Can breasts grow taller?

Most children will enter the adolescent stage around the age of 10-12, and the development of sexual organs will appear.

Under normal circumstances, girls start to develop at the age of 10-12. Often, girls often feel the tenderness of the chest, and there are hard constraints. Slowly appear to increase, and gradually develop to normal.After entering adolescence, with the development of breasts, menstruation will gradually become tide in about 2-3 years, as well as the growth of pubic hair and armpit hair.About 18 years old, the physical development is complete, and the breasts will stop developing.

During pregnancy, breasts will grow rapidly again to meet the needs of breastfeeding.The level of breastfeeding varies from person to person.But breastfeeding ended the breast back to the prototype.

Because everyone is inherited, nutritional, and physical conditions, the development time is also different.Some children develop earlier, 8 -year -old breasts begin to develop, and some children have developed late, and they only begin to develop at the age of 14.

Many parents are worried that girls can grow taller after their breasts develop?

OK!Girls in normal age range are secondary development, which is not a manifestation of precocious puberty, so it will not affect height.Because breast development only means that the child has reached the period of youth, whether it continues to grow taller is mainly to see if the bone line is closed.

Generally, girls’ bone lines are closed around 18 years old, earlier than boys closing earlier.If the bone line is not closed, it can continue to grow.If you have been closed, you can’t grow anymore. Moderate exercise, strengthen nutrition, and maintain sufficient sleep will help grow height.

Breast development is affected by factors such as genetic, systemic nutritional state, nerve endocrine system, and disease. Be careful not to lose weight too much, do not wear too tight underwear, try to sleep as little as possible.

If the breasts over 16 years old are not developed, at this time, you should be alert to whether sexual development is slow, and it may be caused by poor ovarian development.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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