Can I eat anything during pregnancy?What should pregnant women eat?

Once you are announced, the pregnant mother will strictly control the diet under the "monitoring" of her husband, in -laws, parents, and seven aunts and eight aunts.

They said that there are many things that cannot be eaten during pregnancy. What instant noodles, milk tea, crabs, barley … even fruits such as hawthorn, lychee, and watermelon have been pulled into the "blacklist".

But is there really so many diet taboos during pregnancy?What can pregnant women eat?

In fact, the pregnant mothers can eat these foods above.

It is not possible to blame the maternal abortion or premature birth of a certain food due to accidents that have occurred in one or two unknown events.

If these common so -called "taboo foods during pregnancy" really can’t eat, then the "painless abortion" advertisements do not have to spread all over the place.

If you really want to say that pregnant women can not eat any food, the following three are the expectant mothers need to pay more attention.

Including raw or unprecedented meat, seafood and eggs, as well as squeezed beef and goat milk without sterilization.

Because these foods carry some germs, and pregnant mothers are susceptible, they should pay special attention.

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Improper storage of leftovers and leftovers is easy to carry "Liszt bacteria". Once pregnant women infected with this pathogenic bacteria, they are likely to be transmitted to the baby through the placenta, resulting in serious consequences.

And this kind of case, news has been reported many times.

We suggest that under the condition of conditions, it is best to eat three meals a day.

The leftovers in the refrigerator must be fully heated before eating without deterioration.

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Alcohol and tobacco have obvious toxic effects on the development of the fetus, which can easily cause abortion, premature birth and fetal malformations.

Specific mothers with smoking and alcohol habits must quit smoking and alcohol, and stay away from the smoking environment to avoid inhaling second -hand smoke.

Of course, I also hope that all smokers will consciously consciously, in the occasion of pregnant women, please temporarily put away your smoke addiction and don’t smoke!

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Compared to listening to rumors, it is more important to ask pregnant mothers to eat and eat, making her a happy mood.

It’s not easy to get pregnant. Please don’t embarrass her again because of the small things in daily life.


1. "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines 2016", edited by the Chinese Nutrition Society.

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