Can I drink alcohol -free beer during pregnancy?Is it tightly eating cooking wine?


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Q Can I drink alcohol -free beer during pregnancy?Is it tightly eating cooking wine?

A actually does not like to drink, but because I ca n’t drink when I am pregnant, I miss ice beer abnormally.

There will be a kind of "wine -free wine" in the supermarket. Can you drink it when you are pregnant?

I used to try to use it as a substitute for beer, but when I carefully studied, I found that no alcohol beer could not completely remove 100%alcohol, which may still contain a small amount of alcohol.For example, the US FDA stipulates that no alcoholic wine can legally contain up to 0.5%of alcohol.

In 2010, a study made in Canada found that 29%of the alcohol contained in the brand exceeded the identification level, and 13%of the "alcohol -free beer" brand contained more than 1%of alcohol, up to 1.8%.

Will trace alcohol hurt the fetus?And many people in our usual people like to make cooking wine, will it hurt the fetus?

Due to the lack of scientific evidence, in fact, we do not know that traceful alcohol will or will not hurt the baby.However, the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology believes that no dose of alcohol is safe, because alcohol may be related to children’s behavior and cognitive difficulties, which may lead to birth defects, fetal alcoholic spectrum disorder and other risks.

There are also some studies that a small amount of alcohol is not harmful to the fetus, but how much is "a small amount"?In fact, no guide can point out how much alcohol is okay.Therefore, even if it is cooking wine, do not touch it as much as possible.

Some people say that when cooking and soup, after high temperature, alcohol evaporates early.

Since it does not exist, what do you do?In fact, we can’t ensure that the temperature is enough to evaporate all the alcohol in the dish/soup when cooking.

Like wine -free beer, the cooking wine in high -temperature boiled vegetables cannot be completely removed.Therefore, in the case of "knowledge", you should avoid eating cooking wine.


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