Can I continue breastfeeding after breastfeeding?


A mother who was breastfeeding her one -year -old and six -month -old daughter to breastfeed her breastfeeding clinic to consult whether she could continue breastfeeding after pregnancy.She wanted to continue feeding her daughter, but listened to people that breastfeeding would cause miscarriage.With the opening of the second child policy, the fertility interval is shortened, and the breastfeeding during pregnancy is increasing.Due to the consideration of breastfeeding during pregnancy and traditional social concepts, some mothers chose to get milk, and sometimes even sudden "violent" breast milk caused unnecessary pain to Dabao and mother himself.Here are the issues related to breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Pain in nipples or breasts: Due to the changes in hormones in the mother’s body, the nipple sensitivity increases, and breastfeeding may feel pain.Mother’s tiredness: Early pregnancy manifestations have nothing to do with breastfeeding, and will continue to disappear as pregnancy.Pay attention to rest in early pregnancy.Decreased milk amount and feeding frequency: Due to hormones, about 70%of mothers find that the amount of milk decreases after pregnancy.Mother needs to pay attention to the baby’s intake, especially infants and young children with relatively young age.Change of milk taste changes: The change of hormones causes changes in milk components and the taste changes.Some children will notice these changes, and some will be breastfeeding.

Worried about breastfeeding caused by contractions: Mother may stimulate the nipple stimulation to seduce the pituitary gland to catalysis, causing contractions.However, studies have found that sucking nipples with normal frequency will not increase oxytocin hormone to the level of contractions.That is to say, normal breastfeeding does not cause contractions.

There is no evidence to prove that continuous breastfeeding during normal pregnancy of healthy women increases the risk of abortion or premature birth during the normal pregnancy, and there is no evidence to prove that the mother’s continuous breastfeeding during pregnancy will affect the fetal nutritional intake.

There is no research on the growth and development of breastfeeding children during pregnancy.But the benefits of breast milk nutrition and immune ingredients are beyond doubt.Due to excessive anxiety, sudden milk is not good for children and mothers.Studies have shown that sudden milk can lead to infant diarrhea, slow growth and development, and adverse consequences such as illness. At the same time, it will make the mother more anxious.

1. Pay attention to the addition of Dabao’s supplementary food, and gradually guide Dabao to get enough nutrition from solid food.Because the amount of milk during pregnancy may change, no matter whether the mother decides the milk, it needs to gradually guide them to obtain sufficient nutrition from solid food according to the age of infants and young children, and pay attention to observing the psychological needs of infants and young children.

2. After childbirth, mothers need to give priority to ensuring the nutrition of newborns.The first few days of birth milk is particularly important and irreplaceable for newborns. Therefore, mothers need to frequently feed newborns to ensure that TA has enough milk to breastfeed the eldest child.

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