Can follicle dysplasia lead to infertility?How to improve follicular development?

When follicle development occurs, it may cause poor egg quality, follicles without rupture, no ovulation, etc., which will affect embryo quality and pregnancy perforation.

What are the specific performances of follicle development?

1. Folkmoperfly

2. Small follicles and immature follicles

3. Follicle development is not round, which is oval, and even "dates", without suffering from essence

4. Folkicon is mature but not ruptured, and cannot ovulate

How to monitor follicles?

The relatively direct diagnosis is to monitor the size and development of the follicles through B -ultrasound.Vaginal ultrasound testing technology can not only observe ovulation and follicle development, but also effectively guide clinical medication and improve the effectiveness of infertility.

Reminder: The size of the follicles does not completely represent the development of the eggs. In a few cases, there will be no eggs in the follicles, which may be caused by the degradation of the egg or the congenital defect.(Fight on the actual situation.)

Factors of follicles dysplasia

1. Endocrine disease

The ovulation function of the ovarian is feedback and regulates the function of the "hypothalamus -pituitary -ovarian" endocrine axis function. If one of the links occurs abnormal, such as pituitary lesions (pituitary gland tumors, hypertexylasmia, etc.)Causes female friends to menstrual disorders, no ovulation, or even amenorrhea.

2. Ovarian factors

Congenital ovarian dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian function, premature ovarian failure, ovarian chocolate cyst and other diseases will affect the normal ovulation of the ovaries and naturally affect follicle development.

3. Abnormal cortical function of thyroid and adrenal glands

Such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroid adrenal cortex, adrenal cortex tumors, and low adrenal cortex function, etc., will disturb the normal adjustment of ovarian reproductive shaft function and affect normal ovulation.

4, malnutrition

Insufficient nutritional intake required for the body will cause endocrine disorders and will also affect follicle development.

5. Excessive mental stress

For a long time in a state of excessive mental stress, it will also cause women’s endocrine disorders and cause a poor development of follicles.

How to improve follicle development?

1. The rules of schedule, don’t stay up late often

Staying up late can cause endocrine disorders and aggravate ovarian ovulation disorders. In daily life of female friends, we must learn to regulate stress, relax your body and mind, and maintain adequate sleep daily.

2. Poor nutrition and balanced diet

Ensure sufficient daily nutritional intake and balanced diet.Destinating picky eaters will not only cause malnutrition, but also reduce the human body’s immunity.Prepare pregnant mothers to avoid eating cold and spicy stimulating food, eat more foods such as eggs, milk, meat, fruits and vegetables, and provide sufficient nutrition for the good development of follicles.

3. Adjust the mental state

Preparation of pregnant mothers can distract attention by doing something interested in daily life, and try to have a good and warm pregnancy environment.

4. Appropriate exercise

Adhere to moderate soothing exercise, such as yoga and walking, which can not only enhance physical fitness and improve the quality of eggs, but also regulate the mental state.

5. Stay away from inferior hair dye cosmetics

The ingredients such as benzene and mercury compounds contained in inferior daily necessities may be absorbed by the skin and mucous membranes to damage ovarian function.

Reminder: In addition to improving their own lifestyle, women who prepare for pregnancy also need to follow the doctor’s advice reasonably and actively cooperate with treatment. It is believed that improving the quality of follicles can be more effective.

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