Can diabetic patients eat durian?Pay attention to this misunderstanding

Durian is known as the "king of fruits" and has a sweet taste and rich nutrition. In recent years, it has become a more common and very popular fruit.So, can diabetic patients eat durian?What are the precautions when eating durian?

As we all know, diabetes is a metabolic disease caused by the islet function that cannot be metabolized normally.Diabetes is really terrible in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, kidney and other complications caused by blood sugar that cannot be metabolized normally.Once the condition is not ideal, the consequences of these complications are unimaginable.

Therefore, for diabetic patients, a low -sugar diet is the most fundamental way to control the disease.At present, there are more than 100 million diabetic patients in my country, and 600 million people have abnormal blood glucose indicators. The number of diabetic patients will not be scientifically managed.Therefore, both diabetic patients and ordinary people are "talking about sugar changes", thinking that diabetic patients cannot be stained with a little sugar, and even fruits cannot be eaten.

This is actually quite one -sided view. It is the worst misunderstanding of diabetes patients in dietary management!And this misunderstanding is also vividly reflected in the question of whether you can eat durian.

Durian has a high sugar content, but it does not belong to the fruit with a high sugar lift index. Its protein and fat content are not high, but the sugar in durian accounts for two -thirds of all ingredients.Diabetes still need to be eaten with caution.

If you eat durian, you must strictly control the overall intake of calories, reduce the amount of meals, avoid exceeding the oversupply of total calories, and increase blood sugar.We can use the intelligent blood glucose management APP Pioneer bird to accurately calculate the content of food carbohydrates and calories in three meals a day, and formulate a healthier diet plan based on this.

The amount of durian intake must not only consider the total calorie intake, but also consider its own blood sugar.Generally speaking, the standard of good blood glucose control is that the blood glucose value of the empty stomach does not exceed 7.0 mmol/L, and the blood sugar value of 2 hours after meal does not exceed 10.0 mmol/L.Diabetes patients must insist on monitoring blood sugar in daily life, understand their blood sugar levels in time, and then consider what to eat.

Use the Pioneer Bird APP to bind the blood glucose meter, we can easily record and monitor the blood glucose value.Everyone should pay attention to three o’clock when detecting blood sugar. First, the blood glucose of blood glucose in the empty stomach, before meals, two hours after meals, and 7 time before going to bed must be measured.The number of second generations is adjusted according to blood sugar.Patients with good control are enough to measure 2-3 times a week. Patients who are poorly controlled are recommended to test every day.Finally, it should be noted that blood sugar has a lot to do with age, schedule, psychological conditions, and diet that day. You must consider entering when monitoring and analysis.

In addition to high calories, there are many benefits to durian:

1. Nourishing the body, the nutritional value of durian is extremely high. Frequent consumption can strengthen the body, nourish the spleen and qi, and nourish the kidney and aphrodisiac. It is a fruit with nourishing effect.

2, blood circulation and cold, durian heat, so it can promote blood circulation and cold, alleviate the symptoms of women’s menstrual pain, especially suitable for women who are troubled by dysmenorrhea.At the same time, it can also improve the coldness of the abdomen and promote the rise of the body temperature.

3. Beyond, durian contains very rich dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and treat constipation.

4. Increasing immunity, the type of amino acids in durian fruit is complete and rich in content. In addition to coloring, it also contains 7 essential amino acids. Among them, glutamic acid content is particularly high.It can improve the body’s immune function, regulate the acid -base balance in the body, and improve the adaptability of the corresponding stress.

Whether you eat durian or other fruits and foods, do not fall into a misunderstanding that cannot be touched.But you ca n’t let go of your mouth to eat, and you can help control blood sugar.

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