Can children still ask for pregnancy after taking medicine?Doctor comfort: normal fetal fetus

Each child is an angel who has come to the world. Some little angels come to peace and smoothly. Some little angels suddenly appear to make the family surprise and happy, and the advent of some little angels is twists and turns, even regrettableThe ground failed to land in the arms of the parents.Faced with the little angels who have come to an unexpected advent, how can we create the best encounter?

After taking the medicine, can the child ask?

Many expectant mothers found that after they were pregnant, they were surprised first, but then they thought that she had taken a needle and took medicine not long ago, and suddenly worried. "Will the previous medicine have a bad impact on the baby?Can the baby want it? ".

The growth and development of the baby in the mother’s belly is divided into three stages: 1. Unrealized period: 14-28 days from the last menstruation; 2. Sensitive period: 28 ~ 70 days from the last menstruation; 3. Low sensitivity period: 71 ~ 280sky.This is usually the early middle of pregnancy, that is, the non -sensitive period and the sensitive period.If it is discovered in a non -sensitive period, the embryo is in a state of "all or no", that is, the effect of the drug on the embryo is either direct abortion or no effect. The embryo continues to develop, and generally does not have adverse consequences.If you find the sensitive period that is most likely to lead to deformity and adverse effects, you need to go to the hospital in time. The types, frequencies, and doses that have been used have been truthfully reflected to the doctors, so that doctors make correct judgments.

It should be noted that even in a few times, even if you follow the doctor’s advice, there will be some unpredictable accidents. Although this time is very sad, you need to try your best to adjust your mentality.Angels will definitely be born smoothly.

The contraceptive failure is pregnant, can children ask?

Nowadays, the perspective of eugenics and eugenics is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Many couples choose to prepare for a period of pregnancy before pregnancy, adjust their physical condition before pregnancy, but preparation is not the same as X life without X.Emergency contraceptives have also failed. Can this unexpected baby ask?

· The condom is broken, why don’t the child?

First let us analyze the failure of condom contraception.As the most commonly used, most convenient, and very good contraceptive tool, condoms are the first choice for most people’s contraceptive tools.If it is simply a condom contraceptive failure, it is actually equivalent to normal pregnancy. The condom and a small amount of lubricant attached in it will not affect the baby.

· Taking contraceptives has failed, it has basically no effect on the child

Secondly, if it is a failure to take emergency contraceptive contraceptives?At present, the most common emergency contraceptive pills are Zuo Nuo progesterone. Under the condition of correctly, about 80 ~ 90 % of the probability can successfully contraception.In case of bad luck, you don’t have to worry about being pregnant. Although Zuolinorine is classified as a category X by the US Food and Drug Administration, it shows a great harm to the fetus, but the effect of Zuo Nuo Nonone on the fetus on the fetusIn the non -sensitive period of embryonic development, it is either directly leading to the abortion of the fetus or no obvious effect on the fetus. Therefore, even if the emergency contraceptives fail to get pregnant, don’t worry too much about the health of the baby. Don’t be lazy to do a good job of birth and wait for the baby to come.

There are other situations, such as finding pregnancy after exercise, finding pregnancy after X life, etc., no matter what the situation is, once you find unexpected pregnancy, don’t think too much.

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