Can "pregnancy line" look at men and women?It is difficult to distinguish between the real and false of the people, revealing the "secret" on the belly

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Introduction: There are always some "weird" claims for the pregnant mothers who are just pregnant. These "high people" can observe through a series of "face" process, and you can tell you whether the baby in the stomach is a boy or a female baby or a female womanBaby, the most common of which is to see "the belly knows men and women". Is this kind of trick true or false?

I remember that when I was pregnant for more than 4 months, my stomach gradually drumped.I suddenly found that there was a line on my stomach, so I shot left and right in the mirror. At first, the color was not very deep. Later, as the pregnancy time increased, this line became much darker, and it turned straight to the chest.At the ditch.

Later, when I went out with my friends, everyone talked about some physiological phenomena when Huaiwa. Some senior old mothers, speaking of some "tricks", can judge the gender in the belly through some physical characteristics of pregnant women.

For example: the girl who loves sour is the girl, the belly is the girl’s belly is the boy, the boy with the straight color of the pregnancy line is the boy, and the girl with a straight color is the girl. This traditional statement comes out.

Friend’s novels, she liked to eat hot and sour at the time, and there was no way to judge from eating.Seeing that the belly was round, relatives and friends said that she was pregnant with a daughter, but her mother said that the color of her pregnancy line was deep and straight. She must be a boy, but she gave birth to a boy.Her mother said, "Look, I said it was a boy, and it was accurate to see this pregnancy line."

Speaking of which, I looked at the pregnancy line on my belly and told me, "You are the same as me at the time, and you must be a boy. You can prepare things as the boy!No! "

I am doubtful, and I muttered in my heart, "Is there such accurate? See the line on the belly, you know men and women, which is more than Hua Yan!"

The truth of all will be witnessed on the day of the baby’s birth. I gave birth to a girl, not like the boy in the gestational line in the small mouth.Therefore, this proves that the people’s claims do not have the scientific basis. Pregnant mothers should not easily believe that it is really good.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have gradually become larger with the movement of pregnancy.At this time, due to the reasons of progesterone, after 4 months, the pregnancy lines on the pregnant mother’s belly will gradually deepen.

Some pregnant mothers have dark pregnancy lines, and some are lighter.

The pregnancy line is a line that pregnant mothers are born on the belly during pregnancy. The location from the lower abdomen of the pregnant mother to the top of the navel, and some pregnant mothers will grow until below the chest.Because each pregnant mother has different progesterone, this also causes why some pregnant mothers have deep colors of color, and some even have a lot of hair on the pregnancy line.

Many people think that only those who are pregnant will have a pregnancy line. In fact, many people will have this line before pregnancy, but at that time, the lines were white, and the skin was relatively white.It’s hard to see.

One: The pregnancy line has nothing to do with the sex of the baby

The sex of the people varies from person to person to the pregnancy line. Generally, everyone’s judgment is: the pregnancy line above the navel is straight to the female chest, maybe it is a boy.The probability will be higher.

Through me and a small example, everything is explained, and not the same pregnancy line will have the same baby.

Boys and women are not straightforward and the color depth has nothing to do, so we should not believe it too much for looking at men and women through the pregnancy line.

Two: Do all pregnant mothers grow the pregnancy line?

Some pregnant mothers do not have a pregnancy line for their own reasons, and more than 90%of women during pregnancy will have pregnancy lines.

Especially with the increase in pregnancy time, the changes in women’s hormonal during pregnancy will cause melanin precipitation. The more the color of the precipitated pregnancy line, the deeper the color of the pregnancy line.Some.

Three: Will the pregnancy line on the belly disappear?

The pregnancy line is because the pregnant mothers will change during pregnancy, which will cause melanin to precipitate. Therefore, when the pregnant mother is produced, the body hormone will return to normal. In this way, the color of the pregnancy line will be slow over time, and the color of the pregnancy line will be slow.Slowly faded until disappeared.

Each pregnant mother is different. Some people disappear in a few months, while others need one year or two years to completely disappear.

In fact, the most headache for pregnant mothers during pregnancy is probably "stretch marks". Stretch marks are more terrible than the pregnancy line. When you think that your white belly has become a "flower watermelon", he can’t stop tears flowing.Intersection

One: How does stretch marks form

The main reason for the formation of stretch marks is because pregnant mothers are affected by hormones during pregnancy. As the pregnancy time grows, the pregnant mother’s belly will bulge because the baby continues to grow.The skin of the abdomen becomes thinner and systematic, and there are wave lines with different widths and different lengths.

As the baby comes, these lines will slowly disappear over time, and finally leave a white scar line stripe on the belly, which is what we call stretch marks.

Stretch marks are generally on the belly of pregnant mothers, followed by armpits, thighs and other parts.Similarly, not everyone has stretch marks, such as dry skin and relaxation of skin relaxation.

Two: stretch marks and excessive obesity during pregnancy

Although stretch marks are the first gift from the baby to the mother. When they are still in their stomach, they must declare sovereignty in this way.When I was a fetal heart monitoring in the third trimester, everyone exposed a big belly together. One of the pregnant mothers had a scary stretch marks, and the belly was like climbing with earthworms.

From the perspective of appearance, the pregnant mother’s belly is particularly large. When asked, she knew that the pregnant mother was almost 50 pounds in pregnancy. In a short period of time, the weight rose sharply, making the fetus larger.It turned out to be like this.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should reasonably control their diet and weight during pregnancy. If the mother’s weight grows rapidly, it is easy to grow stretch marks.

3: How to prevent the emergence of stretch marks?

The stretch marks and the pregnancy line are different. There is no substantial relationship between the two. The pregnancy line generally disappears, and the removal of stretch marks is relatively difficult to remove.Some can not be completely removed.

More Baoma’s stretch marks will accompany this life, and she will always say goodbye with bikini.In fact, we can take some daily habits during pregnancy and take measures to prevent stretch marks in advance.

1. In the early pregnancy, massage the skin on the belly with olive oil, so that massage can effectively promote skin elasticity, increase skin stretching, and reduce the generation of stretch marks.

2. Eat more fruits, vegetables and foods rich in collagen during pregnancy, such as: trotters, meat skin, sea cucumber, fish, etc. to avoid ingestion of excess oil foods and desserts.Good weight, and avoid high -calorie carbohydrate foods.

3. In fact, we should exercise more during pregnancy. First, it can reduce skin elastic tissue and reduce the generation of stretch marks.

Four: There is also a trick for the decoration of postpartum stretch marks

If stretch marks have appeared, we should not worry too much. After all, the baby is healthy and healthy is our greatest wish, and we can use these methods to lighten the stretch marks after giving birth:

1. Sports therapy: Science shows that after giving birth to strengthen exercise, improve the vitality of physical functions, and massage the stretch marks every day. This helps the skin’s elasticity through continuous exercise and massage, eliminating reducing stretch marks.

2. Food therapy: The starch and egg white in food potatoes help the dilute of stretch marks. They not only have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, but also more conducive to the growth and wound healing of the organization in terms of external use.Therefore, the use of food to remove stretch marks can not only make the skin’s tender white, but also lighten the stretch marks.

3. Protein supplement: We can supplement collagen through drugs or foods, and we must eat more foods containing vitamin C to promote broken elastic fiber recovery, so as to help the skin recovery.

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