Can I burn my head during pregnancy?What is the effect of hot hair on pregnancy?

The young couple who are married now is the most advocated is the eugenics.Because healthy and safe babies can bring the greatest happiness to the family.Therefore, during a woman’s pregnancy, the couple will definitely care about the diet, but can the pregnant woman who loves dress and is more fashionable? And what is the bad effect on hot hair on pregnancy? Please listen to me for everyone for everyone.Say:

From a health perspective, you cannot scald your hair during pregnancy.So, can you burn your hair during pregnancy? I believe this is a topic that many women who are preparing to get pregnant. As the saying goes, there are people who love beauty. Many people hot their hair and dye their hair for beauty.So, is it going to be pregnant, even hot hair? In fact, it is really harmful to hot and dyeing hair.

1. The probability of increasing malformations: During pregnancy, you cannot scald your hair, because perm can increase the probability of fetal deformity, because hot hair requires some potions, and the chemical composition of these potions will cause fetal malformations, especially during pregnancy.It should be noted that the potion required for perm will enter the body through the root of the hair, and will eventually affect the development of the fetus and even deformity. Therefore, during pregnancy, things containing chemicals should be as much as possible to reduce the harm to the baby.

2. It affects the body: it is not suitable for perm during pregnancy. Although it is not pregnant, it is best to follow the way of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, the skin is exposed to these chemicals, which will not only cause harm to your body.It is better to affect the baby, because at this time, the body is weak, and these items will have some adverse effects on their bodies.

After seeing the above content, you will naturally understand that you cannot scald your hair during pregnancy.Because some chemicals used in hot hair are definitely harmful to their bodies, and then harm the safety of future babies.In order to conceive a healthier and lively baby, no matter how beautiful women love, do not hot hair, and try to contact those chemicals as little as possible.

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