Can a bad teeth cause miscarriage or premature birth?Doctor warns that this is not a rumor

"Toothache is not a disease, it is really terrible when the pain hurts"

I believe that everyone is familiar with this sentence, and many people feel deeply -toothache is really terrible, especially during pregnancy.

Although everyone pays attention to the examination during pregnancy, oral examinations are often ignored.During pregnancy, there are many pregnant mothers who have caught themselves into the dilemma of toothache, and there are many pregnant mothers who are swollen to obstetrics and gynecology clinics.But obstetrician and gynecologists do not look at their teeth. Although they are pregnant, they should go to dental doctors.

Every time I encounter such a pregnant mother, I am sympathetic and feel the same with this pain, but it is really incomparable. I can only suggest that they go to the dental department.As a result, pregnant mothers often have new problems when they go to the dental department: "Stomatologist asked me to endure, saying that I did not give treatment when I was pregnant, what should I do?"

Seeing their desperate expression, this is really life.For ten months of pregnancy, I can still say it for ten days and a half months. Could it be that I have to endure it every day. Can I really not treat my teeth during pregnancy?With questions, everyone went down.

After pregnancy, the hormone levels of pregnant mothers have changed, estrogen and progesterone are significantly increased, and gums are extremely sensitive to changes in hormone levels, which will show mild inflammation response to local capillaries.

If you usually have periodontitis, the gums will cause sustainable inflammation during pregnancy. Usually, you may just let you swell and pain for a while every few months., Will intensify, and give you good -looking.

Some pregnant mothers do not have good oral hygiene, which will cause dental caries or wisdom tooth inflammation, and the increase in carbohydrates intake during pregnancy. In addition, due to pregnancy, pharyngeal reflexes, and gum bleeding, it is difficult for pregnant women to brush their teeth. The risk of dental caries occurs.It is also relatively high when not pregnant.Whether it is dental caries or wisdom teeth, it is still terrible when it hurts, and it will cause infection in severe cases.

A few pregnant mothers who are not lucky will find that there is an extra piece of meat growing on her gums. Although it is not painful or itchy, it will bleed if they accidentally bite.This is called gingival tumor during pregnancy, and the probability of occurrence among pregnant mothers is 0.5%to 5%.

Gingling tumors during pregnancy is due to local stimuli during pregnancy, such as plaque and stones, which cause excessive inflammation reactions, which often occur in the gums of the front and upper jaw.During pregnancy, it may subscribe to postpartum. Generally, surgical resection is not recommended during pregnancy. If it does not fade after production, surgical resection is performed.

Don’t think that toothache is a trivial matter, and small teeth may also have a bad impact on the baby in the stomach. This sentence is not alarmist.

Some studies have shown that mothers’ periodontal disease is related to premature birth and low birth weight. Some scholars have specially studied and chose 124 cases of pregnancy or postpartum women.EssenceThere are another case -in -law study that is also discovered.Although it has not completely determined the causal relationship between mother’s periodontal disease and premature birth, it is still important to keep the mother’s oral health, because deformed splin bacteria can cause maternal and baby vertical transmission. This is an important pathogen that causes dental caries.In the stomach, it will be transmitted to the baby, and the baby will have the risk of dental caries after the increase.

In addition, the tooth mouth is good, and it is fragrant.Toothache during pregnancy, let alone eat, even drink water, how can you absorb nutrients?Mom does not eat well, and the baby is not good.

Let’s talk about the answer first -of course during pregnancy can be treated with teeth, and it must be cured.Women are safe during the treatment of local anesthesia during pregnancy.

No study has shown that women’s treatment during pregnancy is dangerous to pregnant women and fetuses.Researchers have compared the pregnancy ending of pregnant women who received dental therapy and non -dental therapy during pregnancy during pregnancy. The results show that during pregnancy, the main health problems occur in the treatment of teeth therapy and newborn (such as cerebral palsy, lip cracks or congenital natureThere is no connection between the risk of heart disease).Comparing the premature yield rate, abortion rate, and the weight of the two groups of newborns, discovery of dental treatment and local anesthesia will not increase the occurrence of premature birth and abortion, nor will it lead to low weight of newborns.

Many pregnant mothers have avoided dental treatment during pregnancy. Even when there are dental diseases that need to be treated, they refuse to treat them. They would rather torture torture. This is actually meaningless.

Pregnancy is the most important stage of a woman’s life. Oral health is closely related to the health of her whole body and the baby’s health status.Specific mothers should pay attention to their oral health during pregnancy. When conditional, it is recommended to accept conventional oral care. If oral problems occur, they should take a timely treatment to maintain a healthy oral state.

After discovering tooth problems, general dentists will treat dental treatment in the early stages of the middle of pregnancy.If it is an emergency, it can also be treated at any time. Non -emergency treatment is usually delayed to postpartum.If there is a potential source of infection of acute infections and abscesses, actively treat intervention to avoid more serious systemic infections and cause sepsis, which is dangerous.

So why do many stomatologists let pregnant mothers stand and not give treatment?

Because pregnancy is a special period, not only the pregnant mothers are cautious, the doctors are the same, and the cure is fine, and they are all happy; after the cure or treatment, the pregnant mother occurs in some cases.It is likely to cause trouble.No one is willing to take the initiative to provoke trouble.If you encounter a good doctor who is willing to treat you teeth during pregnancy, you must cherish it.

Of course, do not forget the two most important points: Do a comprehensive oral examination during pregnancy, timely eliminate the safety hazards of the existence of the teeth and take precautions.Pay attention to oral hygiene after pregnancy, brush your teeth well, use dental floss reasonably, and rinse your mouth after meals.

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