buy it again! How much is it! My mother takes my 50,000 dowry and gives you as a gift. How many baby clothes are enough for you,You say it yourself. "Xiaomei was also very angry.

Let’s talk about it, because my mother -in -law used her aunt’s dowry to be a gift for her sister -in -law, which caused the relationship between the sister -in -law and the aunt to deteriorate. The sister -in -law was 9 months pregnant and was targeted by the aunt. Who is the fault?

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