Can I "travel with the ball" in the honeymoon?

Can I "travel with the ball" in the honeymoon?

Xiao Li found that in the second trimester (4-6 months of pregnancy), it was possible to travel. Some apps of pregnancy were recommended to travel, saying that the discomfort in the early pregnancy has been eliminated, and the physical heavy body in the third trimester has not yet begun.Abortion, as long as there are no special circumstances, take the baby to appreciate the style of nature together ‘.

In addition, foreign countries also advocate travel in the middle of pregnancy, even called BABYMON (prenatal honeymoon). The second trimester is the most suitable time for travel. At this time, the pregnancy response in the early pregnancy has been relieved or ended.If the doctor also gives you a green light, let’s have a "move with the ball" trip.

However, although many information shows that there is no big deal in the middle of pregnancy, Xiao Li’s father, mother, father -in -law and mother -in -law said that they could not agree.It’s. "

I heard that it is a pregnant woman, most travel agencies have refused to receive orders

Several travel agencies in Nanjing have heard that pregnant women are traveling. Most travel agencies immediately discourage them. Individual travel agencies even directly stated that as long as pregnant women, whether they are abroad or domestic travel, they will not receive orders.

Xiao Chen, who is working in a travel agency in Nanjing, said that the company’s travel contract clearly stipulates that "pregnant women are special restrictions, and generally we do not receive it." According to Xiao Chen, a pregnant woman has been traveling in a few years.On the way, there was an unfortunate miscarriage, and her family asked for a travel agency to account for accountability."Now, as long as a pregnant woman comes over to consult, we will recommend that they give up their travels." Xiao Chen said that even if the passengers are willing to set up a written explanation, they promise that they should not bear the risk in order to avoid risks.

Although most travel agencies have no time to pregnant women, a few have said that pregnant women can do it.Xiao Zhou, the front desk of a travel agency, said that the company has no clear restrictions on traveling for pregnant women, but in order to prevent someone from producing a child abroad in the name of travel, there are strict restrictions on the choice of lines.Most of the lines, as long as I can take a plane, I can sign up. "

Plane at 32 weeks of pregnancy, generally not acceptable

What kind of pregnant women can we take a plane?The official website of several major domestic airlines, on the column of passengers, has clear clauses for restrictions on or refusing transportation for pregnant women.For example, China Southern Airlines stipulates that pregnant women with less than 32 weeks of pregnancy can be transported according to general passengers except for doctors who are not suitable for diagnosis; pregnant women who have more than 32 weeks of pregnancy are generally not accepted.-36 weeks of a pregnant woman’s opportunity should provide a doctor’s diagnosis certificate including passenger pregnancy time, travel range and date, whether it is suitable for opportunities … for more than 36 weeks of pregnancy, the due date is within 4 weeks, or the due date is uncertain, but it is known as a known but known as a known but known as a known but known as a known but known as a known but known as a known but known as a known but known as a known but known as a known but known as it is known.Patients with multi -child childbirth or expected to childbirth do not accept transportation.

Most airline regulations are basically the same as that of China Southern Airlines. Some airlines, such as China Eastern Airlines and HNA, also provide suggestions for pregnant women to take the opportunity: Be careful of high -altitude hypoxia when excessive flying in early pregnancy, and avoid extracting heavy objects.It is recommended to consult a obstetrician before the planned trip.

Expert opinion: Moderate travel is good for health. Before traveling

Generally speaking, choosing the most appropriate arrangement within the 5th and 6th months, because the discomfort and fatigue at this time have gradually disappeared, and the phenomenon of severe physical and lower limb swelling in the late pregnancy has not yet appeared. At the same time, pregnancy can be avoided.Initial abortion and premature birth at the end of pregnancy, at this time, it is the best time to go out.

To travel out to travel, there is a comprehensive understanding of their own situation. Before deciding to go out, it is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive check -up to see if the physical condition is suitable.If pregnant women are often contracted or have a threatened abortion, do not travel out.

Pregnant women who meet the conditions of travel try to choose short -distance travel and choose a relaxed route. Try to avoid tiredness during the journey. If they are unwell, they should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Mom about: Travel during pregnancy is also a fetal education

Out exercises in pregnancy are not only helpful for childbirth, but also can effectively transform the mood of pregnant mummy.More importantly, outdoors can make pregnant mothers fully inhaled oxygen.The fetus is intake and nutrition through the umbilicus. If the mother can fully inhale the oxygen, the fetal brain will become activated due to sufficient oxygen. Therefore, the appropriate amount of mothers of pregnant moms can make the fetus more sensitive.

Moreover, the beautiful scenery of the outdoor is passed to the baby’s baby through the physical and mental joy of expectant mothers, so that the baby in the stomach will also enjoy the gift of nature with his parents. It is a good prenatal education method.

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